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17 Best Round Ottomans For A Modern Home Interior

Fast becoming a standard piece of furniture in most households, the ottoman sure has come a long way since it started being used in the Ottoman Empire. When we look at the different types and styles of ottomans, we can agree that the round ottomans in particular have a unique appeal to them.

Round ottomans are frequently used in small spaces and as accent pieces to complement the rest of the decor and tie it in neatly. Modern ottomans come in all sizes, from large round ottomans that work well as coffee tables to small round storage ottomans that serve well as footrests. Of course, a lot of how you choose the right ottoman for your living space depends on both your colour palette and your requirement.

Below we have a collection of fresh round ottoman designs that can be used in a variety of situations depending on need and the look you’re going for. So let’s get started right away.

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1. Amour Round Ottoman in Azure

Shop this Round Tufted Ottoman

This round tufted ottoman is sure to add a touch of magnificent sophistication to your room. The round tufted ottoman has a padded construction that works well with modern decor styles and adds charm to the room it is placed in.

Built with dense foam padding and supported by non marking plastic feet, this large round ottoman is wrapped in soft fabric upholstery. It’s absolutely comfortable to sit at and offers a great place to relax your feet. The deep button tufted detailing completes the look of this navy round ottoman.

2. Queen Round Velvet Ottoman in Sea Blue

Shop this Round Velvet Ottoman in Sea Blue

Experience the feeling of royalty with this elegant round ottoman in Sea Blue. The colour of this round tufted ottoman brings a calm and serene aura to the space it is placed in. To sweeten the deal even more, this is a round storage ottoman so you can even use it to keep your blankets or small pillows and anything else you might fancy.

The upholstered round ottoman comes with a fully detachable lid that reveals the storage drum. The tufted design with the buttons lends to the charm and appeal of this beautiful small round ottoman.

3. Tassel Round Velvet Storage Ottoman Set in Cream

Shop the Tassel Round Ottoman in Cream

Ottoman sets make for great living room furniture. This set of round storage really does give you the best of both worlds. Coming in two different sizes that complement each other, this small round ottoman set comes with plenty of storage space with a fully removable lid.

Each ottoman is built from engineered wood that is strong and can easily support the weight of an adult. Ideal when you want to fill up the room with cozy furniture, the ottomans come wrapped in smooth rich velvet and neat tassels that add to the chic charm of your interior space.

4. Opal Round Floral Multicolor Ottoman

Shop the Opal Round Floral Ottoman

The floral connoisseur will really appreciate these adorable round cocktail ottomans. They are a perfect addition to your living room decor to liven up the space. The flower pattern is printed on soft velvet upholstery that covers the foam padding of this round ottoman.

The ottoman frame is made of wood and the entire structure sits on a soft gold tone base that gives ample support while giving a cohesive finish to the upholstered round ottoman. This ottoman works really well as a footrest when you want to relax after a long tiring day and even doubles up as a great extra seating.

5. Kris Velvet Storage Ottoman Set in Salmon

Shop the Kris Velvet Storage Ottoman in Salmon

Now when you think of small round ottoman sets, I’m sure you didn’t think they would be this cute! A delightful addition to any room, these small pink round ottomans ooze charm. They also do a great job in the storage department by offering plenty of space.

It is made with an engineered wood frame and removable lids to access the storage compartments. Each round storage ottoman is foam padded and then wrapped in soft velvet fabric that goes well with a pastel hue decor. As they are small and easy to move around, they make for good footrests but also double up as extra seating easily.

6. Fleur Velvet Storage Ottoman in Blush

Shop the Fleur Velvet Storage Ottoman in Blush

The pink round ottomans are elegant in both design and appeal and are extremely versatile. The design of this round storage ottoman is versatile and utilitarian. Apart from being appealing to the eye, they also have space to store extra bedding or pillows.

The top lid is removable and reveals the interior storage space. The frame of this small round ottoman is made of strong plywood and offers a sturdy structure. The entire ottoman is wrapped in plush velvet fabric to make it a really cozy and comfortable resting spot, both as a footrest and as extra seating.

7. Nina Round Velvet Stool Ottoman in Blue

Shop the Nina Round Velvet Stool Ottoman in Blue

Made to have clean lines and a neat sophisticated look, the Nina round cocktail ottoman makes a good fit for your tasteful interiors. Great as a round ottoman coffee table, this small round ottoman has a velvet seat that rests on an elegant slender gold base.

The design is surely a pleasing contrast between the soft plushness of the seat and the debonair base which adds to the charm of the round ottoman. The round seat has a foam cushion that makes it a good footrest and an even more comfortable extra seating. The base is made of strong iron that has a gold tone so you know that this one is capable of supporting a good amount of weight.

8. Kelsey Round Velvet Ottoman in Green

Shop the Kelsey Round Velvet Ottoman in Green

Poufs are a great example of a round ottoman and make for such modern style furniture pieces. You can change the look of any room you place this in. The Kelsey upholstered round ottoman is a great way to blend comfort with contemporary chic. It looks like a cozy oversized cushion and has a muted green colour.

Filled with polystyrene beads, it is a soft and comfortable seating spot that goes well with a lot of decor schemes.Add to that the soft outer polyester upholstery which is really easy to clean, this one is value for money.

9. Sasha Round Ottoman with Storage in Gray

Shop the Sasha Round Ottoman with Storage

Built with utility and comfort in mind, the Sasha small round ottoman has it all. It is charming in it’s appearance and being a round storage ottoman. The round tufted ottoman will fit in easily with most decors, thanks to its neutral colour and soft velvet upholstery. This small round ottoman has it all.

