7 Smart Decor Tips for a Summer-Ready Balcony

Summer is a state of mind! The sunshine season is here and it’s time to update your balcony to the breezy and fun summer vibes. Upgrading furniture or redecorating a space can seem like a tenuous task – but believe us when we say we know how to make your life simpler! Choosing furniture or […]

Your Designer Guide to Furnishing the Perfect Patio

There’s something really nice about turning an outdoor space of your home into a comfort zone that brings about a sense of function. It’s certainly a less expensive option than decorating any other space of your home. Open-air living gets you back into nature and has a ‘green’ appeal to it that will ultimately beg […]

How to Furnish Your Dream Balcony at Home

A balcony is an oft-overlooked feature of the house or apartment. But with the right furniture, it can easily become your favorite place to be. Because there’s something so magical about snuggling up with a pet or a special someone with a view of the stars above and the city below. Or sipping tea and […]

12 Easy Design Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Like good friends, close family members or spouses, close proximity can sometimes make you oblivious to subtle alterations in appearance that, over the years, can culminate in quite a glaring evolution. As for your bedroom: same. Think about those cushions you haven’t washed or replaced in years, or the peeling wallpaper you pick on when […]

25 Great Ideas to Decorate a Small Living Room

While living in a six-bedroom mansion could describe many of our childhood dreams, the grown-up reality is often a much more modest one-bedroom apartment, pokey nooks and awkward corners thrown in for fun. Even so, we at CasaOne love working with small spaces. We live and love our tiny homes – and our experience has […]