Create A Stunning Guest Room

20 Ideas To Create A Stunning Guest Room

Comfort is crucial when creating a stunning guest bedroom. A guest room should be a warm place that blends a hotel’s conveniences with a house’s cosiness and attractiveness. Think of the necessities for any weary traveller: a plush bed, a chair for reading or making phone calls, and things easily overlooked like phone chargers and hygiene. The guest room is also the ideal place to test out design trends that you enjoy but might not want to use every day in your bedroom, such as dramatic wall treatments, vibrant colours, and twin beds. We have listed 20 stunning ideas for designing your guest rooms.

Let’s get started!

Make a statement

The guest bedroom still needs to be up to snuff in terms of style, even though you don’t put your head to rest every night. Choose a statement headboard, wall art, and built-in lighting to create a distinctive and fashionable look.

Choose a theme

Pick a theme that relates to the area where your home is. These bunk beds conserve space while also evoking a nautical ship theme, making them a fantastic choice for a kid’s guest bedroom located somewhere along the shore.

Serve double duty 

Make one of the other rooms in your home—like the family room or home office—serve as a guest room if you frequently host guests but lack the space for one. Place a daybed in a corner and decorate it with numerous pillows and blankets to make it very comfortable.

Use darker tones 

Keep everything organised, with as little clutter as possible, and add darker colours for a cosy, intimate feel. A five-star hotel room’s look and feel may be achieved in your bedroom with the help of bedside sconces.

Less is more

The space should feel crisp, clean, and incredibly welcoming despite its simplicity. Layers of clean linens, a tiny side table, and a reading lamp are all that is required. Just make sure to straighten the bedding and fluff the cushions before visitors come.

Create a gallery wall 

Without occupying important floor space, a gallery wall will give the room character and make it feel more like home. Radio and an alarm clock are also excellent additions.

Quirk it up

Decorate the guest bedroom with all the traditional items, including a canopy bed, ornate mirror, full draperies, and luxurious, traditional monogrammed bedding. Then include quirky, amusing throw cushions. Also, guests will value having access to television if they want to chill alone or have trouble sleeping.

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Add a lot of greenery 

greenery in guest room

Adding a lot of greenery will always help create a balanced, energetic environment. Large plants can be used to fill in empty spaces to make the area more comfortable. Use hanging plants or place a wreath on the wall to add depth to the space. Greenery at various heights will make the guest room appear taller.

Give it a hotel-room feel

To make it seem like a hotel room, remove any clutter and built-in furniture from the room. If it turns chilly, fold an additional blanket and place it at the foot of the bed for your visitors.

Set up a workstation

workstation in guest bedroom

If there is enough space, mimic a hotel room by providing your guests with a little workspace in the bathroom. It only needs a side chair, desk, console, and table lamp.

Keep books on the side table

Although family portraits add a charming personal touch to the guest bedroom, the fully stocked bookcase is the actual star of the space. Remember to stock the side table with literature if your visitors have trouble falling asleep and need something to do.

Set up twin beds

Twin beds with traditional white linen and wallpaper-coordinating headboards are a safe bet. They have a stately, conventional appearance thanks to embroidered coverlets, and their gingham skirts add a charmingly fun touch.

Let the light flow in

If possible, locate the guest bedroom where enough natural light may enter. If you didn’t install blackout curtains, make sure you leave a sleep mask on the nightstand.

Provide a reading space 

Excellent addition to a guest bedroom is a window seat. It will provide them with a comfortable area to relax in other than the public living room. A dresser is a good addition if they want to unpack any of their stuff.

Transform the attic into a room

attic guest room

Use the space in your attic if all the rooms in your house are occupied or if you need to create an additional guest bedroom. Maintain a low profile throughout and add pendant light to finish the look if the ceilings are low or slanted.

Hang a mirror 

Before you present your guests to everyone, hang a full-length mirror so they may check out their outfits (just kidding). But in all seriousness, house guests will value having quick access to a full-length mirror since it might be difficult while travelling light. A mirror will also enlarge the appearance of a modest guest bedroom.

Arrange a sitting area 

Your guest room will be more functional with a modest table flanked by a chaise, chair, and bench. For added appeal, scatter cushions and blankets are all about the room.

Hang art 

A minimum of one piece of wall art is required for any guest room, whether you opt for a painting, family portrait, or antique map. For instance, beautiful art pieces can change how that area is defined. Any room type can be given a mood or colourful vibe.

Add earthy vibes 

No one is flawless, not even our cherished guests. Choose artwork and plants that speak to you to embrace the lovely imperfections that make our life more wholesome. Another option is to leave half of a wall unpainted on purpose. The outcome may be just what you (and your visitors!) need.

Make it kid-friendly 

kid friendly guest room

A kid-friendly guest room can be your next best investment if your extended family has a lot of young children running around. For example, throw a colourful rug, and a queen-sized bed for more space and flexibility. Also, you can add some pops of patterns, and other welcoming and entertaining pieces.

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Tips For Decorating Guest Bedroom

Use foldable furniture

Space-saving furniture is essential to make the most of a guest bedroom or use it for other purposes when you don’t have guests. The solution might be a collapsible daybed for your guest bedroom/office combination.

Add multifunctional furniture

How to create versatile spaces is one of the important things to think about when it comes to designing a small guest bedroom. For instance, incorporate a tiny desk that serves as a nightstand and a space for working or applying makeup.

Add shelves to walls

In tiny guest rooms, shelving is perfect since it uses wall space and allows you to exhibit artwork and live plants. The planks might also be designed to reflect the personalities of various visitors.

Include furry guest accessories

Pet owners will be grateful for thoughtful touches like a pet bed, treats, and food/water dishes because they might not have remembered to pack them or had no room in their luggage.

Add blinds and curtains

Any windows that aren’t covered should have affordable blinds, roller shades, or ready-made drapes. A guest staying at your house will value a dark room to sleep in as they are on vacation. Consider getting blackout shades, which can block early morning sunlight more effectively, if late nights are part of your plans.

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When remodelling or decorating a guest room the goal is to make it feel as cosy as the other rooms in the house. Always put comfort first when considering designing a guest bedroom, regardless of whether you want the area to feel bright, calming, big, or cosy. You can follow the above-mentioned 20 stunning guests’ bedroom design ideas to create a warm and welcoming experience for your guests. And for the best deals on home decor items, head to CasaOne for your shopping needs.

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