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35+ Best Coffee Table Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

The coffee table is the centre of your living room where all the real action happens. How you design the space on your coffee table and the area around it sets the tone for the whole living room. So it is natural that it should be as inviting as possible. The different coffee table decor ideas can help you create the perfect vibe that you desire. It will help you set the right mood for your guests and any visitors that you might entertain, since it is the first place they see and sit around.

Your coffee table is also the place to showcase your style and ability to create a beautiful and extraordinary tablescape. Using different objects – vases, trays, books, centerpieces, sculptures, – you can create a story for your room that allows your narration to flow. Creating different heights and adding texture to your coffee table will create dimension and depth to your living room.


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Below are some coffee table decor ideas for you to use the next time you are styling your own coffee table so you can add charm and exquisiteness to your living space.

It is the point that usually ends up holding all your essentials like the remotes and magazines.

1. Green Touch to your Cozy Coffee Table

round coffee table decor

Round coffee tables are probably the easiest yet trickiest piece of furniture to style just because you can end up overdoing it very easily. In most cases you can cut up the softness of your round coffee table by adding a coarse cut, patterned vase and fill it with poofy dianthus green ball plants or other bright plants to transform the look of your room.

The heavy planter will definitely add dimension to your minimalist colour scheme. Keep the theme in the same color palette by adding a sofa throw cover in a similar shade to snuggle in during the cold winter.

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2. Small Table Simple Decorating Idea

small coffee table decor

If you are using a really small round table and want to make it more homely, you could try downsizing your decor so that it looks cohesive with your table. Use small throw pillows on your couch along with a muted throw cover over for a cozy inviting look. Instead of a vase, put your small flower bouquet in a votive or mug.

Keep your table items in a wicker basket to discourage accidental spillage and make cleaning easier too. Use the shelves available in your table for tea pots and other utensils you won’t require the entire time you are using the table.

3. Elegantly Designed Artsy Living Room

metal coffee table decor

Add lines and cut up the monotonous colour scheme with some geometric patterned throw pillows to your sofa. A large vibrant floor pouf adds both dimensions and exciting seating around the coffee table. Also, vivid colour will be your friend. Multiple brightly coloured throw pillows and metallic accents can brighten up the room and bring your coffee table into focus.

For the table itself, muted planters with vibrant succulents could be an attractive addition. As will some distinctive vases. Play with different shapes to see what goes best.

4. Matching Neutral Decor

neutral coffee table decor

For a nesting coffee table you have a lot more space to work with than a regular round table. Keeping the surrounding more muted will make the metallic details of your table stand out so you should incorporate pastels for your sofa decor.

Add a drastic bit of quaint energy with a brass coloured vase and fill it with bright ferns and a blue bouquet to give the room a nice pop of colour. For a more spiritual aura, you could also place an incense rack or diffuser on your coffee table for more calmness. The really unique decorative dish is surely a glamorous look to the otherwise understated decor of your room.

5. Black and Gold Glam

how to decorate coffee table

Black and gold complement each other really well and always bring a mysterious quality to your decor. Having a gold coloured dish with all your decorative items placed in it will add to the element of minimalism while also highlighting the metallic elements that go with your decor.

For instance, the vase with your flowers does not need to be a full bouquet but a few stalks are enough to bring out the little metallic accents aomg the dark notes. Also, adding a few throw pillows in the background, also keeping it in the same colour scheme will make a good addition while tying the whole look together.

6. Small Coffee Table Decor

small coffee table decor

Small coffee tables don’t require too many different things to make it stand out. Place a couple of books or journals to give the impression of a fuller table along with a few decorative pieces like sea shells or delicate paper weights.

On the side you can also place a clear ombre vase with a rustic stalk that gives the impression of a quill. If you are adding a sofa throw to the mix make sure to keep it in a colour scheme similar to that of the decor on your table or the table itself to keep the template as cohesive as possible.

7. Trunk Coffee Table Decor

trunk coffee table decor

If you have a trunk coffee table then most of your bulky accessories are probably stored away inside it. To style the coffee table, go for something simple like a plain vase with a colourful fresh bouquet of flowers and a showpiece that complements the colour scheme of your coffee table and sofa.

Add patterns to any elements that are in close vicinity of the coffee table like the rug and the sofa throw. This will keep things from becoming monotonous and make the room more interesting to look at.

8. Ocean Themed Coffee Table Tray Decor

coastal coffee table decor

Nothing brings bright and fresh energy into the room quite like an ocean colour scheme. Place a white tray on your glass table supported by a wooden base. On your tray have a small planter with a fresh green succulent that will liven up the room.

The ocean blue and green decorative bottles will mimic the sea during the day time to provide the nostalgia of the beach perfectly. Finish off the entire look with a bundle of beachwood tied together.

