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Easy home decor hacks for a truly jaw-dropping home!

Your home is no longer just a space you inhabit, it is your very own piece of paradise and that personal sanctuary deserves to look the part. Whether you are starting off with a blank slate or just looking to make some aesthetic tweaks, the task at hand can seem overwhelming. We are divulging a few home decor hacks and secrets from our designer’s box of tips and tricks to make the task that much easier for you. 

What is the WOW factor and how do I add it to my home?

A space that inspires awe relies on two factors – an element of surprise and accurately visualizing what the current space can be. You don’t have to rely on expensive objects or plan a formidable makeover to achieve that elusive je ne sais quoi quality. There are no rules when it comes to changing the look of your home, but with these trusty hacks, you can take any average space to the next level. 

What deserves to be the center of attention?

Home decor hacks

Locating the focal point is essential to deciding the mood and ambiance of the space. The right statement piece can work as the ‘jumping-off’ point for the rest of your decor scheme. A defining feature should immediately command the attention of anyone who enters the space. To make the space truly eye-catching, the focal point must be enhanced with a refined color palette and accompanying accessories. So it’s imperative that you pick the perfect centerpiece for your room. The focal point can be a stylish media unit, an upholstered sofa or couch in a bright color, or even a modern coffee table. This perfect living room centerpiece is waiting for you at CasaOne!

Prefer living in color!

colorful decor hacks

Most rooms usually start with a neutral color palette, so adding a bold pop of color can make all the difference. Painting the walls in bold tones like turquoise, yellow, or even pink can inject a sense of fun. Reinventing classic colors like white with unexpected accessories can also give you the twist you’re looking for. If you’re all for a balanced look, it doesn’t have to be color-blocked walls or funky furnishings, you can also go subtle and add movement with something as simple as a floor lamp in a delicate gold or a standout side table in a contrasting blue and gold. Even a simple rug like the Atzi Area Rug can infuse finesse into otherwise ordinary space. 

Don’t forget that the devil is in the details 

decor hacks

The big picture is incomplete without one-of-a-kind elements of interest. Handpicked accessories go a long way in creating a cohesive space and establishing the mood. Even well-thought-out everyday items like coasters and pillows can bring about a drastic shift in the decor. Think outside the box and place an unusual vase to brighten up the center of the room or place a rectangular mirror in your entryway. Unexpected decor items that grace your shelves or the coffee table can also make all the difference. Shop for the accessory of your choice on CasaOne.

Go big with the art!

decor art

Nothing adds character to a room quite like a piece of art that you’ve personally picked out. Empty walls act as a great canvas for meaningful artwork but choosing the right piece can get overwhelming. There is no formula to choosing a great piece of art but any decor addition should serve as an expression of your personality while making a statement. Emotive pieces that can make or break a room need to be hunted down. CasaOne however, makes the job much easier with a great collection of wall art including sculptures, abstracts, and modern wall ornaments. 

Make something out of nothing

home decor hacks

All of us have those spaces at home, empty corners that are unused. These spaces can be transformed with just a little effort. Now you can have a brunch spot in your very own kitchen with a few chairs and a stylish dining table. Perhaps your home could use a personal library; add a bookshelf and comfy chair to create your very own reading nook. An untouched corner could turn into your workstation with a few smart home office accessory additions. Even an elegant bench and a sleek coat rack in your entryway can make all the difference. Reinventing an empty space can be simple with inexpensive options from CasaOne.

Set the scene with green

green decor

An easy way to give your home a fresh look is to add natural elements to the mix. A healthy dose of plant life in your space has a range of benefits from reducing toxins in the air to lowering stress levels. Bringing the outdoors indoors is simple with elegant planters in different textures and colors. You can create an accent wall to display cut blooms, succulents, or even larger variants or you could place greenery in different parts of the room. A set of antique planters or a shelf of smaller planters can make for a beautiful focal point in any home.

Everything has a purpose

home decor hacks

The wow factor doesn’t have to be all panache, adding items that aren’t purposeful can make your space look cluttered. Get creative and bring variety to your decor with flaunt-worthy yet functional additions. Each room has an objective and the furniture in your home while enhancing the look of the place should also cater to your needs. Adding a beautiful console table to display photo frames, trophies and more can make all the difference. A cabinet in rich warm tones can be a game changer, allowing you to organize your necessities while uplifting the ambiance. Even a simple ottoman in an unexpected hue adds a certain flair while allowing you to rest your feet. 

Adding that wow factor doesn’t necessarily require a major remodel. Use these simple hacks to amp up the livability and luxury of your home. Define your space exactly how you want it with unique choices and effective planning. 

GOT Questions?

What are the best DIY home decor ideas?

Redecorating your home can seem challenging but even a few simple DIY projects can make all the difference. Moving your furniture around, reusing key pieces in distinct ways, and redesigning nooks can help. Paint old pieces of furniture in funky colors, invest your time in a good decoupage project, or create an accent wall. 

Can we continue with the same home decor throughout the year?

A stunning home does not require constant upgrades to grab eyeballs. There are of course some fresh elements that you can add as the seasons change. Switch up the colors of soft furnishings like throws and pillows. Bring nature home to reflect the seasonality outside. 

What are some budget home decor ideas?

Decorating ideas don’t have to be over-the-top, there are some ways to redecorate without pushing your budget. Add some key accent pieces, find new ways to showcase your decor, and create a focal point with a main piece of furniture. 

Do we need to have a professional for home decor?

When it comes to home decor, a professional can help with reimagining the space. You can however rely on your ideas if you have the time to plan the layout and work hands-on.

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