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25 Best Sleeper Sofas For A Restful Night’s Sleep

In homes where you have a space crunch or want to innovate in the way you decide for your furniture, sleeper sofas are the definite way to go. They are excellent in providing you with multiple uses and serving you the maximum value for money.

As the name suggests, sleeper sofas are simply the sofa in your living room that can be converted into a bed as and when required. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Yes, we can hear you murmuring, ‘That was exactly something I wanted in my home!’.

Well, here we are to guide you through buying the best sleeper sofa for your home that goes well with the theme of your house and would be gentle on your pocket.

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Hopping over from store to store, or browsing through the never-ending list of websites, for that perfect piece of furniture can be arduous for you.

So, here we are with a carefully curated catalog of the best sleeper sofas available in the market to make your homework easy. After all, you truly deserve the late afternoon movie time with popcorn on your cozy sofa, and in case you want to stretch out, unfold it to make it a comfy bed.

25 Best Sleeper Sofa for All Styles And Budgets

To make your task easy, we provide you with a great list of options to buy the best sleeper sofa for your home. We are sure that it will be an easy-peasy task for you to decide on the sleeper sofa after reading all about it.

  • Best budget-friendly sleeper sofaSaratoga Futon Sofa Gray – The most affordable contemporary styled futon sleeper sofa that is stylish and comfortable.
  • Most comfortable sleeper sofa Leonora Futon Sofa Gray – An elegant tuxedo design sleeper sofa with linen-like fabric that provides maximum comfort while sitting and sleeping.
  • Best compact sleeper sofa – Oona Futon Sofa Dark Gray – A perfect all-in-one furniture that is compact and serves as an ottoman, accent chair, and chaise lounge.
  • Best sleeper sofa for small apartmentRegata Sleeper Sofa Diego Gray – A modern design small sleeper sofa with comfortable foam seat perfect for small space.
  • Best futon sleeper sofaReilly Futon Sofa Gray – A perfect futon sofa cum bed with a great space-saving design and dense foam padding for comfort.
  • Best overall Iona Futon Sofa Beige – A beautiful futon sofa with unmatched features will surely make it the center of attraction in your home.
  • Leatherette sleeper sofa Hauser Futon Sofa Black – An elegant leatherette futon sleeper sofa with a unique design having foldable sidearms.
  • Best Full-size sleeper sofa Romona Sleeper Sofa Beige – This pull-out trundle used with a full-size mattress is excellent in design and space.
  • Best sleeper sofa with storage spaceLogan Futon Sofa Storage Espresso – With hidden storage, this is a perfect sleeper sofa for those who want to utilize the space in it.
  • Modern sleeper sofa Divani Casa Fredonia Modern Sofa Bed With Storage Blue And Green – With a modern design and attractive colors, this sleeper sofa will win your heart at first sight.
  • Best sectional sleeper sofa – Divani Casa Glendale Modern Sectional Sofa Blue And Gray – An epitome of design, beauty, and comfort, this sectional sleeper sofa in dual color is a great choice where you have sufficient space.

After knowing so much about sleeper sofas, we are sure that you must feel quite confident going forward to buy your first or maybe the next sleeper sofa. You are well aware of the nitty-gritty of choosing the right sleeper sofa type and know the best options to choose from all the possible categories.

It’s always good to have options to choose from when you are buying anything. Here we are providing you with 25 excellent options of sleeper sofas to select the perfect fit for you. Let’s explore them.

1. Flexy Sofa Taupe


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If you are looking for a modern design and durable build, this classic-chic flexy sofa with stain-resistant and solid taupe-colored fabric is your good-to-go piece of furniture. Comfortable enough for three people because of the sturdy metal frame, this convertible sofa has pillows for a complete sleeping solution.

2. Regata Sleeper Sofa Diego Gray

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Suppose you are looking for a sleeper sofa that can be accommodated in a small space and look elegant. In that case, this Regata sleeper sofa in Diego Gray color can be your best choice. With base material of wood, metal, foam, and fabric upholstery, this two-seater sofa serves your dual purpose of comfort and modern design. A 93-inch diagonal length provides you ample space for sleeping comfortably after a long binge-watching session on Netflix.

3. Divani Casa Fredonia Modern Sofa Bed With Storage Blue And Green

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A perfect modern look sofa with a linear geometry and a timeless blue-green hue complementing your living room’s interiors, nothing can beat this Divani Casa Fredonia sleeper sofa. This sofa has plastic and stainless steel legs for support. It is upholstered in beautiful polyester fabric, sure enough, to win your heart at first sight. And adding to this, it has a concealed storage compartment that will serve your purpose of utilizing every inch of this fantastic furniture.

