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How to Furnish Your First Real Apartment (with Checklist)

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new apartment with rented furniture

There’s some gorgeous furniture out there – furniture you definitely would love to have in your new first apartment. But they’re just so expensive. Perhaps you’ve recently graduated or landed your first job in the city, and are now getting ready to put down new roots. Either way, moving into a new apartment can make you feel confused and out-of-place at first, till you furnish the place, make it yours, and call it home. It’s […]

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Moving to the San Francisco Bay Area?

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Moving to a new city can be extremely daunting even if you can get virtually anything you need from Amazon! Whether you’re traveling for a short-term project or fully relocating for work, knowing your city is key. Especially in San Francisco, you might need a little help… we know we did. Your journey into the city really begins by first deciding what you want to live around. After that, it’s as simple as finding another […]