Ways To Pull Off A Great Event

7 Effective And Economical Ways To Pull Off A Great Event

Good design and thoughtful layout are as imperative to an event as the programme and content. The aesthetic of your event space is what makes a first impression on your attendees. This will, hopefully, form a good initial opinion about your business – you need it to be classy and unique to make a lasting impact.    

While some companies have the resources to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the perfect setup, not every organization has a blow-out budget for a one-off occasion.

But pulling off an awesome event is possible, even with a modest expense ceiling. A bit of foresight and creativity can go a long way. Here’s how we do it.    


1. Push for Plush


2018 is all about modern luxurious furniture that’s generous in cushioning and soothing in design. No sharp angles or minimalist functionality here. We’re talking about the kind of seating you know you want to sink into as soon as you see it. Let soft poly-linen fabric over button-tufted sofas, leatherette cushioned chairs with amply arm rests and warm wooden tables welcome your guests with open arms.   


2. Make A Statement With Contrast & Color


A striking furniture set up makes use of contrasting textures and bold colors to lend focus to the event space. Offset upholstered seating and organic wood furniture with metal and glass accents in the form of lamps, desks and tables. Create some pops of color by renting out bright chairs in cheerful oranges, blues and green. Or stick to your brand colors for some added recall.    


3. Carefully & Casually Plan Your Layout


Take time to visualize how best you can use your venue’s space. Get creative with your arrangements – an unconventional twist could up the aesthetic ante of your event. Work out a few variations in the placement of your tables and chairs – for example, community seating is all the rage at restaurants and may be a boon for brainstorming sessions or networking. Using different styles and designs of chairs to lend an experimental edge to your decor.


4. Add Some Life


With narrow itineraries, sanitized spaces and suits, even the best conferences can seem banal and dull at times. Some big, bright plants can help break the monotony of a rigid atmosphere with their abstract beauty and vibrant color. You can rent plants for your event from CasaOne.  


5. Accessorize To Personalize


You may not have much say on the location of your event. But even a bland room can be transformed to represent your brand with a few personal touches. Besides quality furnishings, use accessories to to weave your organisations vision and voice through linens, cutlery and crockery, napkins, centerpieces and wall art. Rent wall art from CasaOne.


6. Draw In With Edibles


Good food equals good mood. If you want to make a good impression, get some quality goodies set out on your table for your guests to snack on. Nothing says you care more than a delicious greeting treat.  


7. Make It A Team Effort


Use your team’s creativity to come up with innovative ideas to showcase your brand. Your core team knows your organization best; lean on their professional and personal experience. Brainstorming can lead to great ideas, from furniture layout and decor to appetizers and gifting, and an overall sense of accomplishment of a event well done.  

Premium, stylish furnish from CasaOne will makes a fantastic first impression on your guests. Our plans are tailor-made, economical and we guarantee you modern, beautifully-designed pieces in a variety of styles and of the highest quality so that you can find something to exactly suit your event’s needs. At CasaOne, you don’t need to worry about the labor costs involved in set up. We’ll deliver, assemble and clear up free of charge – all this as quickly as 72 hours. Our pickups are as hassle free and, once your event is done, get back to your business and leave the packing to us.

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