4. Gallagher Futon Sofa Gray

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It’s one piece of furniture that keeps in mind exclusively your need for a contemporary design with maximum functionality. A classic leatherette base and chrome legs with a soft flannelette fabric seat make it a perfect part of your home. With a sufficient 88 inch diagonal length of sleeping space, it can be easily moved and fitted in your living room, guest room, or bedroom if needed.

This sitting sofa can be converted to a sleeping sofa easily within seconds. And the best feature about this fantastic gray-colored futon sofa is those nifty Bluetooth speakers fitted on the front. Now you can relax and listen to your favorite music or podcast during your me-time. We bet you can’t get a better ‘all in one’ sleeper sofa than this.

5. Gallagher Futon Sleeper Sofa Dark Brown

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When you are thinking of buying a sleeper sofa that provides you the best value for money with some cool features, you should think about this innovative piece of design. This convertible futon sofa has a modern design that very well goes in sync with a contemporary setting. It has dark brown flannelette fabric with a sleek leatherette base and sturdy chrome legs that provide you with a smooth, comfortable sitting experience.

And not only this, the icing on the cake is its front-faced inbuilt Bluetooth speakers. What an experience it would be to lie down comfortably on this beautiful sleeper sofa and listen to your favorite tunes. Isn’t it a game changer!

6. Iona Futon Sofa Beige

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This tufted futon sofa made of solid wood and linen fabric in beige color is just class apart. With a superb 77×70.75 inch of sleeping space, its linear structure with nailhead trim accent gives it an elegant modern look. It has neat deep button tufted sides, seat, and backing that adds to its luxury and will make you feel comfortable while sitting as well as sleeping. It can be an excellent option for you if you are looking for a sleeper sofa that provides overall great features.

7. Romona Full Bed Gray

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This pull-out trundle-type sleeper sofa makes an outstanding choice for those looking to add an extra sleeping space in their bedroom, guest room, or study room. A perfect piece of luxury with sophistication, this Romona full bed is made of wood and fabric with button tufting and nail-head trim accents that add to its beauty. Making ample space in your guest room, this sleeper bed will bring you peace of mind with its usability.

8. Flexy Sleeper Sofa Charcoal

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A classic Flexy sleeper sofa in charcoal color cannot go unnoticed because of its chic-looking stain-resistant performance fabric supported by a sturdy metal frame. With a seating capacity of three and a tailored built-in compartment for storing linen and pillows, this sofa will save lots of extra space in your home.

This convertible sofa has an easy-glide mechanism to lift the seat for providing you the storage space. It has a long diagonal length of 91 inches for a comfortable sleeping experience. It will complement your modern living room very well.

9. Divani Casa Glendale Modern Sectional Sofa Blue And Gray

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This Divani Casa Glendale modern sectional sofa is not just a work of craftsmanship; it is a masterpiece in itself. Its clean-lined sectional modular design is a class apart that provides you with the flexibility of reconfiguration as per your requirement.

The beauty of this furniture lies in its brilliant two-tone color fabric of blue and gray that makes it easy to blend in with different interior settings. With a comfortable seating style of channel-tufted movable backrests and biscuit tufting on seats, it’s nothing but an epitome of luxury combined with comfort.

10. Hauser Futon Sofa Black

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This Hauser futon sofa is truly unique when it comes to its design. This three-piece sofa set is highly adjustable and available in classic black leatherette or world traveler fabric. This futon with foldable sidearms serves its dual purpose of saving space while sitting and providing enough space while sleeping. It has a seating capacity of 3 people with a stretched diagonal length of 88.4 inches, making it comfortable enough for sleeping.

11. Nabila 8″ Full Futon Khaki

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This Nabila futon mattress is a full-size, Khaki colored futon mattress with an overall dimension of 74x8x54 inches. With a cover made of Poplin fabric and an inside filling of blended cotton, it has a soft and even texture providing you an unmatchable comfort when used with any futon frame. It is available in multiple colors of your choice and can be used as a bed or couch cushion. Its reversible feature makes it a perfect choice for your futon frame. You can move this sofa with great ease, and hence you can use it in any room of your home.

