Home & Office Furniture Rental in Anacostia

CasaOne is a one-stop rental solution for all kinds of furniture needs. At CasaOne, we offer furniture rental services to meet these crucial everyday requirements without the hassles associated with furniture buying. Our long- and short-term furniture rental plans are economical and flexible; our customer service prompt and impeccable.

Our collection houses all the furniture you need in a range of styles for homes or offices, so you don't have to browse different stores to find what you are looking for. We can also help you plan and design your space. Choose furniture from our carefully-curated sets or select items individually. We’ll deliver and assemble whatever you need as quickly as 10 business days.

What can we help you furnish?

Office Furniture in Anacostia

Office Furniture Rental

Home Furniture in Anacostia

Home Furniture Rental

Our customers couldn't be happier

“CasaOne had plenty of furniture options and their customer service was also very impressive! The delivery and install went very smoothly and the foreman made sure to check in to get my approval on how the furniture was staged. The furniture style is transitional, neutral and could fit in any space!”

- Kayla Dizon, We Work

Your Office Furniture Rental Journey in Anacostia

Setting up a new workspace is now simple with CasaOne. Select furniture from a stylish product range; you will find items to suit every type of organization. Whether you need furniture for your cafeteria, office area, conference room or reception, we have it all under one roof. Visit the website and choose the furniture you need and the rental period. We deliver and assemble it for you according to a date and time that suits you best.

Office Furniture Rental

Your Home Furniture Rental Journey in Anacostia

If you’re looking to enhance your new home or apartment with stylish and high-quality furniture, CasaOne’s home furniture rentals in Anacostia can be of great help. Renting premium furniture at a fraction of purchase cost, you can have CasaOne deliver and assemble your desired furniture as quickly as 10 business days. Create a statement with CasaOne’s ultra modern furniture in your home.

Home Furniture Rental

Connect with CasaOne for Furniture Rental In Anacostia

Whether you need to rent an office’s or home’s worth or one single piece, CasaOne’s furniture rental plans in Anacostia are flexible and hassle-free. Choose the furniture and duration of the plan you need from our website. We deliver and set-up in as quickly as 10 business days. Pick individually or from carefully-curated furniture sets according to room. Need expert assistance? If you have any other queries related to furniture, delivery, pickup and interior design, then contact us via email at support@casaone.com.

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