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How to Furnish Your First Real Apartment (with Checklist)

There’s some gorgeous furniture out there – furniture you definitely would love to have in your new first apartment.

But they’re just so expensive.

Perhaps you’ve recently graduated or landed your first job in the city, and are now getting ready to put down new roots. Either way, moving into a new apartment can make you feel confused and out-of-place at first, till you furnish the place, make it yours, and call it home. It’s both exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

So we’re going to show you how to do it for every room in the house; in a way that doesn’t put a massive dent in your savings account.


Rent First Apartment Furniture till You Own It


gray furniture in a new living room

Owning furniture is great. There’s nothing like walking into a home where everything is yours.

But since you need an easier way around those large (annoying) price tags, we provide the option of renting furniture till you own it.

CasaOne (that’s us) provides furniture from your favorite brands on rent so that you can keep paying a small rental fee until you eventually own it. At any point during the lease, you can pay a reasonable buyout price and own it then too. Essentially, we split a massive furniture cost into smaller, easier, and convenient monthly payouts.

That means you no longer have to make a large withdrawal or add thousands of dollars to your debt. Just pay a fraction of the full cost every month, and save the rest.

With this in mind, here’s our first apartment checklist of furniture you need to set up and settle in.


Furnishing Your First Living Room


gray chair and sofa in a new living room

The place where you’ll entertain visitors, spend quality time with a special someone, or unwind after a long week, is the first place we’re going to furnish in this guide.

When you begin shopping for living room furniture, you’ll no doubt start with a nice, gorgeous sofa. But you’ll soon find that good sofas cost thousands of dollars easily. Our solution is to rent it till you own it.

To furnish your first living room, you’ll need a:

  1.    Sofa
  2.    Chair
  3.    Coffee table
  4.    Floor lamp

These are the 4 basic pieces of living room furniture you need for your first apartment. Apart from these, you may also want to add a:

  1.    Cabinet
  2.    Side table
  3.    Throw pillow
  4.    Vase

Choose a color scheme that’s light and airy with one piece of accent (or brightly-colored) furniture that suits your personal style and ties the whole ensemble together. For inspiration, check out our curated living room sets available on rent starting at just $109/month.

Explore Living Room Sets


Furnishing Your First Dining Room


dining room table and chairs in a new apartment

The dining area is the easiest of all the rooms to furnish in your new apartment. All you need is a sturdy table and a few good chairs to match it.

  1.    Dining table
  2.    2 – 6 dining chairs
  3.    Vase for decoration

The vase is optional, of course, but it helps to add a cheery pop of color and fresh flowers to the dining room, bringing a bright, cozy, and homely feel instantly. If you can match the color of the vase to the throw pillow in the living room, it helps maintain a consistent feeling as you walk through your home.

Wooden dining tables are the most suitable choice because it’s easier to find chairs that match it. If you’re feeling bold (and sorta quirky), consider getting two different sets of dining chairs for the same table to match your own unique style.

To get a better feel for what works, browse our dining room furniture sets starting at $45/month.

Explore Dining Room Sets


Furnishing Your First Bedroom


new apartment white bed with fabric headboard

For the bedroom, you can boost the cozy factor by renting furniture and beds in cool, calming colors that you can just curl up on with a kindle after a hard day’s work. Beds that are upholstered offer a more snug feel while open-frame headboards can make the room feel airier. To maximize the restful ambiance, avoid bright, energizing colors. Your checklist includes a:

  1.    Bed
  2.    Mattress
  3.    Side table
  4.    Nightstand
  5.    Lamp

A table lamp makes more sense here than a floor lamp because it’s easily accessible on your side table. If you have room for a little more, you can also include a:

  1.    Chest of drawers
  2.    Chair or ottoman

For ideas, take a look at our curated bedroom sets starting at $99/month

Explore Bedroom Sets


Furnishing Your First Studio Apartment


first studio apartment with rented furniture

If you have a studio apartment, you can carve out the different areas you need with the right furniture and a little creative space planning.

In a studio, there’s no room for a sofa, so you can either get a plush chair, or a sleeper sofa instead. However, sleeper sofas are great for guest rooms and temporary stays, so we’d still suggest you get a comfortable bed to sleep on and splurge on a sofa when you move into a bigger place later.

Your studio apartment furniture checklist should include a:

  1.    Bed
  2.    Mattress
  3.    Side table
  4.    Dresser, wardrobe, or cabinet
  5.    Table lamp
  6.    Arm chair
  7.    Dining table
  8.    2 dining chairs

You can also include an extra ottoman, some vases, and décor to brighten the space up. Stick to neutral colors and wooden tones to help make the room feel lighter and more spacious than it is.

You can take a look at our curated furniture packages for studio apartments starting at $107/month for more ideas or talk to our space planners and get 3D visualizations of what your new apartment space could look like.

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Get a Free Space Plan


By renting furniture for your first apartment, you’re not limited by a tight budget. Instead, you can get the furniture you love from brands you admire and pay just a small fee every month.

CasaOne offers a super wide range of such furniture so that furnishing your first apartment is now so much more affordable and easier. Explore all our furniture today!


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