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Decor Guidelines For Maximizing Team Productivity

decor for team productivity

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to decor. Offices designed for productivity are always laid out with different teams and departments in mind. The customer service team’s needs will vary greatly from the more collaborative marketing department. Your interior design should, reflect this.

At CasaOne, we’ve helped many companies set up productive workspaces. We begin by discussing in detail each department’s needs and use this knowledge to build spaces that improve results – through furniture choices and layout. Here is what experience has taught us.

Furniture For Marketing Teams

Core needs: Creative collaboration is important for any marketing team. Meetings are frequent and interactions between smaller groups are necessary.

Optimal layout: The open office design, which features an open space scattered with tables, is meant to encourage collaboration. There’s space for everyone, yet no one needs to be confined to one place which works well for a marketing team.

Benefits: The wall-less design reduces the communication barriers and aids transparency and openness. These designs work best for creative teams that require constant day-to-day interaction between members.

Consider having:

  • Shared tables
  • Open space
  • Flexible seating
  • Adequate table space for meetings and discussions
  • Whiteboards

Furniture For HR & Finance Teams

Core needs: An open office doesn’t work for everyone. Finance and HR Departments, for example, must have the ability to focus, with some room for meetings and discussion.  

Optimal layout: An individual contributor role needs a dedicated space to get in the zone and get work done. However, the addition of a meeting area, with comfortable sofas or chairs and tables gives employees the option of effective collaboration (or just a break from daily tasks) when needed.
Benefits: A study of more than 90,000 employees by Gensler found that when offices prioritize collaboration over focus through an open design, there is a decline in both work modes. Having workstations that encourage concentration and personal space can boost productivity in focus-driven tasks.    

Consider having:

  • Dedicated desks for employees
  • Sectioned off collaboration areas
  • Adjustable furniture to avoid body strain
  • Options of standing desks

Furniture For Technology & R&D Teams

Core needs: Tech teams form the core of many businesses, especially startups. Here tasks are focus-driven but there is need for constant teamwork and discussion.

Optimal Layout: Such teams will need a balanced mix of dedicated space for concentrating on important tasks such as coding or research, as well as pockets for impromptu meetings. Have a few extra chairs or stools around for discussions, as well as quieter meeting rooms or areas for private meetings.

Benefits: Striking the fine balance between concentration and collaboration can help with the dynamic nature of tech and R&D teams.  

Consider having:

  • Dedicated desks for employees
  • Added movable seating
  • Adjustable furniture to avoid body strain
  • Options of standing desks
  • Meeting room & lounge areas

Furniture For Customer Service Departments

Core needs: Members of customer service teams usually need to work individually on their assigned queries and complaints so their work benefits from a good amount of personal space to take calls from customers or answer emails without disturbance.  

Optimal Layout: Dedicated workstations that are spaced out appropriately to give each representative enough room to work without interruption from a neighboring employee.

Benefits: Dealing with dissatisfied clients can be a stressful, hands-on task that requires your whole attention, a well-placed standalone desk can give you the room you need for communication without cacophony.  

Consider having:

  • Dedicated desks, well-spaced out
  • Adjustable furniture to avoid body strain
  • Lounge areas for breaks

Layout is extremely important when setting up an office. It can have a huge impact on productivity and focus. It’s worth investing in the expertise of professionals to choose the right furnishings and design your space to optimize each team’s output. In a worldwide survey of 10,500 workers conducted by research firm IPSOS, conclusions showed strong correlations between employee satisfaction with their work environment and their level of engagement.

The majority of employees said that their work environment did not allow them to concentrate easily (85%), express ideas freely (84%), work in teams without being interrupted (87%), feel relaxed and calm (85%) or choose where to work in the office based on the task at hand (86%). How you set up your departments to aid your teams is crucial to getting the best from them and keeping them satisfied.

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