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8 Amazing Backyard Landscaping Hacks to Transform Your Yard

Considering the fact that we are hunkering down at home more than ever these days, it is almost imperative that we make it warmer and more welcoming, for ourselves. The idea of transforming your backyard may seem like a tedious task especially when you don’t possess the know-how of a landscape designer or you don’t necessarily have the big bucks to spend on one to give your backyard that much-needed makeover. You may be overwhelmed with all the choices out there – what kind of trees/plants to add, which accessories to choose, how to pick the right furniture etc. – but you’re keen on creating that restful oasis! We understand. After all, your backyard is a reflection of your home and your taste. 

We have put together eight amazing landscaping ideas that will convert your backyard into a space where you’ll want to spend all your extra time. These tips will not only suit your budget but also fit seamlessly into the choice of aesthetic you want to go with. DIYs are all the rage now, so we have also incorporated some easy DIYs for you to try out as well, sort of like a creative outlet if you must! 

Simple backyard landscaping ideas

Small benches picnic set up in the backyard

One way to make your backyard look elegant and comfortable is to introduce a picnic-like element to the backyard with simply the right kind of furniture. You can buy benches and chairs, and mix ‘n’ match them all in bright colors or go for a more plain, solid outdoor set depending on your style and preference to transform your backyard. On a leisurely day, this spot can turn into the perfect haven for a silent book reading or even a Sunday brunch. 

Low maintenance backyard landscaping ideas

Comfortable outdoor swing chair

If you’re not looking to go all out with your backyard landscaping ideas but you still want to fancy it up a tad bit, you can go for an outdoor swing chair or a lounge chair. A small backyard landscaping idea would be to make it a cozy, inviting corner. Add a few pillows, some throws, and maybe a few fairy lights, and you have your low-maintenance backyard transformation that is just as comfy as that favorite couch in your living room.

Modern backyard landscaping ideas

short vase

Your backyard can feature a modern touch with very little effort. Choose a wall, or a door as a backdrop and go from bland to bright by adding pops of color. Hang small multi-colored pots or vases with plain leafy greens against a wooden wall or a fence. You can also choose plants with vibrant flowers to give your backyard that lively vibe by standardizing the pots, in color or material. 

Alta bamboo silk tree green

For instance, a beautiful and artificial hydrangea flower spray in a black vase against a brown fence or a green Alta bamboo silk tree against a white wall as a backdrop would be a beautiful addition to your modern backyard.

Fire pit ideas 

Turn up the heat and transform your backyard into the hotspot of an evening get-together with a fire pit. Compliment your outdoor furniture with a fire pit to turn your backyard into your favorite BBQ dinner spot or a lounging space for the squad. This one also works for the kids! Did you know that you can have the best sleepover ghost story sessions right around a firepit?! 

Backyard landscape lighting ideas

floor lamp

Floor lamps can make great additions to a backyard if complemented with the right style of furniture. Floor lamps are a minimalistic addition, and while they are not necessarily meant to be in the backyard, but rather in a bedroom or a living room, there is no hard and fast rule that we need to adhere to. A minimalistic touch to your decor, a floor lamp can light up your backyard and add a rustic allure to your setting, making it the perfect comfort zone in your home. 

Wooden backyard landscaping ideas

Pairing a minimalistic floor lamp (mentioned above) next to the wooden seating in your backyard would certainly please the eye. The warm glow of the light bathing your rich, deep wood furniture lends a charming, rustic look to your space. If you want to add some color to the space, you can incorporate more greens into your backyard setting which will complement the whole earthy vibe. 

Oberham Capensia Tree With Basket

Choosing the right kind of decor for your backyard can get overwhelming given that the market is saturated with options. If you’re looking for experts to guide you in the process of decorating your home, you may even opt for a digital consultation with an interior designer. 

Diy backyard landscaping ideas

DIY for an aesthetic backyard

A great DIY backyard landscaping idea would be simply opting for a very simple and cozy vibe. With the right mattress on the grass and the right amount of lighting around the branches of the trees in your backyard or the little creepers on the fence, you can create the most wonderful, and possibly the most comfortable corner of your home. 

If you’re looking for DIY ideas to decorate your home, we’ve got some interesting ideas for you.

Backyard landscaping ideas on a budget

multicolor vase

If you don’t want to burn a deep hole in your pocket and you’re looking for cheap backyard landscaping ideas, don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. You can always repurpose your indoor decor into outdoor decor for your backyard. For example, vases can do wonders for backyard corner landscaping ideas. Short vases or multicolor vases can breathe new life into an empty corner. Wrap these vases up in fairy lights and you’ll have yourself the aesthetics without the expenses. 

Backyard fence landscaping ideas

Contrary to popular belief that a fence is limiting to work with, there are multiple backyard fence landscaping ideas that are often left unexplored. A fence can work well as a backdrop against a varied range of ideas. You can implement all the above ideas as combinations to make your backyard look stunning. Replace a flower bed with colorful pots and line them up against the fence, creating an attractive border. You can also light up the fence with small lights for a warm glow at night, making every evening feel like a special one. 

There you have it, some great ideas for you to get the ball rolling. Now, we’re sure you’d love at least a few of these ideas, so why don’t you round up your supplies, roll up your sleeves, and jazz your backyard this year with a refreshing new look?


How to landscape a sloping backyard? 

A sloping backyard can be landscaped by adding steps to the slope and decorating the corners with multi-colored pots or vases. 

What are some do-it-yourself backyard landscaping ideas?

Add more lighting to the backyard, put up a white sheet, and create your own theatre-like experience. You can also repurpose old mattresses, artificial flowers, and pillows to create a comfortable leisurely space.

How much does it cost to landscape the backyard?

In 2021, the average cost to landscape a backyard is $10,000.

How to landscape a small backyard?

You can arrange comfortable seating on the grass with mattresses or old thick sheets, and border the seating area with lively and colorful plants.

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