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CasaOne’s Guide to Choose the Best Sofa Style to Suit Your Lifestyle

How do you know what is the best sofa style option for your home? When you’re looking at the myriad of sizes, shapes, and designs available, it’s okay to feel confused. You say – picking a sofa is not just about comfort, and we agree! 

You can go to a store, sit on several sofas, and argue about the colors, materials, and look, but before you find the perfect fit, you’ll need to consider some basic elements. This guide will help you figure out what fits well with your lifestyle.  Let’s get started on how to choose the best sofa style. 

Where’s your sofa pointed at?

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The sofa needs to fit in your room. Yes, that’s important. But, have you considered the room where you’ll place the sofa? The living room is the first space that pops into your head. We have a handy guide to picking the ideal sofa for your living room. But, you can also pick couches for your bedroom, spare room, and game room, too. 

Now focus on the purpose of the couch. Is it going to be only for seating? For small homes, having a pullout sofa for guests makes it versatile. A sofa bed is always the better option for your entertainment room where you can easily snuggle and watch movies or play games comfortably.

Similarly, your patio needs an outdoor sofa that is made from sturdy materials to withstand the elements. Keep these points in mind while choosing your perfect couch. 

Family and friends need attention!

 A sectional sofa

For a big family, you might want to look at a sofa that seats more people. You can always pair your sofa with ottomans and armchairs for additional seating. If you love hosting regularly—parties, game nights, and more—pick a sofa that accommodates your guests too. 

A three-seater sofa paired with a loveseat works well for a small family. A two-seater loveseat sofa fits best in small spaces. For a large room, choose either a sectional sofa or pick a sofa set with a three-seater sofa and add an armchair or two. This allows you to space out the seating well while still making sure you have a cozy room.

The clean quotient

Recliner sofa

Not big on cleaning? Avoid high-maintenance materials like velvet sofas, fabrics like linen and silk, and colors like white, cream, and pastels; they stain easily and should be handled with care. Instead, go for leather sofas and sofas made of synthetic fibers. 

With kids or pets in the house, you’ll want something that holds up to scratches, stains, and pet hair. Use sofa covers for protection. Cotton sofas—usually cotton mixed with synthetic fibers—are affordable, durable, family-friendly, and easy to maintain as well.

Style, shapes, and shades

Sofa bed

What are the best sofa styles? Modern sofa, mid-century modern style, farmhouse style, or a rustic sofa? There’s no specific answer to that. Opt for couches that blend well with your home or pick a bold couch that stands out. A vintage design like the camelback sofa is versatile and has always been trending in home interiors.

For the sofa shape, think about the space. In an open-plan living room, a sectional sofa can create clean lines and partitions whereas a loveseat sofa works best for a cozy nook or in a small balcony setting. 

sleeper sofa

The basic factors to take into account while picking a color are the maintenance, the design style, and the material. Light-colored sofas are easy to accessorize for a warm, inviting look while bold colors make a style statement.

An important point to consider: pick the right details. Sofas aren’t just about the sizes, types, and colors but how each design looks in your space. Expand your search to include details like chesterfield sofas with their button-tufted upholstery or even chaise longues for the outdoor area. Also, try pairing sofas with ottomans.


How to clean a leather sofa?

To keep your leather sofa spotless, ensure you clean it regularly with a soft cloth. Any spills or grease can be wiped away easily with a damp cloth. Make sure the cloth is just damp and not dripping wet; leather can be damaged with too much moisture. Use a mild oil to give an extra shine and look brand new! Here’s CasaOne’s guide to maintaining furniture for more details. 

Which color sofa is good for a light background?

Light-colored sofas are an easy choice if you want to create a mellow mood. Add some colorful toss pillows to break the monotony. But, if you want to make a style statement go for a bold color that catches the eye. Dark, navy blues, bright reds, and deep browns are the popular choice. For a unique look, opt for dark purples, mustard, or even dark greens.

Opt for patterns and details like golden buttons tufted into the upholstery, monochrome stripes, or florals to make things interesting.

How to arrange two sofas in the living room?

If you have a small space, push one of the sofas towards the wall and place the other one parallel to it; it saves space and creates a partition. This layout also works in an open-plan home to split up the rooms. You can also arrange the sofas in an L-shape when placing them in front of a mantel or the TV. 

If you have a long, rectangular living room, you can place the sofas side-by-side.

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