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Moving for an Internship? Here’s Why You Should Rent Furniture

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So you’ve landed an internship. Congratulations!

You’re about to get some incredible hands-on experience and learn new skills at work. But you’re also going to develop life skills outside, like maintaining a work-life balance, living on your own, and managing your money.

To live comfortably on a seriously low budget, you could share an apartment with a roommate, learn to cook, and use public transportation. Most of your money will be spent on rent, but landing a decent apartment is not enough. You need furniture too.

Of course, there are loads of furnished apartments available for rent, but they cost more. And buying your own furniture makes no sense, financially. At least while you’re an intern.

The solution? Rent your furniture.

Renting furniture has a wide range of benefits. Here are 6 reasons why you should rent furniture during your internship.


It’s more affordable


Avoid massive withdrawals and credit card debt by opting for furniture subscriptions at smaller, simpler fees. If you’re only going to be here for a few months to complete your internship, why spend thousands of dollars on something you may not need later?

When you rent for 3 – 6 months, you never pay full cost, and you never have to worry about finding a buyer or throwing it all away when the internship ends.


It’s assembled for you


When you rent furniture, you don’t have to spend hours pouring over instruction manuals and live among large boxes. We’ll set everything up and clear the clutter away so you can focus on settling in.

Plus, renting is faster. Furniture, when bought, can take a long time to reach, and then the added waiting period before it’s assembled. But we’ll source, ship, deliver, and install everything for you within 5 – 7 days so you don’t have to lift a finger.


It gets picked up when you’re done


We assemble rented furniture for you. But we’ll also pick it up when you’re done.

When furniture gets bought, it loses more than half its value as soon as you sit on it, and the value keeps on depreciating. Because of this, you’d encounter a huge loss when you resell the furniture after the internship.

Worse, if you can’t find a buyer, you’d have to throw it away. And unless you bought eco-friendly material, you’d be doing the environment a disservice. Most furniture is made with non-degradable materials that live forever in landfills.


It’s totally risk-free


It’s hard to say how long your internship will go. It’s possible it could turn into a full-time job at the end of it, or you might get relocated. Or the internship will end on time and you’ll go back to studying or return home.

It’s tempting to buy furniture thinking you’ll keep it after the internship ends, but there’s no way to know. Renting takes away the risk of losing a lot of money if you have to sell or discard the items. Instead, you get a lot of different choices.

  • If your internship gets extended, no worries, just renew the lease.
  • If you get transferred, no worries there either. We’ll pick up the furniture and deliver it to your new home.
  • If your internship turns into a full-time job, you can either continue to rent from us or buy the furniture to make it yours forever.
  • And if your internship is temporary, call us and we’ll take the furniture off your hands when you’re ready to leave.


It’s also commitment-free


Living with a roommate? Furniture rental fees are a lot more affordable when split two ways.

But the best part is that neither of you have to worry about who takes what when one of you moves out. Splitting assets is always stressful.

When you rent furniture, you just have to return it, or whoever stays can pay the full rental fee during the months after a roommate has moved out.

Even better? If you both like the furniture, it’s easy to just rent another piece/set for yourself.


And it’s more you


With the more affordable option of renting furniture available to you, you don’t have to settle for second-hand sofas and outdated pieces donated by your family.

Instead, you can get exactly the style of furniture you want without worrying about the money.

Internships are your chance to learn and experience the real world, and with CasaOne, you can easily choose furniture that reflects your own style and personality. If you’re not happy with the selection, you can always swap one piece for another one anytime.

For the duration of your internship, this is going to be your home. So go ahead and choose furniture that feels right.


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