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Fall Trends to Fall in Love With In 2022

The summer season would have had us scurry around for linen fabrics and light blue shades so that our interiors would suit the warmth outside. But alas, this is the moment you bid adieu to the summer as we welcome the fall season and the accompanying cozy, creative, and crisp feels. Now is the time to get ready to apply that autumn retouch to your décor and interiors, by identifying the most suitable theme or trend for your home. It is essential that whatever changes you bring should reflect the autumn vibe. But care should also be taken about not going for simple, recent fads. Instead, the focus should be on choosing products and colors that are timeless and relevant, as much as possible.

So, here we are, with some of the best fall trends and décor ideas for your indoors. You may pick outstanding and affordable trends from below that match your personality, and shop your favorite findings with the click of a finger!


Bold Wallpaper Tones

Blank walls have long been falling out of fashion. The obvious question of what to replace plain wall colors might have often popped up in your mind. Fall would be the best time to experiment with themes that are non-minimalist.

Options like wallpapers with printed patterns, painted murals or large wall art pieces, or even oversized upholstery on the walls could be great options to explore in this regard.

Fabric and Textile Textures

There is no dearth of excellent textures that come with the different choices of fabrics available today. Be it velvet, linen, jute, cotton, or polyester – each type has its own peculiar characteristics and offers a different look and feel to the interiors.

For the fall season makeover, you could swap the lightweight elements in your home including pillows, cushions, bedding, carpets, etc., and replace them with heavier alternatives. To get a cozy feel inside the house, always opt for natural materials that offer both weight and texture. For example, while choosing throws you may select cotton, woolen, or heavy linen fabrics. Similarly, boucle, leather, and velvet are also smart choices to achieve this aesthetic.

A Pattern That Never Goes Wrong – Checkerboard!

As we mentioned earlier, it is essential that we do not jump on the latest trend and end up with purchases that become obsolete after a few months or years. You might then be wondering what could be an ideal and reliable pattern that would provide that everlasting autumn vibe.

Checkerboards are one such design. Rarely do we come across patterns that are ancient as well as fresh, and are capable of easily uplifting the aura of any space it exists in. This design has recently undergone massive overhauls and is starting to become a popular theme in the industry.

There are multiple ways of incorporating checkered prints into home décor. For example, patterns on rugs and bedding, ceramics, couches, tablecloths, bathroom mats, etc.

Neutral and Earthy Shades

This would not exactly come as a surprise – warm neutral colors and earthy tones best represent the season. And bringing these elements into the décor is an instant hit. If anything, the popularity of this trend is only going to increase in the future.

An obvious addition would be muted green and its various shades. In addition, warm tones like chocolate browns, light camels, peachy shades, beige, sand, cinnamon, terracotta, copper, oatmeal, mushroom, rust, and other neutral shades are options that would perfectly complement most color palettes popular among interior designers. You may easily pick décor items, furniture, wall colors, or accessories to match with the rest depending on what colors you already have inside the rooms.

fall trends earthy tones

You may even take a break from glassware and replace it with them earthen vessels. Warm and organic earthenware is quite the rage nowadays. They are even available in a range of unique and exquisite silhouettes. You can easily pair vessels and vases made of matte ceramic and terracotta with fall plants or even artificial flowers to brighten up the overall display.

In contrast, if brown shades are not your cup of tea, you can always switch these with bold cool shades or chic gray tones in a way that does not take away the warmth inside the house.

A particular advantage of this theme is that earthy colors do not usually stick out. They also align with almost any décor style.

Sustainable Designs

Interior designs have been moving more and more towards sustainable practices, and as expected sustainability is one of the most preferred trends around the world. This would mean that the demand for faux pieces and furnishings is going down and increasingly being replaced by natural materials.

Most pieces made of natural and sustainable materials provide the dual advantage of being environment-friendly as well as providing durability and resilience. This also comes with the added advantage of possessing natural aesthetics rather than relying on painted and polished finishing.

Foremost among the choices available is natural wood, which immediately created a relaxing and welcoming environment inside any space. Placing wooden items in airy and bright spaces gives that grounding character to them and elevates the overall mood. The wooden shades would prove to be useful, especially in areas like kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms where there are a lot of cabinets present. Wooden stools near the counters, cutting boards, wooden lamps, etc. are also creative ways of making the kitchen feel warmer.

But if you are looking to get new smaller pieces rather than incorporate wood into more static elements, options in the form of wooden side tables, coffee tables, chairs, office desks, lamps, and wall frames may also be considered.

