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10 things that scream Christmas

Decorating your home and sprucing it up for the Christmas season would seem like an ordeal, considering the numerous options available as well as the amount of time and effort the process might take up. Not everyone would be looking forward to having giant Christmas trees in their halls, luxurious dining tables with the most sumptuous meals, and the fanciest mantelpieces for decoration. So how would you ensure that you pick the smartest ways to create that perfect Christmas decor vibe at home without opting for grand curios or towering pieces?

Scroll down and have a look at 10 things you can explore that scream Christmas!

Placing Christmas decor centerpieces in the most accessible areas

The most important purpose of a centerpiece is to grab attention easily and influence the mood of the space it is kept in. So, it is best to place centerpieces at the most accessible points inside the house.

For example, use a kitchen or dining table to position a holiday piece until the end of the season. And we aren’t necessarily talking about expensive items. Even bare branches with hanging ornaments on them would do the trick. They produce the desired height needed for a centerpiece and would make an eye-grabbing presence. It would also be a bonus if you can place these in such a way that the view to certain portions of the rooms is not blocked. You may also try to blend the piece with the décor/designs around.

You could also consider miniature trees or figures if it’s not possible to install a large item on the table.

christmas decor piece

But if you do not want to waste the tabletop space and instead want to try out a simpler approach, you could make use of items like bar cabinets or bar carts. Place a mini tree or a decorated branch as the centerpiece on the cart. You could pair these with wall decorations like a wall-hung mistletoe. Thereby you can produce a detailed decoration area without sacrificing precious common-use space.

Don’t restrict decorations to common areas

One common mistake people make is the exemption of certain spaces inside the house from being revamped. It’s always the halls, dining halls, and bedrooms that enjoy the privilege of the Christmas decor makeover. With small, simple steps, you could even bring the holiday mood into areas like bathrooms, dressing areas, etc. Even hanging a garland on the walls or decorating around the mirrors would make a significant difference in how the home would look collectively. Ignoring certain spaces would end up with your house looking polarized.

Decorating with mirrors is an easy trick that would increase the visibility of the pieces you use on the mirror. They also help reflect light onto them to amplify the views. So adopt this method and add an extra layer of chic to your home.

Using bookcases and shelves to facilitate hanging Christmas decor

Most of our homes have built-in shelves, cabinets, and bookcases. You may at least have movable ones that usually stay in one place throughout. All these can be used as makeshift mantels. One could hang decorations, stockings, and other Christmas decor accessories without spending extra money or using up unnecessary energy around a dedicated decorative piece.

You could even use the edges of these cabinets and shelves to add a running garland. This would be an excellent solution, especially for small spaces that cannot accommodate a tree and would still like to spread the mood-boosting elegance.

Another easy alternative if you don’t possess tall shelves is to depend on nightstands and side tables in your rooms. Even headboards of your beds decorated with garlands could be a refreshing choice. Throw in a Christmas-themed pillow and a scented candle to complete the set.

Another way of layering the existing pieces of furniture with décor is to ensure you are displaying the right things. For example, glass-front shelves and cabinets could showcase items like cold-weather blankets, comforters, sweaters, etc., along with traditional decorations like mini Christmas trees, gingerbread wreaths, etc.

Small accessories that make big changes

Size need not always matter when it comes to making design statements. Even small furnishings can go a long way in bringing home the festival vibes and simultaneously make the home much cozier. Products like pillows, throws, rugs, carpets, furs, etc., all can affect the overall atmosphere of the rooms. They make your job of creating the holiday mood pleasant and even enjoyable!

Coffee Table and Side Table décor

side table christmas decor

Coffee tables and side tables can serve as the perfect spots to create a collage of décor pieces, lights, and even candles to complement the usual Christmas decor that would fill the rest of your home. You could add small warm LED lights around the table. Decorating it with beautiful candles in candle holders could truly nail the festive look. The added advantage of picking candle holders is that they attract attention even if the candles are not lit up. Besides, not a lot of effort is needed to achieve this particular look hence it’s efficient as well as exquisite.

Using the mirror + décor combination

Mirrors are excellent additions to any indoor space. Antique mirror styles and models are a perfect fit for Christmas. Hence, there is no denying that adding these to your interiors would be nothing short of a success. To make it an even better purchase, you could keep wreaths, decor glass jars, candles, LED lights, figurines, and other small and Christmassy items in the vicinity so that the decorations seem multiplied and rich. Even ornaments, greenery, etc. would make it stand out just as much as the larger décor articles.

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Choosing the right colors for interior Christmas decor

It is as important to pick the right colors and shades of interior décor articles as it is to choose the right kind of products. Even if you end up purchasing the best-looking décor but it does not look cheerful enough or blend in with the wholesome holiday atmosphere, it would be wasteful.

Neutral tones are always safe to play with and rarely go awry. This is especially suitable if your homes are dominated by colors like grey, white, off-white, etc. The cohesiveness that these shades would bring along with neutral colored décor would give that subtle boost to your Christmas prep.

In addition, pick a few bronze- or gold-colored décor pieces that would contribute a holiday sparkle and complete the puzzle.

Fireplaces and heaters

fireplace christmas

Fireplaces could signify the approach of the holiday season. This is also an elegant way of adding ambient lighting to your house. Fireplaces also act as a hub around which family and friends could gather and have a leisurely and intimate time.

Similar to fireplaces, patio heaters and outdoor grills can also serve the same purpose, albeit outdoors. Outdoor spaces you have designed for parties and gatherings would require heaters in the coming season to keep the guests warm and cozy. Together with outdoor grills, which would undoubtedly increase the ‘fun’ factor and make your occasion with your loved ones more delightful, patio heaters are a must-have during this time of the year.

Decorating the outdoors

Gardens offer a lot of opportunities to place decor pieces and hangings. They offer the most visibility compared to any other area in and around your home. Choosing the right products to transform your planted areas into a Christmas decor attraction would be an instant hit!

Ambient Lights

There is perhaps no way ambient lights are a wrong choice in the context of Christmas decor. No matter how big or small the space is, there is always an apt way of placing ambient lighting points in such a way that the room doesn’t look cluttered and at the same time, is lit up perfectly well. Walls, coffee tables, side tables, desks, floors, and even other décor items could be lighting points if planned properly. The aforementioned products like mirrors, candles, etc., and lanterns are also important aspects of lighting and can increase the festive aura manifold compared to traditional lighting options.

You could even have neon signs on the walls and mantels as wild cards.

christmas ambient lighting

You must now be aware of some top-notch methods of elevating your homes to match the festivities. Check out CasaOne and pick your favorite products that will suit your style and the theme of your home. Also, don’t forget to pick the most ideal gifts for your loved ones and make this Christmas a memorable one.

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