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14 Super Affordable Pouf Ottomans & Stools

Different types of furniture add a variety of aspects to the interior of the room. Nowadays, we want our furniture to be multifunctional. At the same time, it has to be stylish and affordable. Due to these reasons, pouf ottomans and stools are getting increasingly popular. They work as accent pieces, footrests as well as extra seating around the coffee table.

Poufs are unique in the sense that they are softer than an ottoman yet firm. Think of it as a large solid cushion, usually placed on the floor. Stools, on the other hand, are more frequently used as extra seating and are a little taller and sturdier than poufs.

A pouf ottoman is like an ottoman but does not perform all the functions that an ottoman does. For instance, you cannot ideally use it as an ottoman coffee table since it doesn’t have a frame supporting it. However, they make really great design elements. They fit into every room and are versatile. You can use them to blend in or stand out and even as complementing pieces.

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14 Best Modern Pouf Ottomans That Are One Of A Kind

We have compiled a list of some of our favorite pouf ottomans and stools that will brighten up your room and add unique textures to tie in your decor. Peruse it to find something to transform the look of your home.

1. Mariel Black Cotton Pouf Ottoman

Mariel Black Cotton Pouf Ottoman

Shop the Mariel Cotton Pouf

The Mariel fabric pouf ottoman easily elevates the look of the room it sits in. Made in an appealing squared design, it is the perfect accent piece. It mingles well with contemporary and modern decor themes. At the same time, it can also be a footrest or a stool if required. This pouf is made using cotton. It features neutral colors that complement well with both bold and minimal decors. The textured finish gives the pouf an added appeal.

2. Inca Natural Pouf

Inca Natural Pouf

Shop the Inca Natural Pouf

The Inca natural pouf ottoman is a testament to clean designs and elegance. No matter where you place this white pouf, it will stand out. The light color and design of this ottoman will match well with modern minimalist decors. The cotton-made floor pouf ottoman features a textured geometric pattern with a knit design. It has tasseled edges that add to the overall appeal of this piece.

3. Jute Knit Clay Pouf Ottoman

Jute Knit Clay Pouf Ottoman

Shop the Jute Knit Pouf

Here is an adorable round pouf ottoman that goes great with muted interior designs. Looking rather like an oversized pillow, it makes for a great footrest as you lounge. However, one can also use these as a convenient and comfortable seating spot.

This floor pouf is made of sage-colored jute yarn. It is knitted into a softly shaped pouf that brings a blissful atmosphere into the room. The texture of this fabric ottoman pouf gives it a warm feeling and kindles a trendy atmosphere at the same time.

4. Kelsey Round Green Pouf

Kelsey Round Green Pouf

Shop the Kelsey Round Pouf

Round and slightly oversized, this floor pouf ottoman screams comfort with a style statement. It has a natural shape and attractive design that will match most interior styles. If you’re looking to amp up the appeal of your modern home, this one’s for you. Polystyrene beads fill the round Moroccan ottoman pouf. This makes it soft to touch and comfortable to sit on. The ottoman also has a distinctive stitching pattern and vibrant color. Add a pop of color to your neutral game with this stylish pouf.

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5. Nina Blue Velvet Pouf Ottoman

Nina Blue Velvet Pouf Ottoman

Shop the Nina Velvet Pouf Ottoman

To add some elegance and sophistication to your living room, you need the right pouf ottoman that matches the decor. The Nina stool pouf ottoman has a charming design that does just that. The floor ottoman is just the right height to rest your feet in the evening too. The round velvet seat has a plush foam cushion that provides comfort with luxury. A slender gold-tone iron frame that is sturdy and elegant supports the ottoman. The velvet fabric that wraps the foam seat completes the attractive look of this outdoor pouf ottoman.

6. Interspace Gold and Ivory Stool Ottoman

Interspace Gold and Ivory Stool Ottoman

Shop the Interspace Stool Ottoman

With a captivating design, the Interspace stool ottoman is sure to turn some heads. It is a welcome addition to the modern bedroom or living space. The ottoman combines comfort with style efficiently. It has a polished stainless steel base, and on top, we can see the luxuriously tufted velvet polyester fabric. The legs have non-marking footpads to protect your flooring. The elegantly tufted buttons add an attractive edge to the stool.

7. Allium Wool Cylindrical Pouf Ottoman

Allium Wool Cylindrical Pouf Ottoman

Shop the Allium Cylindrical Pouf Ottoman

If you like furniture that is slightly offbeat and especially unique, you will love this floor pouf ottoman. The Allium ottoman is a stunning addition to interior decors. It will add a pop of color to any room that it sits in. The striking design of this pouf ottoman lies in the clean lines and gentle curves. It complements well with elegant and modern decor styles. The woolen pouf features a diamond weave design. An attractive oatmeal color completes this beautiful piece.

