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7 Easy Tips From CasaOne to Make Your Furniture Last Longer

Buying new furniture can be expensive, especially if you have pieces in classy leather, teak, oak, or hardwood. The last thing you want is for them to fall apart quickly and then spend more dollars on the replacements. Oh, and there’s a chance that you may not find an identical piece to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your decor.

Fortunately, most high-quality furniture is built to last. If you follow regular maintenance routines, it can stay looking new for years. 

The Best Furniture Maintenance Tips from CasaOne

Furniture maintenance is necessary to give your home a refined look. Like every other piece of décor placed out in the open, furniture is also prone to dust and stains. Did you know that the dust in your home is mostly dead skin, dust mites, food debris, and pet dander, among other outside agents? Dust aggravates allergies, leads to breathing problems and if not kept in check, can lead to other health complications as well. Wrought iron is prone to rust and kids may cut themselves while playing, leading to an infection.

And that’s why we have compiled some of our best maintenance tips for you. These tips will also help you with a great resale value on your older furniture when it’s time to sell. Or maybe, because it all looks so good, you can hand it down to your next of kin as antiques

Dusting and Maintaining Joints


Dust is easily visible on darker surfaces. You can wipe down all these surfaces with a clean dry microfiber cloth or brush dust away every few days or whenever visible. If you have allergies, wear a mask and dust away. You can also use a vacuum cleaner.

Bed frames tend to be ignored but should definitely be on your check-and-clean list. We recommend regular vacuuming and steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery. 

You should also inspect joints and screws to check that they are tight. Look for cracks and any unevenness.

Cleaning your Furniture Well

Leather sofa and couches cleaning

Dusting is very important, but it is just step one. It won’t get rid of stains, oil, grease, fingerprints, and minor scratches. You should also make sure to follow maintenance tips specific to the material of your furniture items.

For maintenance of teak wood (or any hardwood for that matter), clean the surfaces with a wood cleaner or mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Don’t scrub the stains hard or you’ll scratch the surface. Next, use a wet cloth to wipe away any excess soap. Make sure to dry the surface thoroughly.

Oiling and Waxing for a Good Finish

If dusting and cleaning with soapy water aren’t doing much to brighten up the furniture, oiling and waxing will do wonders for that ‘sheen’. For wood maintenance, wipe away the old wax layer with some naphtha or spirit. Wait for the solvent to dry completely and then use a wax brush or cloth to wax the piece. Be wary of applying too much. Once the wax has set, wipe away excess wax and finish by buffing the surface till it shines.

You can also use oil polishes to restore the color of the wood. Oiling the wood imbues it with a protective layer. People commonly use linseed oil or furniture oil and maintenance kits.

Removing Rust from Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought Iron Bedframe

There are many DIY methods to remove rust, involving an acidic solution or scrubbing agent to rub off the rusty layers. These methods work best when the rust has not penetrated too deeply. Therefore wrought iron bed frames and other pieces should be examined regularly. 

 Apply a baking soda paste to the iron, let it sit for a while, and wipe it off to remove the rust. Alternatively, you can wipe the rust off with vinegar. If the rust layer is too thick, you can try commercial rust dissolution agents.

Vacuuming Cushions

sectional sofa

Sectional sofas, chaise lounges, and other soft-cushioned furniture also last for years if they are intensively cleaned, given their propensity to collect house dust. While the cushions usually come with anti-dust covers and need to be replaced every few years, they can be maintained for longer periods of time with regular vacuuming. 

Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

Any outdoor furniture can be maintained as described in the above steps, but it has to be done often. Teakwood is a good choice for easy outdoor maintenance as the wood is highly resistant to all weather types as well as pests.

If you have an open patio, cushions tend to get wet easily. They must be dried thoroughly to prevent mold growth. 

Low Maintenance Deck Furniture

Outdoor furniture

The top maintenance-free furniture choices are made of rattan, plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel. These materials don’t corrode easily. Instead of cushions, it is better for outdoor furniture to have seating fabric made of linen, broadcloth, canvas, or batyline because these materials dry quickly.

The best way to maintain furniture is to avoid damage. Keeping hot bowls or dishes, scratching the surfaces, and overexposure to sunlight accelerate wear and tear. 

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about furniture upkeep to maintain quality and long-term durability. With these small persistent practices, you can keep your furniture looking good as new for decades. If you are looking for some cool hip pieces to add to your space, check out CasaOne and start shopping now! 

GOT Questions?

How to maintain the color of teak wood furniture?

Teak wood is highly resistant to the elements and can endure a lot of neglect (though we don’t recommend that!). Clean your teak furniture every 6-12 months using the tips above and finish with a sealant once the moisture dries. You can also use furniture-friendly oil for teak wood furniture maintenance.

What are the best solutions for wrought iron furniture maintenance?

The easiest way to maintain wrought iron is to prevent any rust formation. Clean it regularly and apply automotive spray wax every 6-12 months. Keep your metal furniture dry.

What is the best way to maintain leather furniture?

To care for your leather furniture, clean up any spills immediately. Use a gentle soap solution if you need to and wipe away with a soft cloth. Leather shouldn’t be exposed to extreme temperatures. Also, keep leather upholstery out of the sun. Use a leather conditioner regularly.

What is the cheapest way to clean furniture?

Most furniture can be cleaned with a mild soap water solution. Regular dusting should suffice. Some specialized furniture may require special cleaning products. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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