9. Spring Blossoms and Candles Create Harmony

coffee table tray decor

To add a fresh spring look to your farmhouse coffee table decor, place a gilded tray on your rectangular or square solid wooden coffee table next to a stack of your favorite books and magazines to pick up whenever you want to wind down after work.

In the tray, you have a clear glass vase holding a number of stalks of your favourite spring bloom blossoms. Finish the entire decor off with a collection of comforting scented candles that will calm you down when you need it.

10. Simple Vase and Books

modern decor for coffee table

For a modern minimalist round metallic coffee table use the less is more concept to bring the most to your decor. Use a straight clear vase with fresh water to keep a bunch of soft pink roses in. Also, keep a few of your favorite books handy to grab when you feel the need to unwind from all your day’s activities.

Leave enough space on the table to be able to place a drink and a place of snacks like croissants in case you might want to entertain around the table from time to time. Make sure to liven the space around with decorative throw pillows on your couch to make yourself comfortable. All in all, a very comforting spot for your room.

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11. Calm Simple Coffee Table Tray Decor

coffee table tray decor

Keep a muted single colour scheme going with this look in a simple metal tray. The simple glass table decor will be perfect as you’ll see the ambient reflection of all the decorations that you place on your coffee table.

Have a scented candle in a simple votive and a tealight candle in another smaller votive for a calm spiritual effect on your room. Keep your wooden coasters handy for when you need to place a beverage on your glass table. Use a novel metallic vase in a monochrome colour of your choice. Fill that with some fragrant lavender or other aromatic flowers to add to the calming effect of your coffee table tray decor.

12. Small Metal Side Table Decor

metal side coffee table

If you want to decor a small side table with a few nick nacks use the space wisely by downsizing the size of items you use. Keep a metallic two toned vase to hold a rustic bouquet of autumn blooms and dry grass alongside a geometric octagonal candle votive for a calming effect.

You will be able to have enough space left for a book and your glasses or even a warm mug of your favourite beverage to unwind with.

13. Bright Minimal Coffee Table Decor

minimal coffee table decor

For a small round coffee table you could go for the bare minimum in bold colours and pass it off very successfully. Find a simple vase in a bright sunshine colour like yellr and place some viney plants in them to bring nature into your otherwise gray themed decor.

Use the shelf on your coffee table to stack a couple of magazines for light reading. On a simple round tray place some of your favorite berries for a snack. Keep the decor minimal and hang some abstract artwork in the background for added pops of colour.

14. Pop of Colour in Neutral Colour Scheme

living room decor with coffee table

If your entire living room is made up of a single colour or a couple of neutral colours you may want to switch it up just a little bit with a modern coffee table decor. Make sure that your drapes and rug match the decor of the rest of your room so that the centerpiece of your coffee table can stand out that much more.

On the smooth white table place a single elaborate vase with a bright bouquet of red tulips so that you have a hint of nature in your otherwise very contemporary living space. Don’t add any other decorative pieces to distract from the decor of your room.

15. Coastal Themed Coffee Table Decor

coastal coffee table

For a coastal themed living room you want some beautiful coffee table decor that matches the vibe. Bring out a decorative plate with engravings to palace on your coastal solid wood coffee table and place some decorative seashells in it.

Make the whole thing come together with a beautiful glass lantern placed next to the plate and add candlestick in the same design for a complete look.

16. Pretty Metallic Details

simple coffee table decor

If you have a simple coffee table and want to offset it with something different go for metallic elements. Place your centerpiece of flowers in a reflective metallic vase and fill it with some beautiful while blooming roses. A large metallic bowl can hold other articles like potpourri or anything else you decide to fill it with.

Adding a couple of metallic photo frames can bring the whole look together nicely while keeping with the decor palette and not distracting from any other elements.

17. Wild Bloom Modern Coffee Table Decor

simple modern coffee table decor

Grab the attention of wherever you look at your coffee table with this rustic arrangement of wildflowers and miniature urn and planters on a new age metal table. Place your coffee table on the carpet for stability and keep next to it plenty of bohemian patterned cushions for a nice homey feel.

For your flower vase, use a rustic boho patterned covering that matches the rest of your living room decor – perhaps something similar to your throw pillow covers – and add different colours of wild flowers in various stages of bloom. The entire arrangement feels very farmhouse like even if the table itself is very minimal in its design.

For supplementary items, you could have a miniature urn in a rustic style to complement the colour of the table. Keep colourful coasters ready for the times you might serve beverages around the table.

18. Chic and Elegant Centrepiece Arrangements

elegant large coffee table decor

For a beautiful and elegant living room with a lot of elegant furniture, you need a coffee table and decor that will match. A large square coffee table gives you plenty of surface area to plan your different decor items and place them strategically to occupy attention from every angle.

