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Earthy Furniture Is Here To Stay

Minimalistic designs, earthy tones, and neutral colours are a few elements that add up to creating gorgeous and classy interiors that remain timeless. The softness of the earthy colour palette and the calming effect that they have on the soul is what truly makes them magical. The serene colours work spectacularly in a highly versatile fashion and complement a vast variety of interior themes. The wicker furniture world is a gateway to beautifully crafted pieces that wrap the house in a warm, earthy feel. The texture and raw visual appeal of this material is perpetually pleasing and adds a hint of honesty and simplicity to interiors.

Now that we know that earthy wicker furniture is the talk of the town, let’s see what are all the products that we can use to create trendsetting decor, and how?

Wicker Furniture for Indoors

Furniture designs today have incorporated wicker in the most stylish ways to complement modern homes. This beautiful material brings with it the charm of the old, and the amalgamation of materials done to design furniture helps to create alluring statement pieces around the house. 

Cane Back Dining Chairs

The earthy tone of natural wicker and the texture of the material adds a lot to the interior of a space. Furniture made with wicker or cane has a raw appeal that is very refreshing and binds the place easily with its subtle colours. The grace and style that cane back dining chairs can lend to the dining space is unquestionable in every way. One can opt for a dynamic and bold design for the dining table-top and easily team it up with the super trendy cane back dining chairs to create a good balance of colours and design. 

The variety in terms of shapes and styles available for cane back dining chairs is endless. It’s easy to opt for bold prints to create interesting new classical looks, and the cane colours effectively mellow down the overall visual impact of the same. If under toned glamour is what you want to work towards, then opt for a jute or linen fabric for the seat and create a sophisticated vintage look for the interiors with these cane chairs. 

The little charmers – Rattan Lamps

A unique rattan lamp can be added on the dining table-top to retain the earthy tones in the decor accessories as well. These ceiling rattan lamps add soft lighting to the dining area and highlight the furniture accents in the right way. They are thus both space and mood enhancers. The rattan lamp is a home decor accessory that is in high demand both in the international and in the domestic markets.

Design the bedroom with a beautiful combination of wood and wicker

The world of furniture designing is very dynamic and there is no end to the ways you can use new ideas to create unique spaces. One roaring and absolutely delightful trend for beds is to have wooden headboards with wicker details. These work best for creating a contemporary and a neoclassical setting. 

Many furniture brands and designers have made good use of wooden headboards, giving them a twist by adding rattan or wicker details. The pastel colours used on the wood give it a new look and bring in a brand-new statement making concept for bedrooms. The bed shown above is a perfect blend of materials and colours that can be used to create a French look for the bedroom interiors. 

Wooden floor lamps – A must-have

Add on to this wonderful setting and style it with more natural accessories for the room. Go for a wooden floor lamp to add more depth to the interior and also to enhance the space with the correct lighting. Mood lighting that floor lamps provide for a space like the living room or bedroom creates the perfect ambience and sets the mood for the space. In case you want to continue doing up the room completely on the pastel lines, you can even pick a nice wooden floor lamp and apply chalk paint on it to get just the look that you want. Having a few vintage wall frames can further add to the visual appeal of the room. It is also a great way to have small elements around the room that make it more interesting and engaging.

Dress it up in an all-natural way

Rattan is being used to craft some spectacular home decor pieces that can be used around the house. The all-natural organic touch in these accessories adds a nice warm and soothing feel to the interiors. A rattan mirror is one such accessory that can be used to ornament the house in a charismatic manner. The design that you pick for a rattan mirror plays a significant role in adding to the interior theme. A modern design with rattan fusion could be the perfect choice for a modern set up, while a more traditional all-rattan design in mirror would be great to create a Boho vibe around the house. Such fusion and contemporary designs are quite a rage and look stunning even when clubbed with modern furniture settings. 

Dress it up in an all-natural way

The second accessory that we are going to talk about, although a little old school, is still in vogue for its elegance beyond time. The natural wood dresser that has managed to stand the test of time. Despite the lavish and flashy all-metal and mirror dresser designs flooding the market, it’s the historical charm of the natural wood dresser that has lasted decades. They are tasteful and have an elegance that transcends all luxury. Use these solid wood dressers to make interesting all-natural nooks around the house and enjoy the touch of modern earthy home decor. This sustainable and eco-friendly look around the space is a great way to glam up the place in a resourceful and conscious manner. The decor style that a natural wood dresser would lend to the interiors speaks of colours, textures and finishes inspired by the natural surroundings. This raw and all-natural appeal in home decor has been quite a trend setter in the design world.

Rattan for Outdoor Furniture

Rattan is quite a popular choice for outdoor furniture. From outdoor chairs to outdoor sofa sets and tables, there is a wide variety of rattan furniture for the outdoors. The simplicity and organic feel of the rattan furniture outdoor is perfect and blends so effortlessly to accentuate the garden area of the house. The quality of rattan furniture outdoor is a key aspect that determines its longevity and wear and tear in the hot and humid weather outside.

Rattan for Outdoor Furniture

Give equal love and attention to the outdoors of your house as the indoor areas. Convert the rooftop areas into cool sit-outs with gazebos and go for premium quality rattan furniture to relax in full comfort. Use the patio area well and convert it into cosy corners for getting together with family and friends. Make use of brown wicker patio furniture for the area if you have lots of green plants added to the space. The brown and green contrast gives an elegant and close to nature feel. This truly enhances the joy of sitting outdoors and elevates the experience of being in an open space. A nice bohemian-feel backyard set up is easy to pull off with the use of the right type of brown wicker patio furniture. Rest assured, this ultra-trendy look is sure to fetch you flattering compliments every time you have visitors over.

If the patio area of the house has a more concrete look and the hard flooring is done in hues of grey, then look for ways to lighten up the place with soothing colours. Consider going for pastel or white wicker patio furniture, as this kind of colour palette will surely make the area look more airy and calming. An all-white look for the outdoors may help recreate the touch of French interiors. This can be a fulfilling investment, especially if you are to use the area frequently for barbeque parties and dinners. Another point to consider is that for regions that experience hot weather most of the time, the white wicker patio furniture can be a great option to ease out the effect of the scorching sun, and it will lend a cooler feel to the outdoors. So beat the heat with this cool white look.

Be it your gazebo, patio, garden or living area, this amazing collection of earthy wicker furniture is sure to win your heart. So, grab the best pieces and infuse your house with the elegance of this all-natural material. Enjoy the charisma of clean and natural weaves of rattan, with an exceptional variety of indoor and outdoor furniture that instantly adds to the aesthetics of any space. Wait no more and become the trendsetter by adding sustainable earthy furniture to your space. Shop Now!


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