Guide to Furnishing Your Home

Moving In Together: The Commitment-Free Guide to Furnishing Your Home

Ah, moving in together – the big step in the commitment game. It’s a loving, exciting time. Also, a time of learning and compromise as you adjust to another’s TV shows, bathroom schedules and morning breath.

And in the throes of cohabitation, you’re probably not keen on another big commitment, worth thousands of dollars and hours in shopping and installation: buying furniture.  That’s where we can help. We’ll turn your unfinished house into a cozy home at the click of a few buttons.

Check out our picks of the best essential furniture you need for a party of two. We’ll deliver and set it up, and when you are ready for a revamp, we’ll pick it up and do it all over again.

Living Room Essentials: Sofas


After a long day of work, here’s where you’ll want to catch up and wind down over a glass of wine or cuddle while watching a movie. These couches are just perfect to sink into while you enjoy each other’s company.


Riley Sleeper Sofa Gray


Riley Sleeper Sofa Gray


This is an elegant and comfy couch that’ll fit into any decor. Its sombre design can be spruced up with quirky cushions and a throw blanket for a cozy night in. This sofa transforms into a full-sized sleeper, so it’s perfect for when guests come to stay.


Thor Loveseat Black


Thor Loveseat Black


Stylish and functional, this loveseat is swathed in luxurious leatherette fabric. Need to charge your phone or laptop? No need to coax your partner off to get it – there are USB panels on each outside arm for all your charging needs.

Prices: From $40/month

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Living Room Essentials: Coffee Tables


The best coffee tables are understated and elegant. Our collection combines practicality with chic designs that can fit into any home.


Brooklyn Coffee Table

Brooklyn Coffee Table

A fabulous mix of classic and contemporary, the Brooklyn Coffee Table features a modern rectangular top with a grey oak finish to Ash wood veneer, and is supported by a sturdy metal base in an antique brass finish.

Prices: From $7/month

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Living Room Essentials: Media Console


Get a great set of shelves to keep your living room tidy and clutter-free.


Samuel Media Console


Samuel Media Console

Tech fiends will love this minimalist media console with its wood and gunmetal grey finish, with ample space to house all your entertainment essentials.

Prices: From $15/month

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Bedroom Essentials: Beds & Mattresses


Our selection of beds has all you need for a good night’s rest – the perfect blend of style and sensibility.  


Amelie Queen Bed

Amelie Queen Bed

This plush bed is swaddled in supple leatherette quilting. Its ample headboard is the perfect backrest for reading, watching TV or chatting in bed. Its low-lying frame is attractive and inviting – an ideal blend of supreme comfort and durability.


Oscar Platform Queen Bed


Oscar Platform Queen Bed

Clean lines make this modern bed the perfect choice for fuss-free décor. The platform structure has enough height (12 inches) to house boxes and drawers – ideal for a compact apartment as you multiply your storage options.

Prices: From $17/month

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Bedroom Essentials: Eight Queen Mattress


Eight Queen Mattress

The team over at Eight analysed 10 million hours of sleep to develop a premium high-density foam to support every sleep profile. You may be ‘adulting’ but you can be sure to sleep like a baby on this mattress.

Prices: From $50/month

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Bedroom Essentials: End Tables


For your spectacles, electronics and night-time reads, an end table can make a huge difference to your bedside – keeping all your essentials at hand.

Perth End Table Chestnut


Perth End Table Chestnut

Don’t ruin the mood with your spectacles or phone strewn across the sheets. This respectable end-table makes sure you have your nighttime needs at arm’s reach – books, chargers, tablets – without the risk of your partner rolling over it.

Prices: From $12/month

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Bedroom Essentials: Lounge Chair


Lounge chairs are great to have around the house. Whether to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee early in the morning or as added seating for when guests are over, a nice louge chair is a versatile and stylish addition to any home.


Carter Occasional Chair Blue


Carter Occasional Chair Blue

Add a pop of color and vibrancy to your room with this retro-chic, cobalt blue chair that has an ergonomically curved backrest to make it super comfy. Place it near a window to enjoy some quiet reading or move it to the living room for added seating when guests are over.

Prices: From $14/month

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Dining Room Essentials: Tables and Chairs


If space permits, a dining table and set of chairs is a lovely addition to any home. Picture it ladened with food and surrounded by friends and family at special occasions. The sets can be expensive and may seem cumbersome if you plan on moving, that’s why it’s perfect to rent.


Renmen Dining Table Walnut


Renmen Dining Table Walnut

This warm and welcoming dining table combines a sturdy table top in walnut tones with elegant stainless steel legs. This table works in any style space, no matter how contemporary or transitional.

Prices: From $21/month

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Orebro Dining Chair Pea


Orebro Dining Chair Pea

The Orebro Chair is a solid blend of fashion and function. Perfect around the dining table, or move it to the living room when you need more seating. Mix and match colors or keep it uniform: comes in tobacco, graphite, or pea fabric.

Prices: From $8/month

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Dining Room Essentials: Buffet Tables


Buffet tables are the perfect addition to a dining room. Store your cutlery, crockery and other dining essentials, and put decorative items on top to liven up the room.


Saints Buffet


Saints Buffet

This wood finished sideboard is perfect to keep your good cutlery, serving dishes and other dining paraphernalia.

Prices: From $54/month

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At CasaOne, you rent the furniture, we’ll own the hassle. Here are just a few reasons why renting from us makes sense when you are moving in together:

  • Hassle-free
  • 48-hour delivery
  • No huge monetary commitment
  • No buyer’s remorse
  • Free delivery and installation
  • Return and upgrade anytime


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