Focusing on Curves

Curves and rounded edges are a quintessential part of fall décor. And there will be a lot of instances of these dominating the interiors this season. They are known to impart a sense of femininity and softness to the interiors and would be perfect for anyone trying to give their homes such a standout look.

Curved chairs and sofas, coffee tables, and side tables with rounded edges, curved mirrors, accent pieces, etc. are excellent ways of integrating rounded edges into your home designs. Additionally, architectural aspects like cabinets with curved fronts, doorways, hallways shaped like arches, and curved countertops in kitchens, etc, are also possibilities that may be explored. An arched cupboard or a curvy recliner would also serve as rare and stunning pieces in your home.

fall designs curved decor

But you might feel most of the above options are a bit overwhelming. If you would like to try more subtle ways, you may always stick to accent pieces like mirrors, counter stools, coffee tables, poufs and ottomans, beanbags, and benches. Also try smaller décor items like orbs, lamps, and other forms of lighting.

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Outdoor Living Ideas

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, people have begun to appreciate access to outdoor spaces even more. And this has become very evident in the way there has been an extra emphasis on upgrading backyards, patios, porches, terraces, and balconies among homemakers.

Outdoor décor could be treated as significantly and seriously as indoor designs. There are numerous creative ways in which one could experiment with their backyard or garden spaces in preparation for the fall season. You may also consider options like outdoor dining sets, outdoor chairs, sofas, side tables, swings, and umbrellas & shades to completely revamp your outdoor area.

Choosing the Perfect Upholstery

A fun way to bring more character to your interiors is to add pops of color in a playful yet nuanced way. For this, it is best to rely on upholstery. A variety of shades when applied to the upholstery would breathe new life into any home without having to compromise on the warm aura.

Instead, if you are trying to incorporate an artful theme into the fall décor, you may opt for neutral, tonal hues. They appear fresh and crisp and bring liveliness to the otherwise buttoned-up interior spaces. Also, try to pair these with some contemporary pieces which will complement each other very well. Add a statement piece like an armchair or accent chair. Or you could go for pillows or seat cushions with contrasting shades to complete the look.

Vintage Furniture and Historic Details with a Modern Touch

Vintage furniture is something that never goes off style, and the love for antique objects is eternal. Fueled by supply chain disruptions and people’s general hesitancy to wait, the demand for vintage items has increased recently. There are more and more customers sourcing vintage décor. Some even choose to refurbish them – which also happens to be an immensely sustainable approach.

In parallel, the penchant for historically inspired designs has taken off. Here, the need to make interiors more gleeful and attractive is obvious. And homemakers are not shying away from looking into the past and adopting details from the yesteryears.

To not lose the overall character of the space, vintage pieces like antique dressers and cabinets, pleated lampshades, furniture with ornate legs, etc. have become integral parts of an otherwise modern space. Ironically, both themes blend extremely well and together these make the interiors feel intimate and regal.

Vintage rugs are another easy and affordable way to bring about this visual change to your home.

Coastal Grandmother Style

This home trend is a relatively new one but has been rapidly growing in popularity. This aesthetic is characterized by a blend of modern coastal style and cozy, aspirational designs. This mix is all about a quiet, calming outlook toward a lifestyle in general. This means that anybody can adapt to these easily irrespective of their proximity to the coasts!

There are plenty of examples you might be familiar with which will help you visualize this trend. Sunny interiors, bright and warm shades of paint like white or ocean blue, décor with neutral tones, and natural materials like jute all suit this trend. I am sure you have already noticed that all these aspects give off that beachy, serene feel.

fall trends coastal grandmother

As the name suggests, you could rely on white and neutral tones of sand and oceans to bring elements related to this style into your homes. Other natural and organic shades would also work if you are not a big fan of coastal shades. Both of these are guaranteed to spread a more relaxing and mindful vibe in and around your living spaces.

Art and photography can also play a crucial role in accentuating this trend. These would help you rely less on separate decorative pieces while enhancing the mood you are trying to attain. The goal is to keep your interiors as refined as possible.


The whole spectrum of trends that you could try out does not end here. But it all comes down to what look you wish to give your beloved homes or other spaces, and what styles and trends speak to you the best. The ideas mentioned above are sure to transform your interiors and get them autumn-ready. But even within a certain kind of trend, there is always room for switching up the décor and furnishing pieces and adding your personal touch to it.

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