Whether you want to repurpose some of your old furniture or breathe new life into them, repurposing furniture is as easy as D-I-Y. These projects are not just for your Pinterest board. Repurposing furniture is a great way to save money, unleash your creativity, or jazz things up at home for a change.  So don’t […]

Do you ever come home from a long and tiring day wishing your life was a little bit more luxurious? A huge mansion with more rooms than you can count, butlers waiting on your every whim, indulgent food in every meal, and all the clothing, cars, and jewelry your inner child could ask for. It […]

Want to furnish a sophisticated, modern home? Our expert recommends having a bed with a contemporary headboard, choosing a statement coffee table, adding a lamp with warm lighting, using shelves and drawers to minimize clutter, and giving extra thought to soft furnishings like curtains, rugs, and throws. Read on to learn more.   How to […]

If we were to play word association with the term “backyard”, the chances of “refuge”, “relaxing”, and “unwinding” following right after are pretty high. An outdoor space is meant to be a quick getaway for us when we’re tired of being in the house — and that’s even more so when we’re fighting off a […]

Climate change is very real, and most of us are feeling the effects in our homes. From long winters to sudden heat waves, you might be struggling to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Maintaining the right temperature at home is especially important in the bedroom as our bodies need the right atmosphere to […]