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Workplace Design Is Key To Attracting Top Talent, Research Confirms

The modern workspace is a distinct reflection of an organization’s culture. The trend has held strong for 10 years now, since offices far and wide began ditching cramped cubicles, in favor of more flexible designs. New research not only confirms that the trend is alive and well, but claims that the ability of a company to attract top talent will increasingly be dependent on their office space.

Workplace Environment Survey

According to a survey of 3500 full-time office professionals, a well-designed workspace can have a strong positive impact on employee productivity and their ability to innovate and collaborate. Moreover, the majority of professionals (79%) stressed that organizations could not encourage innovation unless their workplace environment is innovative. The survey is a clarion call for startups and corporates with more traditional workspace layouts to adapt to a modern design sensibility. Here are the key takeaways:

Reconfigurable Furniture: The average office professional spends six hours at his desk, with another two in a meeting room or a collaborative space. Employees do not wish to be seated eight hours a day at work. They want variety. After natural light (which 57% showed a preference for), reconfigurable furniture is a priority. Sit-to-stand desks and stations that can be reconfigured or extended for collaboration between teams will be crucial for employees looking to hire young talent.

Flexibility: 83% of those surveyed were of the opinion that flexible workplace design leads to better ideas. The majority of these revealed that their productivity increased when they could change their location for different tasks.

Space Over Location: This is perhaps the most surprising finding in the entire survey. Two of three of the employees interviewed (66%) said that workplace design was more important than, as or as important as, location. This means that employees are increasingly willing to travel greater distances, so long as their office creates the perfect atmosphere for ideation, innovation and productivity.

Common Areas: Employees spend up to two hours a day in common areas, such as the pantry. The survey indicates that employees are looking for greater variety in such spaces. Relaxation/social areas (32%) and quiet, reflective space (29%) were among the most requested onsite benefits at the workplace.


A Workspace Solution

The layout and design of an office, together with the furniture, are key to office productivity, as the study makes clear. Many organizations, however, are either unclear about how to go about setting up a design-forward space, do not believe the capital expenditure is justifiable or believe it would be too much of a hassle.

With CasaOne, however, setting up an aesthetic and productive work environment is easy. We’ve helped a variety of businesses – from growing startups to large corporates – redesign their space the lean way. With our furniture rental solution, businesses can put their workspace on an affordable monthly plan, while minimizing the hassle of setting up. Ergonomic furniture, space planning services, design consultation and white-glove service are all part of your monthly plan.


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