12. Nabila Queen Futon Black

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This queen-size Nabila futon mattress is a reversible futon that can be used for any futon frame. We assure you that it will be the perfect combo when it comes to style and comfort. This beautiful black mattress is made of Poplin fabric and filled with blended cotton to provide a soft and even texture. Use it as a bed or couch cushion; it won’t disappoint you in any aspect. Available in a size of 80x8x60 inches and multiple color options, you can go for the one that suits your interior of the home.

13. Nabila Queen Futon Khaki

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This Nabila futon mattress in Khaki color is a great choice when looking for an option that goes subtle with your home’s interior. You can even choose different colors that are available in case you have a varied choice. This reversible futon mattress goes perfectly with any futon frame. With queen size dimensions of 80x8x60 inches, it can be used as a regular bed or couch cushion as per your need. Poplin fabric with blended cotton filling makes this mattress a perfect combination of softness and comfort.

14. Nabila Queen Futon Red

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A vibrant red-colored Nabila Futon mattress is nothing less than an eye-catching piece of furniture that can be used reversibly for any futon frame. Its Poplin fabric and blended cotton filling bring the desired comfort when using it as a regular bed or couch cushion. You can even choose other colors that are available as per your interiors. It is available in queen size with dimensions of 80x8x60 inches. It is a durable mattress that will give you company for a long time.

15. Leonora Futon Sofa Gray

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This Leonora futon sofa is undoubtedly the most comfortable sleeper sofa you can have in a classic gray color made of linen-like fabric and a wooden frame. This transitionally styled futon converts into a very comfortable and stylish bed that you can count on for deep sleep.

Its tuxedo design is just outstanding, with rigid track arms and button-tufted everything. Not only this, it has deep tufting that encases the seat, sides, and back presenting the padding in contrast to the clean lines. This futon sofa brings style and comfort in a single package. You won’t want to miss it if you are looking for a comfortable sleeper sofa.

16. Bonifa Futon Sleeper Sofa Black

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This Bonifa futon sleeper sofa defines simplicity and style in design at the same time. A quick-converting sofa-into-bed design has hidden storage under the seat. It makes it amazingly useful when you need some space to store your cushions or blankets. Its cover, made of super soft microfiber, will provide you with a heavenly soft and comfortable experience along with two cushions that come with it. A just-right dimension of 73.75x20x46 inches will give you enough space to stretch yourself after a tiring working day.

17. Oona Futon Sofa Dark Gray

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We bet you would not have seen all-rounder furniture like the Oona futon sofa that provides a great multi-functionality to your home. This peculiar piece of wonder is going to win your heart the moment you’ll come to know about its unique features.

The wooden structure and Linen-like fabric of this compact and quirky futon sofa are outstanding. This sofa can work as an ottoman when flattened, as an accent chair when back lifted, and as a chaise lounge once you pull out the under-stored extender. With such all-in-one features, we are sure that this futon sofa will become your favorite piece of furniture at your home.

18. Nettie Futon Sofa Gray

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If you are looking for a modern design sleeper sofa with a perfect combo of style and comfort, this gray-colored Nettie futon sofa is one of the best options for you. With perfect linear angles and sophisticated curves, it looks like a great work of craftsmanship. The beautifully angled wooden legs add a classic look to the straight lines of the tufted back and track arms.

A very mindful feature added to this futon sofa is small pouches in the armrest where you can safely keep the remote or your favorite book while having a siesta. With a seating capacity of three people and a diagonal sleeper length of 93 inches, this beautiful futon sofa is just a class apart furniture for your lounge or bedroom.

19. Reilly Futon Sofa Gray

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This Reilly futon sofa is simply the best futon sleeper sofa in its category. It has an elegant design and comfortable seating and sleeping setup. With an aesthetic design with dense foam padding with button tufting accents, you’ll not be able to resist experiencing it yourself the moment you’ll see it.

This gray color convertible sofa with wooden structure and Linen-like upholstery provide a superb 103 inches of diagonal sleeper length when you open its bed platform from underneath the seat. A clean design and seating capacity of three people is something that stands out from all the competitors. You would enjoy each moment of sitting and sleeping on it without realizing how time flies.

20. Eiroa Futon Beige

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With a perfect combination of modern and traditional design that will provide you an opulent comfort, this Eiroa futon sofa will take center stage in your living room. Outstanding features like button-tufted body details rolled armrests, and nailhead trim border, give this classic Beige-colored fabric sofa a unique visual appeal.

The stylish splayed legs supporting the sofa look sleek and elegant, along with the adjustable backrest that converts the sofa into a comfortable and spacious guest bedroom. The full-foamed seat with an overall dimension of 82x37x37 inches provides you with great comfort while sitting or sleeping. It’s an excellent option for those looking for a sleeper sofa for their living room that is just perfect in all aspects.

