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Top Tips For Furnishing A Compact Office Lounge

When setting up an office lounge, comfort is key. But compact spaces don’t allow for bulky sofas to sink into and roomy coffee tables to spread magazines and coffee mugs on.

All rooms present challenges when it comes to furniture. However, the lounge is a key area in the organization. It’s where potential clients wait for meetings and where employees go to relax and take a break. It needs to be welcoming, wholesome and indicative of your professional style. But designing a small lounge can be perplexing – you need to retain the spaciousness of the area while making sure you utilize every corner.  

If you are hunting for lounge furniture for a compact office, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your items do not overpower the openness of your area.


Think about overall tone

Decide how you would like the area to look. Are you looking for something extremely professional and subtle? Do you need everything to match perfectly? Is your office atmosphere more laid-back and casual? Also think about who will be using the space. If it’s mainly for clients, then it makes sense to furnish it in a more conservative style. A lounge area for employees, however, could benefit from an eclectic mix of comfortable furniture in a range of colors, materials, and fabric.  


Measure out everything

The key to getting perfectly-sized furniture is knowing the precise dimensions of the space you are furnishing. Armed with the knowledge of your wall-to-wall footage, you can plan out what furniture will fit into your lounge. Drawing a rough diagram for placement of your items can also be useful in deciding what you need and how much you can fit in. At CasaOne, space planners work with you to give you a detailed view of how your lounge will look with the furniture from our catalogue. Just give us your room’s measurements and use the 3D space planning feature to get a picture of your fully-furnished space.     


Disregard the bulky stuff

Large furniture may be really appealing but do yourself a favour and cross the bulky sofa and coffee table off your list from the start. Big pieces of furniture can overwhelm a compact space, even if it’s just a sofa, armchair or side table. Stick to streamlined furniture in modern designs with lean silhouettes as these are built to make rooms look airy and as spacious. At CasaOne, space planners can help you choose the ideal furniture for a compact lounge.  


Pay attention to design

When choosing a couch, a design without arms can give you more room to seat people comfortably. Look for sofa models that are raised above the ground and have open space below so you can see more of the flooring. Tables with glass tops and open silhouettes can look sleeker and less bulky than boxlike designs made of an opaque material like wood.


Keep an eye out for utility

Try to optimize every piece of furniture you put in your lounge. A coffee table with two tiers is great to store magazines on the lower shelf, leaving the top level free for refreshments. Similarly, nesting tables can be stacked neatly when not in use.    


Use lamps

Floor lamps are a great way to add some decor and light to your lounge without taking up too much floorspace. Placed in a corner, you can have the benefit of a dedicated light source over your center table, so your guests can look over documents and files.


Fill up the corners

The trick to optimally furnishing any compact space is to make every corner count. For example, the placement of a lamp is a great way to add more to your room without putting a damper on space. Similarly, look for items that can neatly fit into the edges of the room. This could be a compact lounge chair or stool to provide additional seating. A bookshelf or showcase is a great way to display your company’s achievements and awards. Adding a potted plant to a corner can do wonders to brighten up your lounge, too.   

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