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5 Must-Have Appliances For Students

Whether you live in a dorm, a shared house, or on your own, the life of a student is unlike any other. You’re struggling to stay on top of your studies while managing a house and an independent lifestyle as you battle the obstacles of adulthood. If you’re a student looking for a cheap and quick fix, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together 5 must-have appliances to help make student life just a little bit easier, so you can focus on the more important aspect of being a scholar – graduating with flying colors!

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Portable blender/juicer

As a student, it’s easy to get pulled into the fast-food gimmick. Sure, ordering pizza at 2 AM sounds quick and appealing, but what if you could whip up something nutritious in a shorter amount of time? Portable blenders come in handy for this. Just throw in a handful of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and even a scoop of peanut butter for that perfect wholesome blend. Portable blenders come with nifty cups you can take on the go and blend wherever you are. 

You can even choose one with a USB charger to plug in at night in your bedroom, and it’s all charged up for the day while you’re out. Portable blenders make for the perfect student appliance, as you don’t need a full kitchen and other amenities to fix yourself something healthy. 

Handy hint: Choose a blender in your favorite color and add your choice of fruit yogurt, almond milk, or jam for extra flavor!


A student’s life is nothing without a microwave. Whether you need to pop a bowl of corn for movie night or boil some instant ramen as a midnight snack – there’s almost nothing you can’t do with a microwave. If you have access to a kitchen you can invest in a medium to large-sized microwave of 800W or more. 

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If you just have your own room, you can get a smaller microwave of 600W-700W for your personal use. With a microwave, you won’t need additional cooking appliances like a kettle, stove, and oven.

Handy hint: Make sure you leave plenty of space between the wall and your microwave, especially in a small room. Microwaves tend to heat up and need room for ventilation. Place it on one end of your desk or table for easy access. 

Iron or steamer

This might sound like a luxury item, but you never know when you need to iron out those creases for an important opportunity right? Keep a small iron in your room for important presentations and meetings with faculty members. Don’t worry about lugging around an ironing board to your dorms, just flatten a thick bedsheet on your bed or table and you’re set. 

Handy hint: If you find an iron too bulky, look for a small handheld steamer to help smoothen out the wrinkles on your outfits. It won’t give you crisp folds, but will still get you looking presentable in no time. 


If you’re feeling adventurous and want to level up your cooking skills after mastering the microwave, a multi-cooker is just the thing. Slow cookers and instant pots are easy to use and convenient. You can leave it on to do the work while you go off to your classes or while you’re concentrating on studying in your room. Once done, you come home to a nice hot home-cooked meal you prepared by yourself!

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There are plenty of multi-cooker recipes available online, and many appliances come with a booklet of handy recipes to get you started. 

Handy hint: Multi-cookers work great in a shared kitchen so you get one big meal to satisfy many hungry students at once. If you live alone, use an instant pot to meal-prep for the week. 

Table fan or humidifier 

As a student, you will probably be spending most of your academic year in one room. If you live in a cold climate, your dorm might be built for warm insulation. To get some fresh air circulating, you might want to consider getting a humidifier or air purifier for your room. Air purifiers will help destroy allergens during cold & flu season or pollen season if you are allergic. Get a humidifier to keep the moisture in your room at a comfortable level. 

Save space by placing the appliance at the foot of your bed on a rug, and remember to turn it off when left unattended. For hot climates, purchase a table fan to keep you cool while you study or sleep. Place it on your table with plenty of support so it doesn’t fall and cause accidents when oscillating. 

Handy hint: Small fans with USB ports are useful to carry around and use any time, anywhere. 


Do newly constructed homes come with appliances?

Nowadays it is common for many new construction homes to come with modern appliances. This can include a washing machine and dryer, refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher. If you are a student who is likely to be on the move often, you might want to look at properties with appliances so you don’t have to purchase every item yourself.

What are some must-have home appliances?

Each of us has our own needs when it comes to appliances for our home. However, some common must-have appliances include a refrigerator, washing machine, microwave or oven, and television.

Can home appliances be insured?

Each appliance will come with its own manufacturer’s or distributor’s insurance or warranty. These usually last between 1 to 3 years. If you have a personal homeowner’s insurance policy, then that would generally cover all the appliances in your home. Check with your insurance provider for confirmation.

What are some essential kitchen appliances?

This usually depends on whether you will use them often or not. Basic kitchen appliances include a refrigerator, oven, blender, kettle, toaster, and microwave. Additional kitchen appliances are a food processor, slow cooker, coffee maker, electric grill, sandwich maker, and air fryer. The list is endless and you can now find a gadget to do almost any job you want it to.

What are the basic home appliances?

If you want to stock your home with basic appliances you can start with a washing machine, refrigerator, oven, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner or fan, televisions and sound system, and a computer.

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