21. Flexy Sleeper Sofa Light Gray

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When it comes to a modern-classic combination, this convertible Flexy sleeper sofa, upholstered with light gray colored stain-resistant fabric, is nothing less than a charm. The sturdy metal frame with an easy-glide mechanism for a built-in storage compartment for storing linen and pillows makes it a perfect space-saving piece of furniture for your living room.

Comfortable poly foam seats with a seating capacity of three people and a good 91 inches diagonal length for the sleeping area make it an extraordinary piece of furniture. It will complement the interiors of your living room like no other furniture would do.

22. Contemporary Sleeper Sofa Brown And Walnut

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This Contemporary sleeper sofa is one of the most durable modern sofa beds with quite robust built without compromising comfort. Design-wise, it has adjustable armrests that bring you extra comfort. This kiln-dried hardwood frame is strong enough to accommodate three persons on it.

The sinuous spring decking with high-density foam provides you with intense sitting and sleeping support. Lastly, the solid wood tapered and rounded brown cone legs give a true feeling of a contemporary design. The mink gray woven fabric upholstery provides this sofa with a modern sofa look that will indeed look cool in your living room arrangement.

23. Romona Sleeper Sofa Beige

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When you are looking to accommodate a sleeper sofa in your tight spaces in living room, guest room, or bedroom without compromising on the look and feel of your furniture, this pull-out trundle-type Romona daybed is your go-to option. This full-size (58x34x86 inches) sofa bed stands tall in luxury and sophistication with button tufting and nail-head trim accents. With a recommended 8” twin size trundle mattress, it will provide you superior comfort with a composite wooden structure.

24. Saratoga Futon Sofa Gray

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Saratoga is a contemporary-style futon sofa with a seating capacity of two people. This compact quick convertible sofa with beautiful microfiber upholstery is available in 4 different colors. It is just perfect for a small space like a kid’s room or under a loft bed with its 79 inches diagonal length. Its chrome built makes it durable, so no worries if your kids play jumping jack on it.

25. Logan Futon Sofa Storage Espresso

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This Logan Futon Sofa in Espresso color is nothing less than a beautiful sofa in contemporary style. Its leatherette material gives it a touch of luxury while broadly keeping it in the modern sofa segment. In each sofa arm, there is a cup holder that makes it an extraordinary piece of art. Also, it has hidden storage space under the armrest and seat, making it an excellent choice for those who don’t want to compromise on style or comfort. Its robust build with two extra legs for support makes it quite durable.

So, here are some best picks for you out of that long list of available options from different categories of sleeper sofas. These are some cool and trendy pieces of furniture for your living room, providing you with incomparable comfort whether you are sitting or stretching out on it.

How To Pick The Best Sleeper Sofa?

So, the big question on your mind right now would be how can you choose the best sleeper sofa that is just perfect for you in all aspects. It would be best to consider multiple factors before finalizing the one as the market is full of different types of sleeper sofas in different styles, colors, and prices. Let’s jump over to understand them in detail.

The factors:

  • Space in your room: How big should be your sleeper sofa
  • Your usability: Will it be used occasionally or regularly
  • Your budget: Deciding between a budget and a super luxury one
  • Your style preference: Shapes, material, design

Space: Depending on how much space you have in your room, you should check the sofa’s dimensions you intend to purchase. When you buy the sleeping sofa for your home, you need to calculate how much space you have, considering that the sleeper sofa will occupy more space once unfolded.

Also, check with other furniture you have or planning to buy so that they don’t interfere with the area that your sleeper sofa will take. Once you buy the sofa, you might be disappointed to find there is no space to adjust the coffee table or side table that you love.

Better grab a measuring tape, calculate the area you have, and discuss it with the furniture salesperson or customer care if buying online.

Compact urban sofa beds are the best for smaller spaces as they occupy less space and can be converted into a bed by simply folding them out flat. These are the best small sleeper sofa options for a minimalist look.

And if you have freedom of space, you can opt for a standard sleeper sofa that contains the sleeper mattress that can be pulled out when used as a bed. It will provide you with a larger sleeping area and is much more comfortable than the urban sofa.

Also, the sleeper sofa is a piece of bulky furniture to move. You should also check the feasibility of bringing it to your home. You must check if it can be transferred through your narrow stairways considering its weight and size. Again, check the dimensions of your doors if they are big enough to bring in the sofa.

Fortunately, many sleeper sofas can be brought in pieces and assembled at your home.

