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5 Stunning Swimming Pool Ideas to Beat the Heat This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and the heat is cranking up! One of the many ways to find respite from the scorching heat is to cool down in your own private swimming pool. No matter the size of your outdoor space, there is a pool that will fit into it perfectly! From the rooftop to the backyard to infinity and more, here is a roundup of five of our favorite pool ideas, styles, and designs to get you inspired. Let’s dive right into it!

5 best swimming pool ideas to beat the heat

Get in Shape! 

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Your pool can be your best companion during summer if you choose the right one. Rectangular pools are versatile and can be worked into different parts of your property. Here’s an idea – opt for an indoor exercise pool and optimize the space for laps. You can decorate the deck so that you’re able to use it comfortably at night as well as during the day. Floor lamps can be a quirky decor addition as opposed to the traditional wall or ceiling lights. Line them up against the walls of the enclosure for a chic indoor retreat!

Aim for the stars

rooftop pool

A rooftop pool is one of the best modern swimming pool ideas. A rooftop setup can give you a beautiful view of the concrete jungle that your home faces. Look up and you have marvelous hues of blue to enjoy. Rooftops can also be used as a space to entertain guests from time to time, and a pool just enhances the vibe. Think stars, breezy outdoor brunches, fun BBQ parties, and even just some lazy evenings on your own for some much-needed peace and quiet. You can also add some seating around the pool to make the area more comfortable. Find some gorgeous outdoor dining sets at CasaOne that are perfect for your pool patio. 

Plant Away

outdoor dining set

Don’t let the size or budget stop you when it comes to landscaping your pool. Make the pool your focal point and surround it with lots of greenery like wild trees, grass, or some medium-sized plants all around. This not only gives you a pop of color but that flush of green around the blue of the pool creates a calming and pleasant vibe. 

swimming pool plant ideas

The last step would be to set up your furniture and have your guests enjoy the view!

Decorate and Improvise

outdoor chair

Whether you have a rectangular or an angular pool, adding furniture and decor will help you to emphasize the beauty and tranquility of the entire setting. Style your pool with some wooden or bamboo chairs. You can also place a few tables and chairs together for when you have guests over. Light combined with water always results in magic so a few lights in the water or even lanterns around the pool can give you that elegant setting you’re looking for. 

Align and Design

Small size? No problem. Align the small pool to the border of your backyard to give it some depth. If you have an angular outdoor space like the one you see here, you can create a mini seating space with the right chairs and a side table below the roofed area for outdoor get-togethers. You can also add a lounge chair to the patio under the open sky.  

side table

Another way of landscaping your pool is by giving yourself privacy. A really cool swimming pool idea is to simply build your pool adjacent to the walls of your backyard. A small swimming pool in a corner of your backyard, that has the perfect amount of shade and sun, offers you just the relaxation you need in the summer. 

backyard pool

And there you have it, 5 stunning and creative swimming pool ideas to revamp the look of your backyard or your rooftop! Whether you’re looking for individual items or a carefully curated package, CasaOne has products from popular brands you know and love. So, what are you waiting for? Summer is almost here!


How to decorate a swimming pool space?

Find the right kind of furniture for your patio like outdoor dining sets, side tables, bar stools, etc. to decorate your swimming pool space.

How to light up a swimming pool?

You can either find wide-angle flood lights that reflect light off the roof or decorate the patio around the pool with large floor lamps, outdoor lamps, etc.

Which types of chairs are ideal for a swimming pool space?

You can opt for an outdoor dining set or single chairs to place around the swimming pool, or even bar stools if you have a relatively smaller space. 

How to set up a fireplace near the swimming pool?

Add a natural stone around some minimal greenery to set up a fireplace in a swimming pool setup.

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