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The Ultimate Guide To Your Living Room Ottoman

Recently living room ottomans really have been gaining so much popularity. Whether as a comfortable footrest for your sofa or your comfortable armchair, an extra seat in your living room, as a stool or even as a coffee table, this versatile piece of furniture really can do it all.

Ideally, one might put their ottoman in front of the sofa or their chair as a footrest. However, seeing as ottomans are able to withstand the weight of a person sitting on them, they are often used to seat people as well.

Also, in recent popular living room decor, there are many examples of ottomans being used as coffee tables if they have a firm surface that has the stability to hold your food and drinks.

When buying any furniture for your home, it is good to know exactly what you’re getting and what you might like to use it as. So if you think you might want to add an ottoman to your living room, here’s everything you need to know before you buy one.

How to Choose the PERFECT LIVING ROOM Ottoman?

Not all ottomans are built the same. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and materials with differing styles which may be used for different functions. Your ottoman can dramatically change the look of the space it is placed in.

Depending on your living room, the other furniture that you place there and the decor that you are trying to go for, there are a few things that you might want to keep in mind while shopping for the right ottoman for your home.

1. Function

It is essential for you to be clear in the purpose that you want your ottoman to serve. Do you want a footrest, a coffee table, a seat around your coffee table or something else entirely? In case you have children or animals playing around the living room would you prefer soft rounded surfaces to ones with edges?

Taking this view might help you narrow down your choices for an ottoman and help create a balanced, functional yet beautiful room.

In its most basic sense, an ottoman is a footrest. For that purpose, you can choose almost any ottoman according to your fancy. As an accessory, you should probably go for an ottoman that is slightly lower in height to offer optimal comfort.

However, if you are one who entertains often and would like to have some extra seating space, then you want to go for an ottoman that matches the height of your sofa and also matches the material that your couch is made of.

Additionally, if you’re looking to use your ottoman as a coffee table, you need to pick a nice fairly flat, sturdy surface which is made of a durable material. Also, for an ottoman coffee table, you want to choose one that is higher so that it is easier and more comfortable to reach the items placed on it.

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2. Shape

A good living room decor is composed of a balance of shapes so that it isn’t jarring to the eyes. This makes the room look inviting and well thought out. If you have a lot of space, squares and rectangles can fill it up better, while a cozy room would do loads better with a round or oval ottoman.

When it comes to ottomans, the majority of them are either square or rectangular. Lately though, round ottomans are gaining a lot of recognition for how well they pair with sectionals. A round ottoman is easily accessible from all sides for those seated around it and adds a softness to your room if you have a lot of sharpness with other furniture.

Ottomans with a defined edge will line up well with your sofa and can add sharpness to your otherwise soft room.

Different, versatile pieces of furniture, ottomans can really complement different styles and contemporary pieces of furniture. As long as you scale your ottoman correctly according to its purpose, you can easily go for a non conventional shape – like a hemisphere – while you’re shopping.

3. Size, Number and Position

Your living room is yours to design so you must take care to do it justice. While choosing an ottoman, think of the size and the space that you want to put it in. Sometimes, when you have a lot of empty space, you might want to consider having more than one ottoman.

Conversely, a larger single ottoman might do well if you have a good L shaped sectional sofa as long as there is still plenty of space to navigate around it. If you have a smaller sofa though, you will have a scale accordingly, as a large ottoman would dwarf the rest of the furniture and look odd.

If you want to cozy up the space a bit, multiple ottomans could be the way to go. They can be moved around and placed differently according to occasion. Also, having more than one ottoman would make it easier to free up space when necessary. And also, they can be pushed together to create a bigger surface area when required.

4. Materials

One thing you must consider when you want an ottoman to your home is the material it is made of. Since it is a piece of furniture that is bound to be used a lot – whether as a footrest, a seat or as a coffee table – you are bound to see wear and tear a little earlier than any other furniture in your living room. Consider the kind of household you have while choosing a fabric.

If you are a family with small kids or pets, you can be sure that there is going to be some spillage, stains and overall rough use. In such scenarios, it is best to go for acrylic or microfibre coverings that are easier to clean. Patterns are your friends in such times as well.

Velvet ottomans are a beautiful choice if you are looking to enhance the look of your living room. As is faux fur or smooth tuft. Those of you who are worried about stains and would prefer neat looking ottomans for as long as possible, it is better to go for a darker colour in these materials like deep blue or green compared to white or beige.

For a more understated and classic look, leather ottomans are a brilliant option that provide a vogue aura to your living room. They pair really well with most furniture and decor and can add a good rustic charm to your room while still being elegant. However, you cannot have leather around pets as they could damage it really easily. Considering how expensive it is, you would do well to choose a more durable option.

