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10 Simple Bedroom Decor Ideas to Beautify Your Space

our bedroom is your safe haven – a personal, peaceful oasis that allows you to kick back, relax, and unwind. It’s that calming place where you rest your tired body after a long day. Considering we spend almost half our lives in the bedroom, we really don’t give it the importance it deserves. While we are keen to do up other spaces in the house such as the living room or the kitchen, so we can show them off to family and friends, we often tend to neglect our most important room of refuge.

Not only does a well-designed bedroom look great, but it also has a huge impact on your mood and quality of sleep. Here are some tips to help you transform your bedroom into a the perfect sanctuary. 

10 Bedroom Decor Ideas for Your Home

Create a cozy nook

a sectional sofa

A bedroom is not just a place to catch some ZZZ’s. It’s also a spot to unwind and engage in a lot of me-time activities like reading a book, watching television, journaling, or any other pastime that helps you relax. 

Create a cozy nook by simply adding an armchair and pair it with an ottoman or a sofa or a bench (if the space permits). Keep the bed for lounging and use most of these corners instead to rejuvenate with your favorite hobby.

Wall of fame

a table lamp

Every room needs a focal point or a place where you can rest your eyes to clear your mind. An accent wall can do the trick. Choose to paint it either with a bold color for motivation or some soothing shade to help calm the senses. You could also make use of some patterns and prints to make the wall stand out further. Feel free to get creative with paintings, artifacts, dream catchers, wall hangings or simply place a houseplant against it to lend it some texture. Alternatively, you could also opt for wood-boarded walls or add trims and tufted upholstery to get the desired look. 

Fluff it up

queen-size bed

Throw pillows in colorful, vibrant colors not only brighten up the space but also create quite a statement in your bedroom. Filling up your bed with lots of pillows can help cushion your back as you lean on your headboard while reading or relaxing or even as you work on those last-minute touches to your presentation. All that fluff also makes for a very cozy and comfy bed. 

Work your linens. Dry clean and tuck fold them neatly around your bed to layer your bedroom with some eye-catching fabrics. You can also hang lightweight linens as drapes and create a beautiful, textured effect. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall

mirror with dresser

Mirrors work wonders to make your room appear massive, airy, and bright. A mirror in your bedroom reflects natural light when put across or next to a window and creates the illusion of space. It also makes for a great utilitarian accessory that can be used for a quick touch-up before stepping out. You can choose a floor-length mirror as part of your dresser or simply hang a small to medium-sized mirror on the wall. 

A green touch

plants in bedroom

Plants have a refreshing appeal. They add a lush color and texture that can brighten up a space instantly.

You can choose from hanging pots to planters based on the space available in your room. Indoor plants such as snake or spider plants, English ivy or pothos and even succulents like aloe vera work well in smaller spaces. The presence of aromatic plants – such as lavender, chamomile, rosemary, or jasmine – is said to help in lowering blood pressure and regulating heart rate as inhaling their pleasant fragrances can bring about a sweet slumber. Be sure to check that you aren’t allergic to the varieties.  

Pro tip: Ensure that you don’t go overboard with plants as the chances of them attracting insects are high. 

Frame it

king-size bed

Create a gallery. It could be pictures of your family, friends or memories of places you’ve visited. Your bedroom wall also makes for a great canvas to exhibit souvenirs, wall art, or paintings you particularly like. Use frames that can be taken down easily when no longer in use and don’t leave patches or stains on walls once removed.

Add some color


A plain or an all-white bedroom can be quite monotonous unless you create interesting hues in the form of accents such as throw pillows, a bed runner, curtains, or plants. You can change the look of your bedroom from time to time and accentuate it with details such as flowy linens, furniture covers, rugs, mats, or floor coverings.  

Think quirky

bedroom decor

When it comes to your bedroom, you’ve got to think out the box. Don’t limit yourself by any hard and fast rules on what is considered the “best décor” or “the ideal way”. Instead, opt for pieces that appeal to you and furniture that makes you feel very comfortable. It could be a unique collection of bucket hats hung on nails for a bohemian vibe or a string of polaroids lined with warm yellow fairy lights for a nostalgic aura.   

Let there be light

floor lamp illuminating your bedroom

Lighting is the quintessential element in interior design that can make or break a look. Layer your bedroom with accent, task, and ambient lights to set the right mood. There is such a thing as too much or too little lighting. So, make sure you keep multiple options in hand for what suits you best and works equally well for your bedroom décor. 

Personalize every inch

bedroom with map

We can’t emphasize enough why your bedroom needs to be decorated in a way that matches your tastes and preferences. This room is where you spend most of your time. It’s that quick getaway during a busy day, a spot for an afternoon siesta, or a place akin to a hug that comforts and soothes you at the end of a long, hard day.

Styling your bedroom is easy when you have a vision; you know what you want, and you know what the end result should look like. If you’re not 100% sure, you could consult CasaOne’s designers to help you set it up.  Remember, you can always redo the décor with minimal effort if you choose the right accessories. Oh, and if you’re looking to rent, browse through CasaOne’s bedroom furniture. Everything we talked about – beds, mirrors, photo frames, lighting – you can get it all at CasaOne. Great designs at affordable prices, this is a one-stop shop for all your furniture and décor needs.


  • What are some DIY bedroom décor ideas?

You can execute various DIY bedroom décor ideas using simple materials like washi tape, macrame, paints, and pictures. All you need to do is focus on creating some great accent walls or exhibit décor elements that are eye-catching and functional. 

  • How to decorate a small bedroom?

Take a minimalistic approach while decorating your bedroom. Add mirrors to lend an impression of extra space and give it an airy and open feel. Choose smart, adjustable home décor options or plants that can be hung on walls or from the ceiling to save floor space. Pick multi-functional furniture with storage units to optimize space.

  • Which type of lighting is ideal for the bedroom?

You can always layer lighting in your bedroom using ambient, task, and accent lights. Use table lamps by the bedside to cast enough light to finish your bedtime routine without too much of a glare. Floor lamps and sconces in your cozy corners are great additions too. For dim lighting options, simply having a backlit headboard can give your room a soft glow to help set the right mood.

  • Which mattress is the best for back pain?

Back pain is usually caused by mattresses that aren’t firm enough to support your frame or  correct posture while you’re sleeping. Usually, memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses are best for alleviating back pain and help you sleep in a comfortable position at the same time.

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