A bedroom with a neutral color scheme, textured furnishings, lots of greens, and abundant natural light

Furnish Your Home With These Budget-friendly Home Furnishing Ideas

Who doesn’t want to decorate their home and make it look Instagram-worthy? Oh, to have that unlimited decorating budget! For many of us, that’s the stuff dreams are made of, because furnishing a space on a budget is labor-intensive and expensive, right?
Myth busted! What if we told you that decorating your home is not only easy but you can also accessorize without shelling out a fortune? 

There are simple ideas to make your home aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re looking to redo your kitchen or want to try out some DIY décor hacks for your living room, we have a variety of fun ideas for you. You will be surprised at how you can repurpose things that are available around your home to give your space a whole new look. 

You might have had these same ideas but didn’t know where to start. So, we’ve compiled a list for you to begin your home décor journey. The ideas range from converting a ladder into a shelf to using pops of color on the walls. Explore our budget-friendly options that show you how – even with a limited investment, there is a lot that you can achieve. You can also count on us to always offer chic, trending ideas for your home with affordable furniture, décor items, and appliances.

Cost-effective home decor ideas to refurbish your home

Use color as your tool

Whether you pick a bright color or stick to neutrals – it’s your decision. Colors say a lot about your personality and taste. There are some basic rules to follow while choosing colors. For a smaller room, always opt for a neutral palette as it creates the illusion of a larger space whereas for a large room, you can experiment with dark or bright colors based on your taste. Quick research online can help you pick colors or you can consult a design expert at CasaOne.

A bright living room with fun color combinations, lots of planters, and few décor items

       Focus on furnishings

Fabrics can completely alter the look of your home. Changing the cushion covers, a rug, opting for sheer curtains, and adding layers of different textures can do wonders. You can go quirky or stick to a theme. 

The cushions and the carpet add a fun element to the living room

Incorporate a statement piece

You can hang a beautiful piece of artwork on the wall, or even place a funky chair, bookcase, or a fancy vase in a corner. Yard sales and thrift stores have a lot of statement pieces that you can acquire at throwaway prices. You’ll just need to look for them carefully to find the right ones. 

Statement artwork and a classy vase in the corner accentuates the blue wall

Placement of furniture

One of the fastest ways to change the look of your home is to rearrange the furniture. This does not cost you anything, takes little time, and gives your space a brand new look. Ensure you create zones and use the space optimally while rearranging the furniture. 

Invest in a mirror

A clever and frugal way to make your home look glamorous and grand is by investing in a full-length mirror. Mirrors can open up the space inside your home and make it appear brighter. You can get your hands on a big mirror with a unique frame easily, online and in stores. This will be sure to enhance the aesthetic of your interiors.  

Add lots of greens

The easiest and most affordable way to decorate your home is by adding plants. A combination of hanging plants, big indoor plants, succulents, potted plants, etc., is a clever way to bring that outdoorsy feel into your home.

A simple addition of a variety of plants inside a living room has changed the look of the area

Shelves and cabinets 

Adding a bookshelf or a display unit will make your home look grand and spacious. You can also add a storage unit to display books, décor pieces, vintage items, and other quirky elements to enhance the look of the space. 

Create a gallery wall

For narrow spaces like corridor walls, you can create a gallery wall which can be a combination of pictures like a photo wall, an artwork display in various sizes, or a series of decorative plates.

Light it up

Try and get as much natural light as possible inside your house. Up the anté by adding floor lamps, table lamps, fairy lights, or even candles to decorate the area for a charming and elegant vibe.

Colorful curtains

Invest in new curtains. Choose sheer or light-colored curtains for your home. They bring in light during the day and also make the rooms look spacious. 

Cozy ottomans

Place a few ottomans in your living area. They are functional and can also be used as decorative pieces. You can incorporate different types of ottomans for an element of fun. 

Add DIY decor items

There are many creative DIY ideas that you can explore. Reuse bottles, fabrics, old furniture, etc. to add a personalized touch. 

There are plenty of ideas when it comes to doing up your home. With minimum investment and conscious choices, you can now make that happen. If you’re looking to rent furniture for your home, CasaOne is the right place for you. We also offer various packages at very reasonable monthly rates. For any design advice, you can connect with our expert design team at CasaOne to enjoy helpful design consultation for your home interiors. 


  • What are some DIY home decor ideas?

Some home décor ideas include creating a gallery wall, hanging flower vases, adding planters in old bottles, macrame décor, photo walls, wall art, DIY ottomans, painted pots, and more.

  • How much wall art should be there in a living room?

Ideally, there should be a single piece of art at eye level, preferably a large piece. If you are hanging it on the wall, it should be 4” – 6” above the furniture. If you are placing it above a sofa, the piece should be two-thirds of the width of the furniture. 

  • Can furniture be considered as a part of home decor?

Yes, furniture can be considered as a part of home décor. While doing up your place along with furnishings, wall paints, décor pieces, etc, you can also pick up a quirky furniture piece to give your home a cohesive look.

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