5. Style

Take a good look around your living room to see what kind of decor you have so far. A neutral living room will provide you an opportunity to really go bold and shake things up with a bright snazzy ottoman. Depending on the style of your lying room, there are a range of versatile choices of ottomans available, from traditional to mid century to modern and simplistic Scandinavian.

The notable thing about ottomans is that they can truly elevate the style of your room and be switched out easily in case you would like a change. Something that will really highlight the overall style is the lines, accents and shapes present in the room.

For a modern look, you will want to go for clean lines with minimal embellishments; probably something that has a flat base made of wood or metal.

On the other hand, if you would like some classic designs, there are quite a few options available for that as well. Play with shapes and colours that have interesting visual elements – tufting, patterns, studs, curved legs and unique bases – that fit well with the other furniture in your living room.

There are a lot of examples of different styles to choose from. Go with your instinct on this one to try and match as much as you can to the decor you are trying to create in your home.

6. Colour

Although there is no hard and fast rule that your ottoman has to match the colour of the rest of your living room furniture, the colour that you choose for this statement piece is an essential criteria. Your ottoman is essentially a tie in piece that should be complementary and tie in with the feel of the rest of the room.

For example, a hot pink or neon green ottoman might be a little jarring in a totally neutral Scandinavian or coastal room.

See how you want the colours to play out in your living room decor. Your room is going to give a vastly different vibe once you place your ottoman in it, so decide if you want something that stands out or you want it to blend in with the rest of the decor.

In that vein, either choose something similar to another piece of furniture – either in shade or tone – or you can go for something a little unique by selecting something that contrasts in the color wheel but still balances well.

You can also use patterns and bases to tie in to your colour scheme as they will add a blend of cohesiveness to your room. Choosing an ottoman with wooden legs in the same colour scheme or a pattern that is present in your room could be a good idea.

7. Other Functions of Ottoman

An ottoman has a lot of advantages and tricks up its sleeve. While being a trusty footrest and a makeshift coffee table for you to lounge near, you can also find other users for this adaptable piece of furniture.

A really practical function of the ottoman comes in the form of storage. A lot of the larger options include flip over lids or can be completely removable depending on the make. The inside can then be used to store a host of articles from blankets, cushions, children’s toys, even books. Anything that would make your living room experience more comfortable for that matter.

You might also want to pair your ottomans with baskets or bins so it would be great if you’re looking for more storage flexibility as well.

Another thing to consider with ottomans is the type of people who are going to be around it a lot. If you have children, a soft edged piece would be more appropriate as will a durable material. You could look for ottomans that have removable and washable covers so that any spillage can be taken care of promptly and easily.

Another thing to consider is that ottomans don’t have to be either coffee tables or footrests all the time. You could prop up yours against the tv or entertainment centre for a handy ledge for you to perch on as you set up the console or speakers. Or they could simply be tucked under your side tables to be used as per needs.

8 Best Ottomans for your Living Room

A great ottoman is many things. It is a foot rest, a seat around the table, a makeshift coffee table and a great backup in case you want to switch out a couch with something radical yet multipurpose. You can quite literally change the look and feel of your room with the addition of an ottoman. So here, to help you decorate your living room, we have brought a few of the best ottomans for you to choose from that will totally elevate your living space.

1. Rectangular Upholstered Fabric Ottoman

Shop the beautiful roma navy ottoman

If you’re looking for a statement piece of furniture this elegant Roma navy Ottoman is a great choice. It comes in a striking solid colour that is easy to pair with most modern yet classy decor themes and colour schemes. This ottoman comes with a comfortable construction in the form of it’s smooth padding and clean fabric upholstery.

Some of the features of this elegant ottoman are the clean tufting on the top surface that adds more dimension to the ottoman. The whole structure is supported by short metal legs.

The ottoman is made with thermobinding fibre that gives the ottoman a very plush soft feel and holds up well even after use. The whole structure is wrapped in velvet fabric upholstery to give a cohesive look to it and elevate the feel of your ottoman.

2. Round Ottoman with Storage

Shop the elegant Sasha round ottoman with storage

You can never have too much storage space. If you are someone who loves any additional storage space you can use, this beautiful Sasha round ottoman is for you. It comes with a decent sized drum for you to store anything from shoes to blankets to small cushions or books.

This round ottoman is perfect if you have a cozy space that isn’t too big as it doesn’t take up too much room. The top lid is round and tufted with padding foam that makes for a very comfortable seating option. The inside drum offers designer shoe holding inserts so you can compartmentalize easily.