8. Aalia Leather and Jute Pouf

Leather and Jute Pouf

Shop the Aalia Pouf

Leather and jute are both separately very popular materials for poufs. But how about using them together? The Aalia leather pouf ottoman is a durable and chic option for your home. It features an intricate pattern that will definitely capture everyone’s attention. Ideal for coastal-themed homes, this floor pouf ottoman is also great for contemporary themed decors. It is made with a blend of leather and jute fibers. This gives it a really interesting texture. It is finished in a beautiful black and beige color scheme.

9. Rofi Denim and Cotton Square Pouf Ottoman

Denim and Cotton Square Pouf Ottoman

Shop the Rofi Square Pouf

A medium-sized and comfy pouf, the Rofi is a beautiful piece of furniture. It adds a trendy accent to your home space. Shaped like a cube, it is a beautiful addition that goes well with modern decor homes. It flaunts a stunning design with clean lines and subtle curves. The Rofi floor pouf ottoman is skillfully crafted with denim and cotton fabric. It is embroidered with popcorn stitch details that are a unique addition to your space. The fabric pouf ottoman is finished in a blue and ivory color palette. It comes pre-assembled and ready to display.

10. Damini Wool and Cotton Pouf Ottoman

Wool and Cotton Pouf Ottoman

Shop the Damini Pouf Ottoman

Looking for a comfortable pouf for your home? This variety is an ideal fit for such a purpose. The Damini pouf ottoman has a nice coastal vibe that will go well with homes styled in that design. It can also make a very good accent piece for modern contemporary homes. The floor pouf ottoman is made with a blend of wool and cotton. It is finished in a beautiful ombre of cream and blue shades that fade into each other. The fabric pouf ottoman features a subtle stripe pattern throughout as well.

11. Avni Hemp and Wool Fringed Pouf Ottoman

Hemp and Wool Fringed Pouf Ottoman

Shop the Avni Hemp and Wool Pouf

We all want furniture pieces that are durable and comfortable for our home. The Avni square pouf ottoman is a great addition to homes with a coastal design style. You could also use it to add a tropical or coastal element to your modern design style. The fabric pouf ottoman is made with a blend of hemp, wool, and cotton. An attractive blend of cream and brown colors adds to the perfect finish. The pouf features a stripe pattern with unique cream tassels all around.

12. Anticipate Gold and Gray Stool

Gold and Gray Stool

Shop the Anticipate Stool

The stool ottoman comes with a good mix of bold style and comfort. It is a great addition to modern interior spaces. It has an attractive clean-lined appeal. The smooth seat makes for an excellent footrest or extra seating. It also features a crafted, polished base and the stainless steel frame has non-marking feet. This supports the ottoman well and ensures floor safety. The top seat is made with padded foam and wrapped in velvet polyester fabric.

13. Plump Stool Ottoman

Plump Stool Ottoman

Shop the Plump Stool

This cute leather ottoman will really call out to you at the end of a long day to rest your feet. It is small enough to fit into a cozy space. It is very sturdy and will support a grown adult’s weight. The simple design of this white ottoman pouf has clean lines that complement modern and contemporary decor schemes. It also has a chrome-plated base that is chic and goes well with most color schemes.

14. Aarohi Patterned Pouf Ottoman

Patterned Pouf Ottoman

Shop the Aarohi Patterned Pouf

If you’re looking for a cuddly fluffy floor pouf ottoman, the Aarohi patterned pouf will not disappoint you. It is a stunning accent piece and has a fresh beige palette. Featuring clean lines and subtle curves, it will complement a wide variety of home spaces. The fabric pouf ottoman is skillfully made from 100% cotton. It highlights a very attractive and appealing pattern. The beige color contrasts with the black crisscrossing lines. The cube-shaped pouf makes for a stunning addition to your modern or global design style.

Choosing The Best Pouf Ottoman For Your Home

Poufs are designed to be an accessory rather than a centerpiece. Make sure that it fits in seamlessly around the rest of your furniture and isn’t too large for your room. They also come in different colors and textures that can add a dimension to your decor. Choose a design that blends well with your interiors.

If you want a small comfortable footrest, opt for a pouf. And, if you wish to use the ottoman to sit frequently, then opt for a stool that has comfortable cushioning at the top. You may also use poufs as extra seating. However, they are much softer and it will be uncomfortable to sit on them for a longer time.

You can also check out other best small ottomans that are super stylish and trending. Head to CasaOne and explore more now!

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