6 Hacks To Refurbish Your Old Furniture

There’s something about furniture that you restore on your own. Whether it’s the hours you put in, the use of your creativity or just the pleasure of creating something brand new from something old, the pride you feel seeing a piece of your restored furniture in your home is unmeasurable. Although refurbishing old furniture projects […]

Top 5 Classical Furniture Pieces For The Modern Home

You know what they say, old is gold. That’s why when it comes to choosing furniture for your uber modern home, sometimes matching a few classical furniture pieces with modern furniture pieces can up your decor game to a whole new level.  There are many reasons to love classical furniture pieces but the most important […]

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Lighting For Your Home

Your home interiors are made up of many different elements and lighting is amongst the most crucial. Often overlooked in favor of the more visual components like the color palette, furniture, and furnishings, lighting is a crucial layer of your interior design that doesn’t just bring your home to life but forms an important part […]

How To Select The Best Color For Your Home

Modifying the color palette is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways of bringing new life to your home interiors. Even if you’re moving to a new home, selecting the right colors for your home can help your space feel more familiar and inviting. From the color of the walls to the colors used […]

Best Budget-Friendly DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Home

Home decoration is somewhat of a paradox in that it’s meant to be personal and reflective of your tastes and preferences but to delight and impress people who visit your home. Your home decor is made up of the different elements that work together to create a warm and beautiful living space. The decor items […]

How To Make The Best Use Of Vacant Floor Space At Home

While most people focus on doing up their walls and ceilings when decorating their homes, the floor space is equally important. Often overlooked due to the assumption that most people won’t notice the floor, the base of your home can end up looking pretty basic and uninspired. In an attempt to make their walls beautiful, […]