Rug Trends to Look Out for Today

Rugs have been part of our home decor for thousands of years. They instantly add a cozy vibe to a room. Rugs are also used to separate different areas of the house while offering an extra layer of warmth to cold or bare flooring. They are a great way to add personality to simple spaces […]

Is Rattan The New Trendy Furniture Material?

There are no indicators that the rattan trend will fade. You may ask – why is it so widespread? Rattan has earned its rightful place in our homes and is no longer restricted to outdoor furniture. Texture and curiosity are at the forefront of design for 2022. And rattan furniture has quickly emerged as one […]

Gold Accents: A must-have trend

New trend alert! The Gold Fever has returned, and the gold accent is making a comeback. Since it has been used all over the world for many years, gold accents are frequently linked to riches and luxury. “Subtle” isn’t the first word that comes to mind when we think of gold; rather, “glitzy,” “glamorous,” and […]

Furniture Trends you Need to Know Now

There are several justifications for purchasing new furniture–storage, seating, and comfort. But beyond the fundamentals, furniture also conveys our style and serves as the setting for our life. Just as our wants and situations alter, so do our furnishings. Read this article to find all you need to know about the current furniture trends. Trends […]

30 Cozy Accent Chairs to Curl Up In

Casaone brings you a plethora of eye-catchy accent chairs. These are single-cheat chairs with a stunning elegance that quickly becomes the focal point of your living room decor. They are not your everyday traditional seating chairs, but the incredible decorative value of these chairs acts as accent pieces with the greatness of their style, fabric, […]

10 Tips to Create a Sustainable Dining Room

The kitchen might be the heart of the house, but the dining room — the area where we eat our meals together or alone — is its soul. A sustainable lifestyle also requires a sustainable dining room. We should all do our bit for the environment and make efforts to go zero-waste. This article will […]


With fall just around the corner, we can practically taste the pumpkin spice. People may want to give their houses a fall makeover, but it’s also time to start thinking about Halloween costumes and pulling sweaters from the back of the wardrobe. But, before replacing summer watermelons with fall pumpkins, check what home decor trends […]