Summer patio with rattan coffee table and large sofa

Bring home the unbeatable summer vibe with these simple hacks

Who doesn’t love summertime when the livin’ is easy? Everyone’s favorite season is here and while all of us can’t afford to jet-set off to a luxurious vacation retreat, you can definitely infuse some tropical fun into your home. So how do you get your home in an easygoing mood? Don’t sweat it, these simple tricks should usher in the spirit of summer.

Keep it Cool

Colors are the backbone of any revamp. Go the pastel route to breathe new life into your living space. Pastel hues are soft, sophisticated, and known to have a positive impact on your mood. Whether it’s a feminine violet, a lively blue, chic pink, or cool mint; these tones effortlessly invite light into the room and imbue a sense of calm. One hot favorite for the summer would be the ubiquitous yellow. This color mixes surprisingly well with brighter shades like orange and blue.

And you don’t have to go all out pastel. You can mix and match warm and cool tones smartly for a balanced look. Even a centerpiece like a chair in a light shade against a neutral or a darker background can make all the difference. 

Create Your Sleep Oasis 

White bedroom with summer landscape

Summer comes with its fair share of trouble. As hot sleepless nights become common, it might be time to switch to different bedding. Change the heavy winter bedding and opt for cooling fabrics like linen and cotton to get a full night’s sleep. Restful slumber can seem like a distant dream on an old mattress, you can prevent night sweats with an upgrade to one that has a breathable cover and a design that promotes increased airflow. Even a good pillow can help when you’re trying to catch those precious forty winks. Nowadays, pillows come with cooling PCM infusion on the memory foam, allowing for optimal heat transfer and improved breathability as you drift off. 

Think Natural 

Pouf and brown rug near white cupboard

A simple way to bring home the freshness and cheer of summer is to add a touch of flora to your decor. There isn’t a space that can’t be improved by the addition of some kind of greenery. Even a few plants placed in spots around the house can create a lush and verdant feel in an otherwise dim space. Gorgeous leafage, apart from making your home seem more vibrant, also reduces toxins in the air and works to uplift your mood. Pay attention to the planters you choose, the right one can transform an unused corner into one that uplifts the entire room. Not up to the challenges of plant parenting? You can add fresh blooms in a stately vase or display the best produce of the summer, which will still help you achieve that summery feeling.

Prep the Bar

summer sunset at patio with friends

Summer afternoons are incomplete without a fruity cocktail. If you are looking to enjoy happy hours on a sultry afternoon, it makes sense to invest in a sleek bar table that can be stocked with your favorites. A stylish bar cart is also a great alternative that can be easily wheeled over anywhere, so you can get the party started indoors or outdoors. Looking to host sunny brunches or a leisurely dinner with friends? Your dedicated station could use some bar stools where your guests can lounge and sip on the season’s best Pina Coladas. 

Go Outside 

Don’t let the charming weather go to waste. Your outdoor space is simply waiting for a renovation to be transformed into an outdoor retreat. Smart outdoor furniture choices can get the empty patio ready for al-fresco entertaining or even a solo day of relaxing. Add a chaise lounge and a side table to your garden, so you can sunbathe and enjoy a refreshing drink on a Saturday evening. A pair of comfy chairs on your deck allows you to catch up on your reading while you get your dose of vitamin D. Host a leisurely outdoor luncheon for your friends in your backyard by simply adding a sturdy dining table.

Get Comfortable 

If you are looking to really bring home the easy-going mood of summer, you need to enhance the cozy factor around your house. Spend your day off lazing on a comfy recliner with a cold one or treat yourself to a napping nook with an inviting daybed. Build on the laid-back mood with fresh cushions that simply spell repose. Rest your tired feet after a long day on a plush ottoman or stool and amp up your summer lounging spot. 

Bring in the Light 

Bright room with dining area and sofa

Summer is synonymous with sunshine, so make sure you make the best of it. Let in the natural light by paying attention to your windows and opting for flowy curtains. Ditch the heavy drapes and the dim lighting that graces your home during the winter for brighter choices. Place a stunning floor lamp in a chic color like green or gold in your living room to illuminate your focal point. Bring the summer style to your desk with a table lamp styled in natural or neutral tones. 

You deserve to shake off the previous year and unwind. All it takes is a little work to convert your ordinary home into a breezy paradise. Enjoy easy living with these simple changes to your decor. 


How to set up a home office for summer?

A home office before anything else is a functional space to work on the tasks of the day. But that doesn’t mean it has to be devoid of the summer cheer. There are a number of ways to switch your uptight corporate home office decor to summer casual. Try adding a pop of color with a bright desk lamp or a non-essential accessory in your space. Painting your walls in a summery chic color or even adding a spot of foliage can add to the fresh vibe. Better still, try converting your garden shed to a practical office with the addition of smart furniture so you can work from your garden.  

How to set up a home gym for summer?

Well, summer is here and if your summer body hasn’t quite arrived, it’s time to hit those weights. Setting up a home gym doesn’t have to be hard. With the right fitness equipment the job is far easier than the workout routine you have in mind. Pick a well-ventilated naturally-lit spot in your house and a rack to hold your weights and you’re good to go. However, if you do have the space, consider adding a treadmill, a rowing machine, or a pull-up bar. But for those of us who do not have that luxury, the humble kettlebell does pack a powerful punch.

How to set up a backyard swimming pool for summer?

Summer is synonymous with soaking in the sun and a swimmingly good time. What can be more fun than your very own backyard pool? For those of us with a palatial yard, an in-ground pool can be well within reach. But you will have to plan months ahead and secure a contract to get the ball rolling in summer. An above-ground pool can be a great short-term alternative without the long-term maintenance troubles of a traditional pool.

Think about what your requirements are. Do you just require a lazy pool for some good old-fashioned unwinding or a massive pool for long laps and hours of activity for the kids? Whatever your requirements are, there’s a great choice available in the market. Once you’ve made your choice, consider what you can do to amp up the cool factor. Consider a set of outdoor chairs to sit back and sip a cocktail. Or create your very own stylish swim-up bar with a bar table.

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