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10 Colours That Would Pair with Green Decor

Green is a soothing colour that shows elegance and your lovely taste in aesthetics. It is widely used for home décor purposes such as walls, carpets, and window curtains. There are lovely combinations of colours that complement and pair with green decor. Ranging from the classic to some newly known duos, a colour combination with green makes your living room look stunningly gorgeous.

Have you ever wondered which sofa colour will be best suited to your green living room furnishings? Well, our article will be your perfect companion to find the answer. There is a wide range of colours that blend so well with green, and the colours you choose will ultimately depend on your taste. Here, we will provide you with some exquisite colour combinations that will elevate the appearance of your living room. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with some excellent colour combinations.

Colour Combinations to pair with green decor

Green with Green

Mix the green décor of your room with other shades of the green sofa. Green with green might sound a bit dull but it actually gives a stunning experience. Different shades of green sofas such as khakis, chartreuse, sea green, and sage create a lovely harmony together. If you are not a fan of too many contrasting colours, blending green with green is a smart combo. Green walls, with different shades of green cushions, and a green sofa gives a cool tone to your room.

Green with Orange

Green and orange create contrasting yet dramatic aesthetics together. Picture an orange sofa with pastel hues of green. This is a combination currently in trend with quirky ideas. It allows a fun element to cut through the boring decor. To make the look soothing, choose lighter tones of orange for darker tones of green and vice versa.

Green and Blue

green and blue deco

There is a common thought that green and blue should never be seen together. But this duo of colours are becoming popular when it comes to home decor. The combination of green with blue sofa may not be everyone’s choice but it is always nice to be a bit unique. Blue sofa with green is an excitingly new combination which is yet not overused. Choose this out-of-the-box combination instead of the same dull repetitions.

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Green and White

green and white decor

White is a colour that naturally complements green.  It does not matter whether your decor is light lime, light sea green or deep forest greens, a white leather sofa will instantly add a tinge of freshness to it. The white leather sofa goes good with any colour but green will add an extra kick to it. Apart from white leather sofas, white foam sofas are also suitable. Other soft colours such as a beige sofa or cream sofa will also look extraordinarily lovely. Beige and cream sofas can also be your choice if you believe that plain white may get a bit dirty with time.

Green and Pink

The combination of green decor with a pink sofa has slowly begun to gain popularity. As they are two very contrasting colours and are quite different usually, it might be a matter of choice for you. But the pink sofa combined with green can be fresh and elegant at the same time. There are various shades of pink sofas available readily in the market.

Green and Grey

Especially if you are a person who loves subtle combinations of freshness and elegance, then the classic combo of green and grey sofa will be your choice. Close your eyes and think of the magnificence of a sage green décor and cool grey sofa. Choose a cloudy grey to pack the punch. Grey sofas have always been a classic combo for years.

Green and Velvet/Purple

A green interior with a purple or velvet sofa may sound a bit over the top, but it surely adds a charm to your room’s decor. Especially greens like jewel-toned emeralds, or other darker hues work hand-in-hand with plum-toned purples. These colours fit and complement each other wonderfully. Lighter tones of green with dark purple or velvet sofas create an amazing contrast.

Green and Yellow

green and yellow decor

When you talk about a rhythm and harmony between colours, green and yellow come to our mind. It can be, either way, a yellow sofa with green decor or vice versa. It enhances the attractive and fresh environment of your home. Designers depict this colour combination as extremely natural, indicating elements of nature such as flowers and leaves, which are soothing to the eyes. However, there are several hues and shades of green and yellow. The choice is up to you.

Green and Brown

Green and brown are a classic combination that immediately showcases nature and the trees. Brown is one of those colours that give a very gorgeous look when juxtaposed with green. The preferred green shade for this combination will be dark forest green along with lighter shades of brown sofas.

Green and Black

If you like a dark hue of colours in your home décor, then the combination of black and green will fascinate you. The black sofa, preferably leather, will make the green to be depicted even darker.

Green is a colour which is directly depicted by nature and it creates an immediate linkage with black colour. It creates a lovely colour combination packed with extravagance altogether. 

Factors to Consider before Buying Your Sofa

There are some points that must be kept in mind to buy the perfect sofa for you. These are crucial things to know as it not only enables you to buy the most comfortable one but also suit your room décor. Here it goes!

  • This article was primarily devoted to making you know about sofa colours that flawlessly suit and pair with green decor. . Otherwise, the whole aesthetics of your living room may look severely out of one tone.
  • Consider the shape and size of both the room and sofa before buying one. It ensures that the sofa you are going to buy will flawlessly fit the space in your room without trouble.
  • Quality is a very vital element when buying sofas as it not only gives you the best comfort but also ensures longevity. Choose the best fabric material which gives a nice blend of style, colour, and elegance. Otherwise, you can choose a high-quality leather sofa also. They are easier to maintain and clean.
  • It is easy to say that going for the best quality products is the best option. But being within your budget is also an essential factor. The entire décor of a living room is already and undoubtedly quite expensive in the first place excluding the sofa. Therefore, buying a good product within your budget is the ultimate goal.

Do proper research before buying a sofa. Along with this article, there are several valuable pieces of info available on the web regarding sofas and their types and qualities.

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Top Sofas in India to pair with green decor

Royal Interiors Oak 3+2+1

This sofa set is reasonable in price and comes with a diversity of designs. The cushions have a soft-quality foam filling for your comfort. It comes with a one-year warranty on the mechanism and frame.

Royaloak Divine Two Seater

Royaloak is an adjustable sofa manufacturing company with various outlets and showrooms. If you are looking for a recliner sofa made with good fabric, this is the one to choose.

Quality Assure Furniture Sectional Hardwood 9 Seater

Looking for the best available sofa for your large family? Quality Assure 9-seater is a great option. It is ideal for a big home with a large family. Surprisingly, the total set weighs only 150 kgs which makes it easy to move and clean.

Adorn India Straight Line L Shape Sofa

With a compilation of quality and durability, Adorn is yet another great sofa manufacturing brand. They use wood and foam to manufacture their sofas. The best part is that they provide a two-year warranty on this product. The materials used are completely odourless and non-toxic.

Solimo Alen 6 Seater

Last but not least, the Solimo Alen 6-seater can be the perfect choice if you want a sofa for a moderately large family. It goes through 30 quality-check tests before releasing it to the market. There can’t be a better option than choosing Solimo to enhance the overall aesthetics of your living green.


Green, in any hue, is a very vibrant colour that gives your living room the elegance it requires. And hence, choosing the right combination of sofa sets is a must to complement the bold colour beautifully. We see enough greenery in our nature and see how beautifully it creates magic with other colours. This article will provide you with proficiency in sofa colours that go outstandingly with any tone of green. Besides, we have also covered some top products available in the market and a guide to buying the best ones.

You are a sofa connoisseur now! So, go ahead and pick the best products that pair with green decor, at CasaOne.

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