What your coffee table says about you

A coffee table is often the center of a living room and serves as a focal point for guests. It reflects your personal style and can say a lot about you as a person. Coffee tables have a profound impact on the psychological well-being of users in several key ways. They play a significant role […]

Earthy Tones – A big fat yes!

Earthy tones, such as shades of brown, green, and gray, have become increasingly popular in recent years for their natural and calming qualities. These colors have been used in interior design to create a comfortable and inviting space that promotes a sense of connection to nature. They are also a great way to bring a […]

Organic Metal Accents are so in!

Organic metal accents are a hot trend in interior design right now, and for good reason. These unique, natural-looking metal elements bring a sense of warmth and character to a space. They can also be useful in a variety of ways to add visual interest and depth. Whether you’re looking to create a rustic, industrial […]

Rattan Furniture and Decor Are The Next Best Thing

Rattan furniture and decor are quickly becoming the next must-have for any home. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of natural warmth to your living room or create a tropical paradise in your backyard, rattan is a perfect choice. Not only is it made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials, but it is also durable, long-lasting, […]

A Guide to Building an Eco-Conscious Home

As the global population grows and urbanization spreads, the need for sustainable and eco-conscious homes becomes increasingly important. These homes not only reduce the environmental impact of our daily lives, but they can also save homeowners money on utility bills and create a healthier living environment. From solar panels and green roofs to rainwater harvesting […]

Decor Trends to Look out for in 2023

What decor trends are in style and are popular depends a lot on what kind of aesthetics people are trying to bring as much as the direction they choose when it comes to their way of living. Recent years have caused a lot of turbulence and uncertainties. And it’s time to look ahead and draw […]

Winter Wonderland, here we come!

Many people find themselves yearning to hibernate in their homes throughout the winter. It’s normal to want to spend as much time indoors, where it’s warm and cosy, as possible because the chilly weather and gloomy clouds can be discouraging. It doesn’t have to be dull and uninviting simply because you want to stay indoors, […]

Decoding the Pantone Color of Year 2023

The Pantone Color of the Year is always a highly anticipated event in the world of design and fashion. Every year, the Pantone Color Institute selects a color that reflects the current cultural zeitgeist, and this color is then adopted by designers and fashion brands around the world as a way to capture the essence […]