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Cool, Contemporary, Chic: Modern Furniture To Furnish Your Room

Want to furnish a sophisticated, contemporary home? Our experts recommend having a bed with a contemporary headboard, choosing a statement coffee table, adding a lamp with warm lighting, using shelves and drawers to minimize clutter, and giving extra thought to soft furnishings like curtains, rugs, and throws. Read on to learn more about modern furniture!

how to furnish a modern home

Are you tired of coming home to the same furniture in your room every night? Is it time to give your grandma’s hand-me-downs a makeover? Or are you looking to jazz up your old thrift store gems? Whatever your dilemma, we’ll get that sorted for you right here! We’ve put together a list of contemporary and modern furniture items that will take your room from shabby to swanky in no time.

Turn heads with a headboard

If your bed is starting to look boring, change the bedframe into one with a contemporary headboard. The right headboard can make a huge difference not just to your bed, but to the whole bedroom as well. Choose a color that goes with the theme of your room. If you have a lot of prints and patterns, go with a headboard that is plain and solid. This will add the right touch of clean and contemporary chic.

For a creative touch, a headboard in a bright hue with lines and prints will make a statement in your room. The subtle details in headboards like these will not only modernize your room, they also add a touch of luxury to your nighttime getaway. 

A coffee table as a focal point

Modern room with a round coffee table

Ditch the multiple side tables in your living room and draw everyone to the center by placing the right coffee table in your room. A contemporary coffee table works both as decor that accentuates the room, as well as a functional counter to place magazines and snacks on. If your room has bright furniture in multiple colors, opt for a coffee table with a glass or neutral top so it blends in seamlessly. 

If you want a coffee table that stands out, select a round-shaped one made of wood, marble, or granite. Round tables are also great for homes with kids as it reduces sharp edges in the room. Make sure you pick a coffee table that is the right size for your room. It should not take up too much space, but should still serve its purpose.

Use the right lighting

Lamps are a great alternative to traditional wall and ceiling fixtures, and they aid in accentuating the cozy atmosphere of any room. Place a tall floor lamp in your seating area to bring the ideal hint of contemporary to your space 

Be wary of the bulb color, as this can set your room back decades. Gone are the fluorescent white lights of yesteryear. Now it’s all about warm, orange tones for that homely feel. It’s a known fact that people feel more welcome and look better in yellow light, so switch out those bulbs to make your house a home.

When you select your lamp, don’t forget to choose the perfect shade to go around the bulb to diffuse the lighting and really turn up the cozy modern factor. Our favorite? Drum fabric shades like this one.

Use shelves and drawers to hide clutter

A tidy space can make a huge difference to your room. The art of displaying all your gadgets, knick-knacks, souvenirs, and trinkets is over. Today, it’s all about minimalism. Remember when we needed a different gadget to do different functions back in the 80s? Today, it’s all about all-in-one tech. The same applies to clutter. Use bookshelves to arrange your reading material, souvenirs, photographs, action figures, and other decor items you want everyone to see, and large baskets or drawers to put away smaller objects that are just yours. Bonus if you can get a unit that has both open and closed storage. All-in-one, right?

When in doubt, decorate!

These are just some pieces to upgrade any room in your house. If you are struggling or in a hurry, invest in a nice rug or a few modern throw cushions to liven up the place. You don’t need much to make your space look good, you just need everyone in it to feel comfortable.


How do I make old furniture look modern?

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to transform old furniture quickly and easily. Smooth out wooden surfaces and add a layer of matte or glossy finish for a modern look. Old upholstery can be switched out for modern patterns. Change florals and paisley to block prints and stripes, and the piece immediately becomes 21st century.

Where can I get modern furniture?

Ditch the thrift stores and look online! At CasaOne we have a wide range of modern furniture to give your space the perfect touch of contemporary. Go minimal or bold, pick pieces that bring out your 2021 personality. 

How do I make my own mid-century modern furniture?

Crafting your own mid-century furniture is easier than you think. This style of design is known to be simple and timeless, so you will be left with pieces that age well in the long term. Think of adding thin symmetrical legs to a table, good quality leather upholstery, and a polished finish – 3 easy ways to make your own mid-century furniture. 

Is modern furniture expensive?

No! Modern furniture you see in stores and online today is a lot more affordable than traditional pieces. With advancements in production, ease of trade, and the ability to obtain resources, you can find furniture to suit any budget. Look for the quality you would like to invest in when purchasing your furniture.

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