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The Best Furniture & Layout Ideas For Startups

Startups need to be prepared for everything from a sudden pivot to exponential growth. The work space needs to be prepared, too – to accommodate a hiring spurt, the movement of cross-functional resources and even regular relocation of the whole office. Flexibility is key, but ensuring a physical space adapts to your changing needs isn’t easy. Here are a few layout and furniture ideas for keeping up with change.


1. Always Select Sleek Furniture

With rents going through the roof, modern offices no longer have the luxury of large spaces to house bulky furniture. Choose sleek, functional furniture for a clean looking work space that’s comfortable yet professional. This will allow you to make the most of your space and keep the office looking airy, calm and uncrowded.


2. Portability Counts

Having furniture that is easily portable, like file cabinets on wheels, can help you easily rearrange the space to fit in a new desk or two for new hires. Choose single desks and office chairs on casters, so that a quick office redesign doesn’t require any heavy lifting.


3.  Shared Work-spaces

Startups thrive in environments where communication between staff is unencumbered. Don’t limit your employees to cubicles or set spaces to work. An open office design can do wonders for your team’s morale and relationships, while giving your setup that modern startup vibe that will attract potential employees.

The removal of cubicles and sectioning walls give you room for larger shared tables for work and brainstorming sessions. These can even act as makeshift desks for new staff members or interns looking to learn the ropes by being in the thick of the action.


4. Cut The Clutter

A culture of clutter in the office can visually reduce your space drastically. Adopt a clutter-free workspace policy by giving your employees enough storage space for their paperwork and belongings. Small individual filing cabinets and larger shelf sets, that make use of vertical space are useful to keep desks clear of excess papers, files and stationery.


5. Rent As You Go

Buying furniture is a huge commitment and can cost you a fortune in the long run, with depreciation costs, maintenance and wear and tear often not being accounted for. When you rent furniture for your office, there’s no guesswork involved. Just rent exactly as much as you require and add on as you hire new staff. You’ll always get furniture to match your current office style and delivery, assembly and returns are hassle free. More importantly, moving office will be much easier, as you won’t have to deal with moving the furniture or sell it off in a fire sale.

Growing businesses need a ton of consideration and focus. While planning for the future you don’t want to be sweating the small stuff like choosing furniture.

When you rent with CasaOne, we take care of every aspect of furnishing – from arrangement to assembly, with white glove delivery and easy add-ons at any time. If you are looking to set up your startup office to accommodate future growth and expansion, get in touch with us for an end-to-end furniture solution.

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