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Nail the impression that matters with these smart entryway decor ideas

A stunning foyer gives your guest a taste of your personal style and sets the stage for the rest of your home. Decorating an entryway calls for difficult decisions. But with the addition of a few elements and some simple changes, it can be easily revamped to establish an inviting vibe. Here’s how you can create an entryway that works for you.

Understand the Layout 

Minimalistic entryway decor

Before you start redesigning your entrance, it’s important to recognize the space that you’re working with. Consider what the space is, it can be a long hallway, a separate room, or even just a small area adjoining the door. The footage the entryway occupies will inform your decor choices. Think about what the space is primarily used for and what it represents. The entryway is the quintessential meet and greets spot when your guests arrive. So you have to ensure that the space isn’t too cramped with bulky furniture. Offer enough clearance to your living area and ponder more about what can create a welcoming atmosphere from the onset. Perhaps a statement rug or a grand overhead light fixture can do the job. 

Think Utilitarian Chic 

Beautiful mirror wall hanging

We can wax eloquent about how much a fabulous foyer can do for a home. But an entryway that isn’t functional can soon seem like dead space. The beauty of an entryway is that it can serve as an unobtrusive storage space. Consider a sideboard in a warm wood finish that instills vintage charm while providing room for necessities like linen and china. A spacious room can even house a bookcase that will hold your favorite reading material and curios while defining the entrance zone. Your guests will require a place to hold their keys, a coat tree to hang their coats and hats, or even a shoe rack. So pay attention to how you choose to integrate these practical furnishings. 

Don’t Underestimate the Surprise Factor

Minimal wooden console table

An indisputable way to dazzle your audience is to go bold and big. There is nothing that makes an impact quite like an out-of-the-box idea and your entryway decor is no different. As a space that is usually glossed over, the entrance can serve as the perfect canvas to make a statement. Nothing creates drama quite like an abstract piece of art. Strategically placed, unique artwork can grab eyeballs and create the wow factor you’re looking for. Even unusual ways to use the staples can attract attention; for instance, the all-familiar console table can be used as a display for a collection of figurines and the space underneath can be used to display a stately vase, woven baskets, and more. Move your plants to the foyer, the green foliage effortlessly blurs the line between the outside and inside. 

Sit Down and Take Notice 

Bedroom bench with green throw

Seating is an integral part of any room but with the entryway, it is often overlooked. This choice is often out of necessity considering the minimal space you have to work with. The foyer might still need smart seating where you can sit down and take your shoes off or seat yourself to organize before you close the door. The simple answer would be a classy bench that can be tucked under your console table. This provides adequate seating space while doubling as space to hold essentials like your umbrella.

Looking for something more compact? Consider a stylish ottoman that occupies minimal space while being perfectly functional. If you are looking to amp up the functionality bring in a stool with built-in storage. However, for the lucky few who have ample room, try adding a stylish accent chair or a loveseat to create an interesting break from usual decor scenes. Accessorize with throw pillows to keep the charming cozy vibe alive. 

Personalized for You

phot frames on a wall

As we have stated before, the entryway is the lynchpin to the rest of your home and it is vital that it reflects your very specific tastes and likes. Well-thought-out, the entrance can immediately make your guests feel at home. Take the time out to curate that personal touch, use the console to display your favorite decorative objects, or frame the quote that changed your life. Showcase your favorite freshly cut flowers in a stunning vase. You can even use the bare wall to create a customized photo gallery of your treasured memories. These adornments are special to your home and add a distinct character to the space. 

Less Could be More

Stylish and modern entryway

To really make the best use of space, keeping clutter away is absolutely necessary. Going minimal can help achieve that timeless look with just a few items. Organize the appearance of your entryway with a single centerpiece like a side table or a floor lamp around which you can match the rest of your decor. A popular choice for a focal point in a foyer is a simple mirror that reflects natural light and immediately catches the eye. The mirror also plays a key role in all those last-minute outfit checks. If the space doesn’t permit a big console table, you can always opt for an elegant side table to display your favorite planter or even a simple bowl for your keys. 

Warm is the Way 

Neutral scheme entryway decor

Since the entryway acts as the kickoff point for the rest of your home, it is important to contemplate what works for you. Plan the textures and colors that will grace the space and what kind of atmosphere they set. Do you want a homey, snug vibe? Opt for a warm palette in your furniture choices. If you want a refreshingly relaxed tone, a cool color scheme with signature azure blues will do the job. A lover of the classics? Keep things basic and even with ever-reliable neutral, monochromatic hues. 

The entryway is the first thing everyone notices when they enter your home, but designing this deceptively small space doesn’t have to be all style. You can put some thought into creating a space that will serve your needs as well. A tiny space that is sensible yet sophisticated is simple if you focus on the little details. 


How to design a small entryway?

While we all dream of being greeted by a grand unending entryway from the silver screen, you don’t have to be disheartened by the dark corner that greets you when you open the door. A small foyer can be just as charming with a few simple tweaks and some unexpected twists. Think creatively and use the simple hacks above to define a space that is sure to wow anyone who walks through that door. 

What can be ideally kept in the entryway?

An entryway can serve multiple purposes and the furniture you choose to adorn the space with should ideally reflect that. A classic entryway should have a spot for storage like a sideboard, a cabinet or even some hanging hooks, a console table or a side table that can be used to display your curios or mementos, and a seat where you can sit down to put on your shoes, this can be a bench or an ottoman. Think about how this space can reflect your personal style. Perhaps add a quirky coat tree, a stunning piece of art, or your favorite leafage. 

What are some DIY ways to style your entryway?

There are a number of ways to give your foyer some DIY love. Try to create an accent wall by painting it a different color or adding some wallpaper. Create a photo display, upgrade your storage with reclaimed wooden crates or make your very own key bowl with an old salad bowl. There are a number of choice DIY ideas that just require some exploring and your time. 

What type of lighting is ideal for an entryway?

An entryway is flexible in terms of the lighting you can install. Lighting is not just about practicality. It can also be about panache, so take the time to imagine the theme you want and how the lighting can add to the decor. A classic foyer can use a grand chandelier and a modern aesthetic can use pendant lights to highlight an abstract piece of art. Prefer something neat?  Consider a floor lamp that can be tucked into any corner and adds flair to any space.  

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