The frame is made of solid wood and stands on birch legs. The black noir finish adds a cohesion with the rest of the ottoman. The frame is covered in foam padding and upholstered in soft polyester fabric. The interior storage drum has unique shoe holding inserts that make compartmentalizing that much simpler. The button tufting on the top adds to the modern look of this upholstered round ottoman.

10. Hercules Round Ottoman in Ocean Blue

Shop the Hercules Round Ottoman in Ocean Blue

This is a great accent piece for your living room. The Hercules large round ottoman is a great addition to your living room. It is versatile in it’s design and can be used as a footrest, as extra seating or as a round leather ottoman coffee table. With the ability to enhance the aesthetic of your living room, this ottoman is built really well.

The exquisite round leather ottoman is built with a wooden frame and covered with a plush tufting in bonded leather upholstery. With it’s deep blue colour, it is bound to go with most modern or contemporary decors. The ability to stand out without taking away from the appeal of the rest of your room adds to its unique charm.

11. Haste Round Ottoman Stool in White

Shop the Haste Round Ottoman Stool in White

Here is an interesting neutral choice when it comes to round ottomans. The Haste ottoman stool is a good addition to modern decor designs. It has a minimalistic style and can go with a variety of different colour schemes. The round ottoman coffee table is made from polypropylene plastic that is durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The clean lines of this small round ottoman make it a good choice for daily use. Furthermore the little ribbing on the top half is a nice contrast texture to this unique ottoman that works well as a coffee table. To top it off, this is a round storage ottoman so you even get to keep some extra stuff in the drum

12. Abir Velvet Ottoman in Gray

Shop the Abir Velvet Ottoman in Gray

A really practical choice if you’re looking for a comfortable round tufted ottoman. The one will be a great addition to most modern decors because of how chic and understated it looks. The round ottoman has a soft velvet upholstery with a neat tufted design all over. This cleanly showcases it’s graceful pattern.

The small round ottoman can be placed anywhere in the room to elevate it and give it more depth. It makes for a very inviting seating spot as well as a good footrest, The frame of this round cocktail ottoman is set on a brushed gold base. This is what lends gentle contrast to the gray velvet upholstery.

13. Kolla Side Table in Gold and Purple

Shop the Kolla Side Table in Gold and Purple

This small round ottoman is quite unlike most others. Nevertheless, it is a really good neo modern addition to your contemporary home decor. Go for this if you’re looking for something different and rather offbeat. The Kolla gold and purple ottoman will not disappoint you. This round cocktail ottoman boasts elegance and yet is extremely uncomplicated in its vibe.

It has exciting two toned hues and will make a really good accent piece or side table. However it could easily double up as a round ottoman coffee table in the right settings. The round ottoman is made of a hammered gold tone top that turns to a translucent purple base. This is what gives it a distinctive charm. The texture sure adds more appeal to the modern ottoman as well.

15. Tulip Velvet Ottoman in Pink

Shop the Tulip Velvet Ottoman in Pink

This Tulip Velvet Round Ottoman is a great addition to your classy and elegant living room. The pink round ottoman evokes a feeling of maximum comfort and luxury. It is really easy on the eyes. That is why it is a great choice to add a pop of colour to your living room.

It comes with a gold base that adds a brilliant contrast to the soft plush velvet upholstery. The small round ottoman has a frame that is built of fibre wrapped foam construction. It is then covered in pleated velvet fabric to give it a soft lush look. The gold base is a good support for this upholstered round ottoman It can be used as a small stool, extra seat and a footrest all in one.

16. Moody Velvet Ottoman Pouf

Shop the Moody Velvet Ottoman Pouf

An eclectic home deserves a unique and eye-catching piece of furniture. This Moody Velvet Ottoman will grab your attention as soon as you walk in. It has a simple design that mimics the essence of a night time garden right in your living room. The pattern on the upholstered round ottoman plays well with the soft velvet

It definitely makes for a great accent piece. You can easily also use it as a footrest or extra seating. This small round ottoman is made from engineered wood and covered with soft foam padding. The attractive piped stitching adds charm to this round cocktail ottoman.

17. Ribbon Round Multicolor Ottoman

Shop the Ribbon Round Multicolor Ottoman

Have you been looking for an upholstered round ottoman to brighten your neutral themed living room? Well we have a perfect match for just that purpose. This unique and pastel neutral coloured ottoman design. It can easily be played up or down to bring some really nice energy into your room and awaken your senses. The spooling abstract wavy piping mimics waves, which go really well with a contemporary decor.

The frame is made from solid wood and plywood. This gives the small round ottoman a stable structure. It is then covered with dense foam padding. Over that is the soft, long lasting and stain resistant velvet polyester upholstery. This is what makes this round ottoman a great comfort and style choice. The base has a hollow stainless steel base that has a brushed gold effect. The six non marking caps protect the integrity of your flooring.

18. Jute Knit Pouf in Navy

Shop the Jute Khit Pouf in Navy

This adorable jute navy round ottoman is too cute for words. Placing it in a comfy corner for a wholesome feel. It does look like an oversized cuddly pillow rather than a small round ottoman. Most likely, you’ll use this one as a footrest as you lounge on your couch but it also makes a very comfortable seating spot.

The whole round ottoman is made of navy jute yarn that is knitted into a soft cushion shaped pouf. This is bound to bring a blissful atmosphere into the room that it is kept in. Also, the texture and pattern of the pouf express a rather warm and homey feeling. This would work great as a solo addition or in a pair. Use it to kindle a trendy atmosphere and add depth to your decor.

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