The frame is made of solid wood and upholstered in soft polyester fabric over high density foam. The birch legs that hold the structure up have a black noir finish that matches well with the rest of the design. The top comes in a button tufted detailing that gives a modern look to the ottoman and will complement most neutral decors.

3. Red Upholstered Fabric Ottoman

Shop the plush Engage Ottoman

The Engage Ottoman in Atomic Red surely will make for a very engaging spot in your living room. The double cushion effect has a very three dimensional effect on the eye and makes for a great lounging spot. The gentle sloping curves of this ottoman are a welcome sight with the plush cushions.

You can easily use this ottoman to relax and put your feet up after a long day of work, but will also make a really great spot for a cup of coffee with brunch or some snack.

Doubling up as both a coffee table and a seating spot, this multifaceted ottoman has angled legs that give it ergonomic support and give a pleasing visual effect.

The legs are framed and are made of rubberwood in a cherry stained finish to provide a solid base to this quality piece. The cushions are upholstered in a beautiful red fabric that will undoubtedly catch the eye of anyone who enters the room. For easily transporting your ottoman from one place to another, there are also plastic foot gliders attached to each leg. This one really does have everything covered.

4. Teal Round Tufted Ottoman

Shop the Amour Tufted Round Ottoman

The Amour Round Tufted Ottoman really is a tasteful addition to your home. It is unapologetically chic in it’s design and has a very fresh and vibrant look. Capable of withstanding a good amount of weight, this luxurious ottoman could easily double from a really comfortable foot rest to a wonderful seating position in seconds.

The round design features an opulent tufting throughout its body over a dense foam padding and black non marking legs. The fabric upholstery is smooth and clean, giving the ottoman a distinguished and rich feel.

The amour ottoman can be used in your living room in combination with your sofa or as a coffee table to display some of your favorite magazines. You could also put it in your bedroom to accent the look there or provide a seat while you get ready.

The ottoman is made of solid wood and plywood covered with the smooth polyester fabric under the foam. All in all, a very stable choice of exquisite furniture.

5. Tufted Velvet Ottoman

Shop the contemporary Intersperce Gold and Navy Ottoman

This neo modern piece of furniture speaks for itself in elegance and class while still being contemporary. The Interspace Ottoman in Gold and Navy has an enchanting design which is unique and riveting. Usually when we think of ottomans, we think of designer poufs and fully covered upholstery but this one is definitely different.

This ottoman has a characteristic polished stainless steel base topped off with an exquisite and luxurious tufted velvet fabric. The suave tufted buttons add to the chic look while still being classic in design. The base also consists of non marking foot pads to protect your flooring from any scarring while you move the ottoman around.

The Interspace ottoman is a welcome addition to any homespace that is contemporary modern in its decor and theme. Providing comfort with style, it can support a great amount of weight with stability. Best of all, it requires no assembly and can easily be moved around

6. Round Multicolor Coastal Ottoman

Shop the Ribbon Round Multicolor Ottoman

Perfect for a neutral or light themed decor, this quirky ottoman is sure to be the heart of your living room with it’s coastal beachy tones and idiosyncratic design. The Ribbon Performance Velvet Upholstered Ottoman is a great way to bring in bright positive energy to your living space.

The entire structure is assembled with solid wood and plywood to provide a sturdy structure. Over that is spooled the iconic abstract coastal design and wavy piping that mimics waves to create a distinguished addition to your living room. The dense foam padding over the wood is covered with a soft and long lasting stain resistant velvet polyester upholstery.

The Ribbon Accent Ottoman has a hollow stainless steel base which has a brushed gold effect. Six non marking foot caps ensure floor safety and integrity. The entire structure is capable of holding a good amount of weight.

7. Smooth Velvet Square Ottoman

Shop the modern Daphne Blue and Gold Ottoman

This is a modern design for your modern home. Complete with the slender legs and pouf top, the Modrest Daphne Ottoman in blue and gold is a wonderful addition to your contemporary settings.

The beautiful square design of this ottoman is a good fit for a cozy spot to fill up your living room. The blue colour adds vibrance and an artistic finish to the look. The upholstery is velvet fabric on steady foam padding that provides support and stability.

The four slender gold toned legs add to the elegance of the ottoman while still being fashionable. The base of the legs come with black non marking foot caps to ensure that there is no damage to the floor.

8. Square Storage Ottoman with Pillows

Shop storage ottoman with pillows

These square storage ottomans with two matching accent pillows bring the decor of your living room together as an ideal way. The patterns and the colours are perfect for a monotone sofa. If you’re someone who likes to mix and match your furniture, this ottoman is perfect for you.

If you liked these ottomans, you can explore our entire range of ottomans for the living room.

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