Keep your books on the lower shelf to make way for all the elegance on the table top. Section your articles in such a way that you create differing heights with your planters and vases. For example, add small planters to a tray of a similar colour so that it looks cohesive to the eyes. Keep a large shiny vase with big white roses in the centre of the table and add a white urn of similar height next to it for balance.

Also, candlesticks of varying height in a similar colour scheme will add more definition to the overall placement of your arrangement.

19. Reflecting Tulips in a Modern Living Room

flower decor for coffee table

When going for single style flower arrangements for your coffee table decor with not much else around it, I have noticed that tulips make fantastic flowers to display. Depending on the rest of the decor around your living room and the coffee table itself, choose the style of vase you want to display.

For a dark wooden coffee table with a reflective glass top, you might do well to choose a clear glass vase for minimum fuss. It allows you to show off the healthy tulip stals and the soft white colour of the tulips are easily reflected to different angles. This type of arrangement also frees up the rest of the table for you to easily entertain your guest around with some wine. Simply put, this is an elegant display.

20. Serene Candles and Seashells

candle decor for coffee table

Especially if the rest of your furniture is also very cohesive with monochromatic colors stacked closely together, you could find similar items to merge and create your own template decor.

If you’re looking to infuse some beach elements with your decor you can opt for small seashells and corals that match the colour of your coffee table. Like in the picture, the monochromatic palette is very cohesive. Also, candles with the same colour scheme will create a good decor theme for lounge time. Add miniature pine cones around the periphery of your arrangement to create different textures and patterns for your arrangement.

21. Warm Coffee Corner

how to decorate coffee table

A simple wooden top table that is supported by cross sectional metal legs deserves to be treated with the same simplicity in its decor. Keep your decorations to a minimum while creating a warm coffee corner by adding only the essential elements that you might require. Design the sofa placement in a way that you can reach the table no matter where you are seated.

Add throw pillows and cushions in colour schemes that will complement the texture and colour of your sofa. Make sure to complete the coziness with a sofa throw that also matches. For the table itself, try to fashion everything around a permanent tray that is the same color as the body of your table. Placing a single vase with some wild grass will complete the farmhouse vibe that you have going on.

22. Fall Coffee Table Decor

fall coffee table decor

For your calming autumn contemplations, you could add elements of the same to your farmhouse coffee table decor by introducing colours that will merge well to bring the fall atmosphere.

Candles in holders that are a muted red, yellow or dusty orange will go well next to a clear glass vase of a red berry plant and some autumn leaves – either real from your backyard or faux decorations – will add to the whimsical autumn theme. Keep the area as natural looking as possible with wood trays and colours that won’t clash with your fall theme.

23. Single Stalk Bloom on Small Table

small coffee table decor

For a small side table or coffee table, you cannot add a lot of decorative items or the balance of the table might shift unfavourably. So in such scenarios, add a single centerpiece with a supporting piece of decoration to bring stability to the whole arrangement.

According to the colour scheme of your living room and where the table is placed, go for a transparent glass vase filled with water and containing a single stalk either an orchid or a similar really vibrant flower. Keep your vase in a coffee table tray next to a wacky wire candle holder for a more cozy look.

24. Minimal Christmas Coffee Table Decor

christmas decor for coffee table

Create the perfect rustic farmhouse aura with holiday decor. Keep the christmas coffee table decor minimum so that it stands out among the rest of your festive decorations. Stack the sofas with plenty of white fluffy cushions having different textures to add dimension to your seating area.

For your rustic wooden coffee table, use a metal rack kind of tray to place all your miniature faux pine trees – all in different heights and decorations that you can find – and don’t add anything else. Keep space all around the table to be able to place mugs and coasters during the holiday get together.

25. Select Your Minimal Decor

geometric coffee table decor

When styling for a round table with a fancy base, you don’t want to take away too much attention from the table itself. Also, the colour template of your room will matter when you are choosing what to put on your coffee table.

If you are trying to mirror the rest of your room’s decor, plan accordingly. Here, we have the main decoration perfectly complementing the wire mesh body of the table. The geometric wire candle holder is large and calls enough attention to itself without taking away from the table’s design. Placing a small tealight candle brings the table and the holder’s design to the forefront.

For additional articles, add more shapes to complement the geometry of the wire candle holder like a triangular candle instead of the usual round one. And also, the flower vase could be a different shape too – like in this example we have a diamond shaped vase to offset the roundness of the table.

26. Single Wicker PlaceMat with Planter

plants for coffee table

For a really small white and wood table you could go really easy on the decor with a nice wicker place mat and and keep a neo modern planter with a fresh creeper money plant or some other plant that might suit your fancy.

By keeping the decor simple, you allow your attention to focus on the finer aspects of all the placements, from the couch to the kind of your coffee table and the planter’s own facets.

