A balcony garden space with potted plants and a quirky chair

8 Indoor Plants You Can Use to Style Your Balcony

Most of us living in a concrete jungle are nested within tall apartment buildings that may come with all the necessary amenities. But more often than not, it means missing out on our experience with nature. A balcony or a terrace garden acts as a way to bring greenery into our homes, filter polluted air, and establish the benefits of healthy living. There are a variety of indoor plants that you can incorporate into your home decor depending upon the size and the location of your balconies. You can include planters even in narrow spaces to indulge in nature and make the best out of the space available.

From adding a trail of planters and hanging potted plants to creating a green wall and an array of flower beds, you can do it all! Adding outdoor furniture and décor pieces combined with planters magically transforms your balcony. 

8 indoor plants to consider while setting up your garden

Spider Plants 

indoor spider plant

Spider plants are low maintenance and can be grown on your balcony or on a terrace where there’s ample sunlight. They do well in low light conditions too. They have classic long strappy leaves that look great on hanging planters. You can pinch off tiny plantlets on the arching stems to make new baby plants. Ensure you water them when the soil turns slightly dry.


arrowhead indoor plant

This plant is available in a variety of colors. It grows into a long vine with time and does not require regular trimming. It grows in humid areas as well as in the shade. Grow these plants in medium-sized containers and suspend them from your balcony railing. The vines tend to grow long, so it is preferable to hang them at a height.



Petunia is a popular summer flowering plant ideal for decorating your balcony. They work well with hanging baskets and produce large flowers. Give your balcony a pop of color with these beauties.

Golden Pothos

golden pothos

This is a perfect plant for newbies. It requires very little maintenance and can tolerate bright and low lighting. The yellow leaves add a touch of elegance to the area. They are said to purify airborne toxins and ensure better sleep

English Ivy

english ivy indoor plant

This plant is often seen covering stone or brick walls to create vertical gardens. Add some quirky outdoor stools and a coffee table to set up a pretty lounging area. You can also grow them in baskets, hang them from railings and allow the leaves to dangle loosely. Plant them in an area with enough room to grow.

Fresh veggies

indoor vegetable plants

You can create your kitchen garden with the right maintenance. You can grow cherry tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and more with minimum effort.  Use small containers or baskets or plant them in planters near your balcony. Just ensure that the pots drain excess water.

Shade tolerant plants

indoor succulent  plants

Shade tolerant plants like coleus can be easily grown on balconies that don’t receive enough sunlight. In case the space is compact, pick succulents and cacti which are low maintenance and small in size.


indoor herbs

A fresh supply of herbs for your kitchen is healthy and saves you a trip to the market. You can grow herbs like cilantro, oregano, thyme, and others in small colorful containers and planters on your kitchen window sill or the balcony. 

Having a garden space on your balcony is a brilliant way to enhance the area along with some furniture, accessories, and maybe even a rug. If you have enough space, you must try to include a variety of planters in different colors, sizes, and shapes. A combination of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs will not only add to the charm factor but also help maintain a sustainable lifestyle. And if you have little room to work with you can consider containers or wooden boxes to grow your plants. 

Before choosing plants you must look into the kind of light your balcony receives, the weather condition, and the maintenance required. We hope that these tips will keep you motivated and help you set up a garden on your balcony. If you’re looking to glam up your balcony with some outdoor furniture pieces, CasaOne is the place for you. We have an amazing collection of affordable furniture like coffee tables, bar stools, sofas, and outdoor dining sets.


How to hang planters on the balcony railing?

You must choose hanging brackets that fit the railing width and height. You can place the plant, drill holes, and fix the planter back on the bracket with nuts and screws. 

Which plants are best for the balcony?

Bougainvillea, snake plant, creeping roses, pansy, aloe vera, and hyacinth are the best plants for the balcony.

Can I set up a garden on my balcony?

Yes, you can. Even in a compact space, you can choose small colorful containers or use hanging planters to set up a garden on your balcony. 

How much will it cost to set up a vegetable garden on my balcony?

A vegetable garden’s cost depends on the area, size, location, and design of the balcony. However, you will need to spend approximately between $4 to $18 per square foot after installation. The cost of design ranges from $0.05 to $0.75 per square foot.

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