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15 Benefits of Renting Furniture (and Why It’s Worth it)

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Is renting furniture a good idea?

This one defining question is important to you for all the right reasons. 

There’s money at stake. You’re not sold on the idea of renting but you also know that good furniture means big bucks.

Yet there’s more to it, isn’t there?

You want to make the smart choice. While you wish furniture didn’t cost so much, you also don’t want to be living with cheap, small-budget, low-quality stuff. You may also be hesitant about paying money every month just to have furniture, without ever owning it. Who wants that, right?

On the other hand, if you buy furniture, not only will you have to live on ramen for a while but you might not want the piece later on. Will you meet someone and move? Will you get that job and leave? Will mid-century modern still look cool?

If you’re trying to figure out whether renting furniture is a good idea, your struggle is real. 


The Benefits of Renting Furniture


advantages of renting furniture like grey sofa brown stool and lamp


So let’s put all your furniture rental worries to an end, shall we? Here are the reasons why renting furniture is a good idea –



1. Renting furniture costs less


First things first, the most obvious benefit of all – the cost of renting furniture is easier on your wallet.

Depending on the duration of your rental plan, it’s more likely for someone to return leased furniture before ever paying full cost for it. 

Rental durations usually range from 1 month to 2 years. In most cases it takes around 2 years to pay the full cost of the furniture – at which point some rental companies give you the choice to simply keep it forever without paying anymore. We’ll talk about this below.



2. Freedom to furnish the way you want


When on a budget, we tend to limit ourselves to whatever furniture we can afford. It certainly makes sense, but you don’t have to do that when you rent furniture. 

Because by splitting a massive cost into commitment-free monthly installments, you’re open to all kinds of possibilities. That gorgeous sectional you saw through the window with the glass top center table is now suddenly affordable. 

plush luxurious furniture is affordable when you rent

So are plush, Merino wool rugs, velvet sofas, smart televisions, and recliner chairs. No more coupon clipping and seasonal sales. 

Because when you rent luxury furniture online, you can feel free to choose whatever kind you like, even on a low budget!



3. No compromises on your dream home


Now that you have the freedom to choose whatever sort of furniture you want, you can literally decorate the kind of home you dream of living in. 

Whether it’s a hygge-inspired cozy home that fits your tuck-in-with-hot-chocolate-and-a-book lifestyle, or a swanky bachelor pad with major social vibes, you can design your place just the way you want it.

grey sofa with white cushion and lamp creating a design that can be rented easily



4. Total flexibility


When you rent furniture for your home, you always have the option of changing your style later. Turn your bachelor pad into a family home after a year or two, or transform a cozy winter getaway to a summer-ready one next month. 

Plus your own personal style may change as well. That gorgeous ornate table you rented 6 months ago no longer goes with your new eclectic taste. Furniture rental companies will let you swap it, easily. 

Flexibility plays a big role when you’re moving in with a roommate too. In case one of you moves out, you don’t have to fight over the product. Simply edit your rental plan. 

And if you’re the one who moves out, you may want different sort of furniture for your new home. Again, just edit your plan, or ask the rental company to move your furniture for you. 



5. Perfect for temporary requirements


Renting furniture is a great choice for college students, interns, expats, and military families – people who are likely to move soon. 

Because the alternative is buying furniture and then either throwing it out, finding a second-hand buyer, or hiring trucks and movers. 

But it’s not just them. These days, we all move a lot. We’re open to finding new jobs in different cities and shifting apartments when a lease is up. And that also means there’s a lot of uncertainty. Is it worth investing in furniture now? Will you still want it next year? What about the year after that?

relocation moving boxes with things is easier with the benefits of furniture rental

The great thing is if you want your rented furniture to be moved to your new place, rental companies will handle that for you.

Knowing that furniture isn’t going to be a bother during your move is quite freeing, isn’t it?

Temporary furniture rental solutions are also a great idea when you’re not moving. Perhaps you’d like a soft rug for the winter, a better television for the NFL season, or a sleeper sofa for when your parents drop by. 



6. Get rid of furniture easily


Knowing how our needs change so often, renting furniture completely erases the hassles of discarding pieces you no longer want. 

Instead of hosting sales, negotiating with buyers, or carrying it to the curb or dumpsters for some natural trickle-down economics to take place, furniture rental companies will simply pick up the furniture they rented to you. Seriously, that’s it. 



7. Eco-friendly on so many levels


Speaking of discarding, did you know that America sends millions of tons of furniture to landfills every year. There are two problems with this.

One, most furniture isn’t environment-friendly on its own. Materials like plastic and foam never degrade and end up choking landfills and leaching harmful chemicals into the soil. 

And two, a lot of furniture is discarded long before their intended lifespan. This is not only a colossal waste, but makes manufacturers produce more furniture to supply the constant demand. This means an increase in raw material extraction and factory pollution. 

pieces of wooden legs for furniture shows that renting is good for environment

But when you rent furniture, you use the products only as you need them, and return them when you don’t, so they can be re-rented good as new to somebody else. Furniture rental companies work with industry experts to make sure the returned products meet the highest quality standards before re-renting. 