27. Minimalist Scandinavian Coffee Table Decor

scandinavian coffee table decor

Scandinavian decor is really popular when it comes to coffee table decorations. Less is often more and can send a really good message about how you can style your table without adding needless clutter.

You can add more than one coffee table, with differing heights to give your room more dimension and more space to keep your things. If you have no lower storage shelves, try stacking some of your books on the rug beneath the coffee table. For the table, a single vase with minimal branching flower stems would do the trick. For a bit of warmth to your room, add a candle in a glass holder.

28. Contemporary Centerpiece

contemporary coffee table decor

Marble top tables have a unique and luxurious feel to them even when they are bare and without any decor. Set on a gold conical base, this table really feels expensive just to look at. Placed in a minimalist setting with a monochromatic beige palette this is a table that can use some exquisite decor.

A fancy floral centerpiece will really set off a minimalist background. A good addition for tables that are placed around armchairs, the gray colour scheme will really be livened up by brighter colours like pink and red. Layering your marble table top with a low vase that looks like a similar pattern can add to the cohesive look with the bright blooms in various shades.

29. Ottoman Coffee Table Decor

ottoman coffee table decor

Ditch the norm and go with something different by using a long ottoman as your coffee table. Place a stable tray or slab so that you can place your decor items on it easily. Since the length of your ottoman is almost as much as your sofa you should be able to place multiple items in it with ease.

On your tray, you can have a clear glass vase with some bright flowering plants to liven up the room. Also, place other decor items that you might fancy – like some good books on art or gardening. With more space you have more options.

30. Quirky Contemporary Coffee Table Decor

lively coffee table decor

Stir things up a bit by using slightly offbeat decorative items to liven up your coffee table decor. Instead of a conventional vase, use a beaker to house some stalks of water ferns. Place some gold and black candlesticks next to it to elevate the look and bring elegance. On a stack of some hard bound books, place a white ceramic pineapple to finish off your very quirky display of modern coffee table decor.

31. Bright and Chic Metallic Decor

metal tray for coffee table

For a dark coffee table set in a living room that also has a rich and dark colour scheme, bring in some light with some bright metallic decor. You want to complement your centrepieces in such a way that it brings everything together so that there is enough balance of different shades and colours.

Place a large rough edged contemporary dish on your polished table top so that reflects the image off for a mirrored effect. Inside your dish, continue with the theme of bright metallics by adding some candles with metallic sheen and another in a white holder.

Add some foliage too with a novelty reflective vase housing some shoots of money plant or other large leafed plants.

32. Simple Brass Decor

tray decor for coffee table

Simple really can make a statement sometimes. Try adding some metallic elements to your wooden coffee table decor and see the world of difference that it makes. Place most of your items in a designed plate to keep the space neat and try different heights and shapes to create depth.

If you plan on keeping a vase, try to offset the metal elements with some glass or clear crystal instead and have soft sprigs blooming in the water. Add a brass candlestick for some elegance along with a solid brass rabbit and a cozy jar with some knit covering to add a different texture to your display.

33. Chic Candle Stands with Floral Vases

candlestands for coffee table

For a small side table with lesser space you can add minimalistic single candle sticks in metallic accents to complement the base of your marble topped table. For adding more depth and shape to your decor, you can have a gorgeous spheroid crystal vase to hold flowers that again belong to the same muted colour scheme as the rest of your room.

34. Minimalist Room Decor

minimalist table decor

If your room space doesn’t have a lot of different furniture, you should go for a minimalist decor around your coffee table as well. You should add the whole lot of colour to your table to break up the monotony of your colour scheme.

The little vases in darker colour schemes are almost as whimsical as they are vogue. In the same vein, we have the little pops of colour with the bright fern plants to bring the whole look togehter.

35. Metallic and Colour Accents

metallic coffee table decor

A living room decorated with bold colours can really cause attention to get divided and make the whole contrast lopsided. To counter this, we use the mirrored metallic coffee table as an offset to reflect as much colour as possible.

Make the space inviting by adding a classic dark vase with a sparse yet elegant plant to bring nature into the room. Keeping the table decor to the minimum can draw more attention to it and calm the senses as it has so many elements mirrored in it.

Make sure that the colour scheme matches the surrounding decor by using a palette of the same dark rich colours.

36. Minimalist Vase and Candle

white coffee table decor

Make the most of the surface area on your table by creating an ambience of warmth using clear candle holders in different sizes. In a separate tray, place a long sandglass with dark or black coloured sand for some mystery next to a round vase of a blooming white bouquet.

If you’re still looking for the perfect coffee table for your living room, explore CasaOne’s entire range of coffee tables. For more ideas and inspiration around furniture and home decor, you can also follow our Pinterest account.


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