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Seven Great Ideas For a More Productive Workspace

Turning the office into a welcoming, positive, and comfortable space for employees is imperative in the modern age. Most businesses have to realize that staff outlook and enthusiasm aren’t solely dependent on their job roles and work relationships; the environments plays a huge part in individuals’ energy and eagerness to come into work and get things done.

After all, the office is where employees spend most of their waking hours. It’s imperative to have a good atmosphere that promotes motivation and aids happiness. Here are some easy to implement elements that can help brighten up any office.  

1. Only Comfortable Furniture

Office furniture plays a crucial role in keeping your staff comfortable throughout the day. It doesn’t just need to look presentable and professional, it needs to be ergonomically designed to support employees, especially those bound to their desks for work, through hours of repetitive motions and being in a single position.

Low quality office furniture can lead to muscle strain and discomfort, causing an increase in sick days – in the long term it can really impact the overall productivity of your organization.

However, good furniture comes at a high cost and depreciation can make it a moot investment – a large amount of capital that could better be spent invested into the business. The solution: renting high-quality, ergonomic furniture at affordable monthly rates from furniture rental solutions such as CasaOne. Rent only exactly what you need, with quick delivery and set up, easy add ons and returns.

2. Flexible Common Areas


In addition to quality ergonomic furniture, employees also benefit from an element of flexibility in their offices. Having a range of areas fit for different purposes can encourage collaboration and interaction among staff, improving personal relations and boosting productivity. For example, section out portions of the area for casual discussions, meeting spaces for in-depth brain storming, places for lounging and relaxation as well as quiet spaces dedicated to work that requires individual focus.

3. Add Some Colour

Most offices needs to be designed in sober, soft colours to avoid looking gaudy and unprofessional. However, there is no reason that your workplace needs to be drab in order to be taken seriously. A few brightly upholstered arm chairs can lend a pop of colour to meeting rooms or lounge areas. Indoor plants are also a great way to add some soothing green color and freshness around the workspace.

4. Desk Autonomy

Give your staff the freedom to set up their workstations according to their tastes and daily tasks. Letting each individual add a personal touch to their space, whether it’s a few photographs, gadgets to ease their workday or a poster of their favourite sports team, will add a touch of familiarity that goes a long way in making them feel comfortable and at home.  

5. Encourage A Bit Of Recreation


Don’t limit downtime to water cooler conversations and coffee breaks. Give your staff a way to let off steam in an energetic, engaging and fun manner with a mini-sports set up in your break-room. A ping-pong table or two is an excellent way to encourage a bit of activity during work breaks, while building a bit of healthy competition among employees and allowing them to completely disconnect from work for a few minutes before going back to their desks refreshed.   

6. Motivate With Wall Art

Liven things up in the office with some interesting wall art. Choose beautiful pictures, abstract art or inspirational images and quotes to add some character to the work space. But remember, there’s a fine line between cheesy and motivational so you will have to work hard to find a sweet spot when putting up art, pictures and quotes that will get your employees in the mood for a productive day of work.  

7. Maximize Your View

Natural light can really brighten up an area as well as put people in a better mood so make the most of your windows and view in the office by not blocking or restricting it with furniture at any cost. Place seating near windows to give your staff the opportunity to gaze outdoors when at their desks. Just make sure you have adequate blinds for when those times of day when the sun rays may be too harsh.

A few thoughtful changes and additions can make a world of difference to your employees’ work day and productivity. If you are looking to Incorporate these changes, remember to also ask your staff for feedback on how to make the office a more work- and people-friendly space.

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