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6 Great Reasons to Choose Vintage Style Furniture

Let’s face it – vintage style is in vogue right now. We’re all for a sophisticated modern touch but the charm of vintage furniture is just very appealing. An attractive chest of drawers with its pretty curvy designs, intricate carvings, and ornate style would be the perfect console to add to your foyer, don’t you think? Or what about that wrought iron bed with its curlicues, twists, and points? It would most certainly elevate your bedroom design!

We know that buying vintage furniture could be an expensive affair which is why you can now buy stunning styles from CasaOne to design your dream space without breaking the bank. 

How to spot vintage-style furniture

A vintage leather sectional sofa

Vintage-style furniture is usually characterized by lots of carvings, curvy structures with loops, arches, waves, twists, and ornate embellishments too. Vintage furniture is made from natural materials like wood, wrought iron, bamboo, and wicker to name a few. CasaOne’s Baxton Studio Herzen Style Antique End Table is a good example.  Over the years, vintage furniture has been maintained in its most natural form with regular cleaning or even a paint job to give it a new look. If you’re looking for a design theme you may want to research mid-century modern designs. Read more on CasaOne’s furniture style guide. Even if you opt for look-alike designs, try to find furniture that’s made from natural materials to stitch the whole look of your space together. It’s all about the character and detailing by the artist.  

Now, here’s why CasaOne thinks you need to give your home a vintage touch.

That timeless look

patio chair

Everyone hops on to the latest trends; be it TikTok videos, fashionable clothes, or even decor themes. But some styles go out of trend very quickly. When you invest in your home interiors, especially furniture, you don’t want to keep changing items just to stay relevant. So, go for something that is evergreen. Vintage furniture is versatile and stands the test of time—in terms of what’s in vogue as well as its durability. 

Colorful affair

You can always get creative with colors. From soft yellows and blush pinks to bright reds and dark greens, you have a plethora of options to pick from. Even sedate colors—grey, white, cream—come with quirky elements like button-tufted details, floral motifs, and abstract patterns making these pieces the right fit for your aesthetic. You could always choose a mellow tone for your vintage furniture and add pops of color in the form of decor elements like cushions, curtains, and vases. You could also paint your old cabinets with a distressed-refurbished effect to complete the look.

Make a style statement

patio coffee table

Vintage style has always been about adding flair to your home by using as much detail-oriented furniture as possible. If you were to take cues from a movie, take a look at Pride and Prejudice. The furniture is tasteful, looks warm, and is very welcoming. Think about a dresser with wooden carvings in your room; it adds character and brightens up your space. CasaOne’s ornate mirrors are a great way to add a touch of shimmer to your living room.

Easy on the pocket

Budget is definitely a point to consider when you’re doing up your home. And vintage furniture can be expensive when you want to buy more than a couple of pieces. CasaOne offers high-quality vintage-style furniture from brands you love, at extremely affordable prices. We give you plenty of designs to choose from too! 

Cozy vibes

vintage barstool

The contemporary theme is all about crisp, clean lines, monochrome colors, and generally, a very neat look. But, does that always say – welcome home? You need to pick styles that encourage your guests to feel at home and relax. Move away from the straight lines and impersonal feel and bring more warmth into your space. You must take a look at Rockwell Mid-Century Accent Chair and Ottoman set at CasaOne. It’s the perfect option for a warm and beautiful space.

Mix and match 

Vintage-style furniture goes with any design theme and adds that extra punch you’re looking for. You can always mix and match your styles with at least one piece of vintage-style furniture in the ensemble; vintage furniture is very versatile that way. You could also decorate your entire backyard and porch with vintage outdoor furniture. When spring and summer come in, you can definitely take out your vintage patio furniture and enjoy the good weather with your family and friends. 

Vintage-style furniture is an easy and quick way to enhance a space. The designs and colors are always pleasing to the eye and add just the detailing you need to really bring your interior aesthetic together.


How to identify vintage cast iron furniture?

Vintage cast iron furniture may look like new furniture but to identify if it’s authentically vintage, check for any marks or stamps. Back then, manufacturers often stamped cast iron and that mark will help trace an item’s history. Cast iron furniture also had floral, animal, or fruit prints carved into it. Vintage cast iron is heavier compared to its recent counterparts.

How to identify vintage wicker furniture?

As vintage furniture was always made from natural materials, in order to spot good vintage wicker furniture, see if the rattan is attached to a hardwood post. Then, check for its weight and smooth texture. There were only a few manufacturers of wicker furniture in the 1900s. It would be helpful if you familiarize yourself with the design styles and their names like Whitney Reed, Heywood-Wakefield, and more. 

How to identify vintage wrought iron furniture?

Vintage wrought iron furniture was often designed by blacksmiths so you won’t find mold lines or marks related to manufacturers. Wrought iron furniture is often heavy, with some rusted bits. Any iron furniture should pass the magnet test. Look for rough textures like hammer marks as blacksmiths always made pieces by hand with lots of curves, twists, and designs to match the mid-century style that was trending in the 19th century. 

How to identify vintage Woodard patio furniture?

Woodard has been manufacturing patio furniture for over 150 years and the easiest way to identify if it’s vintage is to check the labels. Woodard often stuck a paper label to its furniture or embossed its name on wood and metal. You can always visit their website for authentic patio furniture too. Most vintage outdoor furniture includes patio chairs, patio coffee tables, or an outdoor sectional sofa. 

How to identify vintage wrought iron patio furniture?

Just like any other vintage furniture, for wrought iron patio furniture, you check whether it’s heavy. Patio furniture is often made of sturdier materials. Wrought iron hardens and becomes stronger the more it is melted and reused. Check for blacksmith tool marks as wrought iron furniture was designed by them and often doesn’t have mold lines or perfectly symmetrical designs.

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