Still, it will be a good idea to let the furniture company know about the size of your doors. Better to check it beforehand than regret later. For instance, CasaOne offers a completely hassle-free delivery and setup service with all furniture purchases.

Also consider if you want it to remain at one place only in your living room or in future you would need to move it to a different place in the same room. You might also want to explore the possibility of moving it to another room. These all are essential aspects depending upon the space available in your home

Overall speaking, your room should have breathing space with your sleeper sofa inside it and should not look too cluttered once unfolded as a bed.

Usability: This is again a critical factor while deciding which sleeper sofa to buy. Maybe you are buying it mainly to be used as a sofa and occasionally as a bed, or you might use it as a full-time bed. In both cases, you should give a thought to how durable and comfortable your sleeper sofa should be.

Suppose it is going to be used primarily as the sofa in your living room. In that case, your main criteria should be sitting comfortably. You can opt for a comfortable and soft sleeper sofa with an innerspring mattress.

And for regular use, you should opt for a more extensive sleeper section with a memory foam mattress. It will serve you for a longer duration and be firm enough to provide you with comfort in your daily use. The memory foam mattress is the best sleeper sofa mattress for your backbone health as it offers multiple health benefits.

Budget: This will be an obvious concern when you decide to buy a sleeper sofa for your home that fits into your budget. There are many good options available in the market in all price ranges. It won’t be an uphill struggle for you to find the best affordable sleeper sofa for your home.

Not only that, there are options available where you can take your dream sleeper sofa on rent at an attractive price. How awesome it would be to use it on a trial basis, and then if you fall in love with your furniture, you can buy it.

Style: Last but not least, this aspect covers many important points to consider when you buy a sleeper sofa. There are many sleeper sofas based on their design, mechanism, shape, material, and fabric.

There are sectional sofa beds as well as a reversible chaise sleeper sofa. There are traditional futon style, trundle style, murphy beds, flat fold out, and pull-out type sofas. Fabrics like sunbrella are your good-to-go option when it comes to water and stain-resistant fabric for your sleeper sofa.

As you can not remove the cover fabric of your sofa most of the time, it is best to go for such specialized fabrics even if they come at a bit premium price. It will be worth each penny, considering how costly it would be to get your sofa professionally cleaned regularly.

Alternatively, you can choose a sleeper sofa compatible with having a tailored cover that will be custom fit, and you can easily remove and wash it as and when needed.

The last but not the least thing you might consider before choosing your sleeper sofa would be the customer’s rating. You can read the reviews that provide essential insights into the items that could be very helpful for you to decide to buy the best-rated sleeper sofa.

It will help you buy the perfect sofa as per your requirements if you do your research beforehand.

FAQs about Sleeper Sofa

What is the best sleeper sofa for a small apartment?

For a small apartment, it is best to go for a compact style sleeper sofa that occupies less space and provides full functionality. It will be an added advantage if that sofa has storage space in it. Futon sleeper sofas with two-seaters or three-seater capacity can be a great choice. They can be easily folded and unfolded and occupy minimal space. Regata Sleeper Sofa Diego Gray can be an excellent option for a small apartment.

Which is the best sleeper sofa mattress?

The best sleeper sofa mattress should provide you with good comfort and durability. For convenience, it is essential to see what material is filled inside it. From an orthopedic point of view, memory foam mattresses are one of the best options. You can even go for a blended cotton filling that will go easy with your body. Apart from that, the outer skin of the mattress should be stain and spill-resistant. Nabila Queen Futon Black can be a good option for you.

How to keep your sleeper sofa protected and new?

There are basic guidelines you can follow to keep your sleeper sofa protected and new.

  • Clean it regularly using a brush or vacuum to remove dust, pet hair, and crumbs.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and heat.
  • Avoid using harsh and unsuitable cleaners.
  • Use a slipcover if possible.
  • Prevent pet damage.
  • Get professional upholstery cleaning done at a regular interval.
  • Always read the manufacturer’s manual for cleaning instructions.

You can read these Furniture Care Guidelines for further tips.

Are sleeper sofas comfortable?

The answer to this question is yes. Nowadays, sleeper sofas come in the most comfortable fabric and filling material that goes gentle on your body, whether sitting on it or sleeping on it. At the same time, the design of the sofa also matters in terms of how flat and stretched it can be. It’s vital to see how smooth its surface is and how spacious it is so that you can sleep easily without any discomfort. You can get a lot of great options to choose from that will provide you with outstanding comfort.

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