This slows the demand for new products, and gets the most out of the furniture before it can finally be returned for the last time and recycled. You can learn more about how renting furniture is better for the planet here.


Why the Advantages of Renting Furniture are Worth it


We’ve come a long way since the arguments of “higher long-term cost”, “low quality” and “general lack of ownership” were strong. All these cons you read about regarding furniture rental have been addressed now so that you get nothing but the upside. 

Take CasaOne, for example. Here are the benefits of renting furniture without any of the drawbacks.


8. The quality is excellent


The furniture we offer for rent is not old, unwanted, or cheap. 

In fact, all the options you see on our website are sourced directly from brands you already know, love, and dream of having. They’re high-quality brands you trust. We’ve just split their cost into affordable monthly installments that you can pay for as long as you want, swap whenever, and return later. 

high quality chairs and dining table rental

So if you had to choose between getting furniture from the curb by the dorms at the end of a college term and flea markets, or from high-end brands whose pages, Pinterests, and lookbooks you’ve probably drooled over by now, why would you ever want to settle, when you can totally afford the latter by renting?



9. All your furniture in one place


A big part of your decorating process is exploring different brands, comparing their prices, features, delivery policy, maintenance policy, and so on. 

With CasaOne, we work with many different, amazing brands so you can browse them all on one seamless platform. Going store to store and website to website seems archaic when you can compare all the best products at a glance.

The best part? You can easily mix and match different styles right here to create a home design you’ll love.



10. Extend rental contracts easily


The whole idea of furniture rental is flexibility, built on the freedom to change our minds. 

That’s why with CasaOne, you can set a rental term as short as 1 month and either choose between purchasing the furniture, or extending your rental plan for longer. 

Since life can be unpredictable, extendable rental plans allow you to make short-term decisions without worrying about the long-term hassles of owning expensive and bulky furniture. Simply rent now, extend if you need to, and buy when you want to.



11. Maintenance and damage protection


When you own furniture, you’re responsible for it. Critics say that renting is more stressful because heaven forbid you damage property that belongs to someone else.

But at CasaOne, we offer annual maintenance and furniture protection so that not only do we make sure that the furniture is always in good shape, but we’ll happily forgive your clumsy moments and accidental damage. 

rented wooden table with paint stains can be cleaned by furniture rental companies

Spills and stains can happen. And even if you’re renting your furniture from us, don’t worry about it.



12. Relocating is much easier


Furniture rental companies will definitely move your rented furniture for you, including dismantling, packing, shipping, and reassembling everything at your new place.

If you had bought the furniture however, the onus of this task would be on you. 

Plus having a furniture rental company move its assets is a lot more stress-free than coordinating with movers. If we break something during transit, that’s completely on us and you don’t even have to fight us on that. 



13. Fast delivery


Moving is stressful. It’s a new place, new neighborhood, maybe even a new job, and all of that can make settling in take some time. 

However, the right furniture can give you a warm sense of home and make the relocation process a lot easier, emotionally. 

Unfortunately, when you buy furniture, it could take several weeks to arrive. And then you’re going to have to assemble everything yourself. On the other hand, one of the biggest benefits of renting furniture for your new home is that it arrives a lot quicker. 

At CasaOne, we’ve streamlined our delivery process so well that you’ll be having your fully-furnished house-warming party in a matter of days. 



14. No assembly required


Another huge part of the home furnishing process is having to assemble the furniture yourself once a manufacturer delivers it. 

That means a whole weekend of deciphering manuals, tending to sore thumbs, and generally staying calm. Not to mention, waiting several weeks until the furniture arrives, and the cleaning up you’ll have to do after.

But when you rent from CasaOne, we send delivery and assembly professionals who’ve been trained to set up your furniture perfectly and clean up after they’re done. All you have to do is be there to let us in and tell us where you want the stuff. Go ahead and have some tea while we get your furniture ready for use, within a matter of days after you place an order. 



15. Own the furniture whenever you want, easily


Finally, one of the biggest drawbacks of renting furniture is the lack of ownership. Even though most of us today prefer experiencing and enjoying over the hassles of ownership, we still like the idea of making beautiful things our own. 

And we get that.

Which is why CasaOne has a rent-to-own policy. This means that any point during your rental term, you have the option of buying the furniture out from us and making it yours forever. We can also transfer ownership of any product you like if you’ve been paying its rent long enough. 

In other words, the furniture you rent can easily become your own at any time!

cute kitten on a rent to own bed showing pros of renting furniture

So when the critics say that you’ll just be paying rent for the rest of your life without ever owning anything, that’s completely false. We know it doesn’t make sense for you to keep paying rent long after you’ve paid full cost. That’s where rent-to-own comes in.

In long-term furniture rental plans like these, you might ultimately pay a cost that’s slightly higher than the retail price, but in exchange you get the 15 different benefits that make renting furniture completely worth it.


Now you be the expert. Can you think of any drawbacks of renting furniture that we haven’t addressed? Let us know in the comments below!

And if you’d like to experience the benefits of renting furniture by giving CasaOne a try, you can start exploring furniture here. For any questions, reach out to us. We’re always ready to help.



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