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Best Lamps to Buy in 2022

Easily overlooked, often cast in corners, shelves, or shoved between chairs and sections, lamps are one of those stand-alone decor items that can alter the mood of a space without much effort.

We’ve compiled a list of the best lamps on CasaOne for every style and budget, from a variety of floor and table to wall-mounted and decorative lamps.

What are the different types of lamps?

There are various types of lamps, including a typical desk lamp, which is perfect if you’re currently working in a hybrid environment as most of the country is. Additionally, for a very long time, floor lamps have been a wonderful addition to any dining or living space. They instantly brighten up dull, dark spaces and give the appearance of more space by directing your gaze higher. A floor lamp extending over the sofa and lighting the coffee table is useful for creating the ideal atmosphere.

Another choice is the traditional table lamp, which has long been a bedside table staple since it works in practically any setting and can be moved from one room to another. Apart from these popular types of lamps, boho, rustic floor, flower, rattan, cute, Turkish, and feather lamps are other famous options.

Best lamps for your living space

We’ve rounded up a selection of the best lamps on CasaOne to suit every living space, lifestyle, and budget.

Best overall floor lamp – Becker BEK-001 White floor lamp

White floor lamp

The white floor lamp from Becker BEK-001 is a no-brainer since it is versatile, stylish, and surprisingly affordable. It features a marble base, slim frame, a metal finish, and linen fabric shade. Plus, it combines aspects of both retro mid-century and current industrial styles. As a result, this white floor lamp perfectly breathes new life into your living space. Simply put, it works, regardless of your space or style.

Best arc lamp- Astoria arc gold floor lamp

Arc lamps are the best option for small living rooms if you want a floor lamp with a modest footprint that can still make a statement. There are many different styles available in arc lamps online. However, the antique brass gold floor lamp from Astoria is a sturdier version of the arc-style lamp and is one of its main selling points. This brass gold floor lamp has an adjustable shade and a white marble base. It is well suited for living room and bedroom interiors. 

Best portable lamp – Charging station LED Desk Lamp

The modern black shelf lamp with a charging station complements most interior design themes. Simple and unimposing, the sturdy plastic base design and adjustable gooseneck of the portable black shelf lamp can benefit any workspace. Owing to its flexibility, you may easily illuminate the lamp from various angles and position it at any desired height (up to 16″).

The sleek, smokey plastic lamp shade, which has an integrated 3-watt LED light, completes the design. It has two storage slots for your phone or office materials and a USB connector on the base for quick device charging. It resembles a task lamp more than a floor or shelf lamp because of its bell shade and movable arm. This shelf lamp or task lamp is a wonderful option for people that multitask during the day, like for WFH space, or for someone who has a small room, since it comes in a portable size and the height of the lamp can be easily adjusted.

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Best floor lamp with shelf- Leonardo floor lamp with shelf

The Leonard Shelf Floor Lamp, with its 20′′ footprints, is the ideal space-saving furniture piece to place next to the sofa. Moreover, if you’re looking for a floor lamp that can also serve as a nightstand or if you want to set up a small hub for Bluetooth speakers and other decorative items in your living area, this is a perfect option. It offers two tiers of table storage space in addition to decorative lighting. This modern floor lamp with a shelf gives a sophisticated, premium appearance due to the combination of a brushed steel finish, transparent glass table tops, and a textured white fabric shade.

Best modern lamp- Sullivan gold floor lamp

The Sullivan Floor Lamp is the best modern-style lamp on CasaOne that will enliven your living area. It features three independent bulbs that branch off from the central support stand. The interior of this gold floor lamp shade is bright white, while the exterior features a gold finish. It is suitable to place in the living room, hotel, or office room to add a light and modern look to your décor.

Best wooden floor lamp- Director floor lamp natural

The wooden floor lamp from the Director is the perfect option to add warmth to a room. The natural wood tripod design, off-white linen texture shade, and 3-way rotary switch make it practical and eye-catching. Although it is suitable for traditional mid-century modern aesthetics, it would also blend well within a rustic or industrial setting. This wooden floor lamp comes with a hidden cord that runs through the legs and is simple to assemble.

Best wall-mounted lamp- Belfry black wall lamp

This black wall lamp by Belfry is exactly what we’d want on top of our sofa set when cozying up and reading a nice book on a chilly afternoon. The black metal finish offers an elegantly basic and traditional lighting style. This black wall lamp is the best decor piece to add an antique charm to your living room. It has an unusual smoked patterned glass shade and a rotary switch on the wall panel, making it simple to turn on and off. Another popular design in wall-mounted lamps is antique brass and gold wall lamps. The brass and gold wall lamps are the best options to add a vintage but modern look to any space.

Best decorative lamp- Eileen floor lamp

The Eileen Floor Lamp by LumiSource is striking in its open, ultra-modern design. With this perfect decorative floor lamp, you can turn your guests’ heads as they enter the room. Although the purpose of this lamp fixture is to direct light toward another space or item, it can also function as a stand-alone attraction. It features an adjustable angled frame supported by a modern metal base and a round plastic shade. Moreover, it has modern styling, a round plastic shade, an adjustable metal base, a gold steel frame finish, and an in-line foot switch. Plus, this decorative floor lamp is available in three gorgeous finishes.

Best table lamp – Biden Gargoyle table lamp

Biden Gargoyle table lamp

Small details can frequently impact you, such as a tiny earring to add elegance to your overall outfit or a dash of black salt to improve lemonade flavor dramatically. The same can be said about the table lamps. The main purpose of table lamps is to create illumination.

The striking table lamp from Biden Gargoyle is one of the best-selling pieces of the brand that will light up your nights. If not elsewhere in the house, they are most commonly placed on the side tables of the bed. They provide not only reading light but also evening luminosity. With its spiny talons, wide wings, frightening teeth, and piercing stare, this table lamp can be categorized as a cute lamp that is sure to impress. It features high-quality designer resin, is coated in imitation stone, and is equipped with a metal pole rising toward an elegant ebony shade. In addition, it stands upon a base bursting with Celtic detail. A joy for dragon lovers!


It can be challenging to determine which designs and styles of lamps are best for your lifestyle and space. There is a lamp for everyone, from modern ones with wireless charging to ones with convenient motion sensors for hands-free use. If you prefer a smarter lifestyle, you can choose a smart desk lamp that can link to your smart device and adjust the lighting to suit your tastes or a floor lamp with shelves that can hold your things while illuminating light. Some other best lamps on CasaOne are rattan lamps, boho lamps, rustic floor lamps, flower lamps, cute lamps, Turkish lamps, and feather lamps. When buying lamps, take your preferences and budget into account too. Spending a little more money and choosing something of great quality that will last if you plan to use it every day is always recommended.

So what are you waiting for? Shop now from a selection of lamps at CasaOne for your space. It offers a modern as well as a traditional and antique selection of lamps.

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