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How To Choose The Ideal Sofa For Your Living Room

Choose the ideal living room sofa by considering its size, shape, and color. Read on to learn how.


Like most things in life, there are infinite options when it comes to choosing a living room sofa. You need a sofa that is not just the right size, but one that speaks to your personality and blends with your lifestyle. You’re going to use it to read, eat, watch TV, catch up with friends and even sleep so investing in the right one is crucial. Living room sofa sets come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and this guide will help you get a clear idea of what to look for.


Size does matter

If you have a large living room, you will need a sofa set that comfortably fills out the space available for it. For those of you blessed with a bigger area, consider having multiple sofas in the living room – some two-seaters and a three-seater. You can set an armchair or single seater sofa in between to break up the monotony, and place them so they don’t face each other, but sit side-by-side at right angles.

If you want to go for a minimal look in a spacious area, opt for a large sofa set of 4 seats or more, which will serve as the focal point of your living room. Use coffee tables, large plants, and bookshelves as a backdrop to create a grand scene.

If you have a small living room to play with, you can still pick the ideal sofa and keep it on-trend. Sofas in small spaces will automatically become the center of attraction, so go for one that is practical and fits in comfortably along the walls of the room. Consider the height of the sofa as well. Living room sofas with broad backs and thick armrests will take up more room in a small space.


Your lifestyle will determine shape

Think about what you will use your living room sofa for. Will it be used for a group movie night? Will you be curling up on the couch with a book? Or will you be working from your sofa and need access to space for documents and a laptop?

A neat L-shaped sofa is ideal for open spaces that need to be sectioned off. Many people choose this modern shape to place in front of the TV so you not only get an exclusive TV area but can also choose to lie down in front of the screen at ease. Sectionals work well in living rooms of any size, and you can place a coffee table in front of it so everyone can access it.

If you are thinking of taking a more functional approach, then sofas that turn into beds, or a mix of arm-chairs, loveseats, and futons will do the trick. Each piece will have multiple uses, and you can move them around easily too.


Decide on a color scheme

It can be hard to nail down your personal style when it comes to home decor, but if you start with your living room sofa then you can ensure that the rest falls into place. If you want to keep your living room light and airy, then go for a sofa in pastel, nude or monochromatic shades. Your accompanying decor, wall units, and extra furniture will then be in the opposite color for a dramatic and modern look. For example, if you choose a pristine white or beige sofa, keep the rest of the elements dark brown, black, and navy blue.

If you like color in your living room, you can always make things bright by adding throw pillows in popping colors and patterns to a single-colored couch. A bright ottoman adds a nice finishing touch to any living room setting and provides an additional seat when needed. Families with small children tend to lean towards sofas that have patterns and are of darker shades to conceal any stains that come with the job.

Sofa with patterned throw cushions

As you can see, deciding on the right living room sofa style is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and themes that challenge your personality. Ultimately, a sofa is a place you’ll hopefully spend a lot of your time. So make sure it is as comfortable and welcoming as your bed, and you’re bound to make the right choice for the long term. Explore our collection of living room sofas at CasaOne to get you started. With curated products, affordable plans and white-glove delivery, we make sure your rental experience is easy, convenient and absolutely hassle-free.


Got Questions?

How can I arrange two sofas in the living room?

Two sofa sets can be arranged to face each other, or at a right-angle to encourage conversations when entertaining a group in your living room. Don’t forget to place a small coffee table in front for easy access to snacks and books.


How do I float a sofa in a living room?

A floating couch is placed to break up an area and section out a large space in your room. Avoid placing your sofa against the wall and keep it between the TV section and dining area, with a buffet leaning against its back to make the split obvious yet welcoming.


How do I arrange L-shaped sofas in a living room?

An L-shaped sofa is great in front of the TV so you can enjoy your favorite entertainment and games with a group. You can even use an L-shaped sofa to section out different areas.


Which sectional sofas are best for the living room?

For relaxing and sleeping, pick a sectional that can be used as a bed and one that does not have bulky armrests.

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