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4 Hacks to Live a Life of Luxury

Do you ever come home from a long and tiring day wishing you had a luxury lifestyle? A huge mansion with more rooms than you can count, butlers waiting on your every whim, indulgent food in every meal, and all the clothing, cars, and jewelry your inner child could ask for. It sounds like paradise, but it’s obviously a bit out there for us average Joes and Janes. So, let’s rethink what luxury actually means to us. 

This guide will help you enjoy life’s simple pleasures and hack your way into experiencing a life of luxury without needing a bank account for it.

Bring fine dining to your home

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This is easier said than done, but trust us, once you start cooking your own food there’s no looking back! Involve your whole household to pitch in and make an activity out of it. Look for recipes that scream luxury in your favorite flavors. Once done, set your dining table to mimic the ambiance of a luxury hotel. Whip out the silverware and set the table with handwritten menus, place cards, and napkins. 

Top tip: Place candles or fairy lights in the middle of your dining table in between dry flowers and decor for a rustic look that feels simply luxe. 

Invest in good quality bedding

It’s what’s on the inside that counts right? And that’s true for your furniture as well. It’s okay if you have the basics when it comes to your bed frame and sofa set. But splurge a little on the mattress and bedding for a truly luxurious night’s sleep. Extra soft bed sheets, blankets, duvet covers, and fluffy pillows will transport you to a luxurious oasis every night. Investing in high-quality bed sheets will also ensure that they last longer, so you’re saving money in the long run. If you have a basic mattress, just spread a mattress protector on top and change it every year or so. 

Top tip: A drop of your favorite soothing natural oil like lavender, sandalwood, or chamomile on your pillow will add that ideal zen-like quality you need. You can also get a diffuser or DIY potpourri. Gentle aromas in the room always feel luxe.

Take care of your health

Mother Nature has plenty of luxury gyms on offer, we just need to make use of them. Go for a run in the park, do yoga on your terrace or just walk outside. These will make a huge difference to how luxuriously you view your life. The more you take care of your health when you’re younger, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy life as you grow older. 

Top tip: Invest in your mental health as much as you do your physical health. Meditating even for 10 minutes a day can really help you become more mindful and appreciative of what’s around you and boost positivity. Having this sense of appreciation is a luxury no money can ever buy.

Eliminate fast fashion

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Not many people know this, but putting money down on luxury fashion can help put an end to fast ‘throw-away’ fashion. Invest in good-quality brands that create fashion that is sustainable in the long run. A good jacket, pair of jeans, a couple of nice shirts, and shoes can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits with what you have. You’ll eventually feel great about reducing wastage and will be spending on luxury pieces that last long, giving you a better return on investment. 

Top tip: Make sure your wardrobe has a selection of scarves, hats, sunglasses, and other accessories you can use to jazz up any outfit and add a pop of color when you need it.

The verdict: Luxury is a state of mind

Think all those entrepreneurs, celebrities, and hedge fund managers enjoy the anxiety their work brings them? When it comes to luxury living, it is all in the mind. A millionaire with access to everything may not enjoy a luxurious life the way you think they do. But you can deeply enjoy and appreciate a dinner at that fancy place you like with your loved ones once a month. Whatever you choose to do in your life, ensure that it brings you happiness. As long as you feel fulfilled, you truly are living a life of luxury.

Got Questions?

What does a luxury lifestyle mean?

A life of luxury is a life that goes beyond the basics. To many, one needs to be wealthy to lead a luxury lifestyle. However, if you find happiness in your everyday life, you can make that luxurious as well by being a connoisseur of daily pleasures. 

Who lives a luxurious lifestyle?

The world’s richest people make up less than 1% of the global population, and it is safe to assume that they live a luxurious lifestyle. This includes CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies, celebrities like movie stars and pop stars, and even some online influencers who have recently been able to cash in on the luxury lifestyle. These people live the mainstream idea of luxury. But that doesn’t stop you from appreciating the luxuries you have, the comforts you get to enjoy every day as well. 

What home furniture would make my life luxurious?

If you are looking to buy home furniture that would make your home feel more luxurious, less is more. Invest in a few key pieces that would leave a big impact. Art adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Look for artists who are creating a buzz in your city, or when you travel to a new place. You can even invest in handcrafted furniture or ornaments that would be worth much more in later years. Forget about what celebrities are furnishing with, and focus on what kind of home you want to wake up in, what it looks like, and what it allows you to do. Happily, CasaOne offers all kinds of furniture on sale, so affording the kind of furniture your heart really wants is now easy.

Can I lead a luxury lifestyle with less?

Absolutely. Making a few simple changes to your daily life could make it easy to lead a luxury lifestyle. A luxurious lifestyle doesn’t mean the biggest, most excessive material goods. Cutting back on unnecessary items could mean that you put more focus on those few things that mean the most to you and add value to your life. 

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