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3 Easy New Year Resolutions For Better Productivity At The Workplace

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The start of the year is traditionally the time to introduce positive change around the workplace. Motivational signs and emails are common tropes, though – let’s face it – no one’s expecting them to yield results.

Well, there are better ways to introduce change. A few simple adjustments to the office can go a long way toward creating a more work-driven environment. Here are three workplace resolutions that would lead to better results for any team.


1. The Addition of Reconfigurable Spaces


A single chair and desk for eight hours just doesn’t cut it anymore. Modern offices are seeing the benefit of a more fluid approach to design, where the workspace doesn’t enforce dedicated seating for each member of staff, or designated areas for departments.

In 2019, embrace a layout that is built for the cross-functional resource every employee now is – be sure to incorporate common spaces with lounge seating for brainstorming and discussion or even areas of quiet reflection for total concentration away from the team.

A fluid workspace gives employees a sense of autonomy through the day. Such changes don’t need to be dramatic either. Here are three easy ways to incorporate flexible spaces into your office:

a. Carve a private space into the lobby where employees can work by themselves.
b. The kitchen area is a daily meeting point for people from various teams; facilitate their conversations by adding connections to a projector and a whiteboard.
c. Ensure the availability of lounge areas small groups can escape to for a quick brainstorm session.


2. Increase Your Focus on Ergonomics


The average worker spends close to six hours on a chair, working at a desk. With the wrong furniture, there’s plenty that can, and does, go wrong. This is why most progressive offices today offer sit-to-stand desks and pay more attention to ergonomics while selecting chairs and desks. If you’re shopping for office furniture in the new year, here are a few tips:

a. Ensure that the chair has a backrest of 12 to 19 inches.
b. A seat depth of at least 17 inches (measured from the front of the chair to the backrest) is essential.
c. The laptop should rest at 27 to 29 inches off the ground, so keep this in mind while picking a desk.


3. Bring The Environment Into the Office


Numerous studies show that employees perform better in more natural surroundings. In a 2018 study of millennials, natural light was the most desired element at the workplace.

Studies have also shown that plants can have a positive impact on employee wellbeing and productivity. A 2010 study by the new University of Technology, Sydney, reported a 37% fall in reported tension and anxiety when plants were introduced to a workspace. A 2014 study found that employee productivity improved when lean work environments were filled with plants.

Millennials reportedly pick jobs based on work environment, and this trend is only likely to get stronger with each successive generation. Therefore, the greater the emphasis on office design, the better your workforce and their productivity, too.

Wishing you a much more productive 2019.

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