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The Impact Of Furniture On Office Productivity

It isn’t surprising that management is paying more attention to employee comfort and ergonomics while setting up their offices. These are huge contributors not just to physical well-being, but also the general workspace atmosphere and mood. A brightly-lit, clean and welcoming office with high-quality furniture has a huge positive impact on employees, and their productivity. Here’s how the right office furniture can help your organization.

Reduces strain

When a good 8 hours or more of the day is spent in an office, it’s vital to be aware of how ergonomics play a vital role in supporting your staff, minimizing the physical strain that is associated with long-periods in a single position (usually, sitting down). The office desk and chair are two crucial contributors to the comfort of an office worker’s day. Ergonomic design with height adjustments can help focus and productivity, allowing its user to concentrate on the task at hand rather than a niggling pain from poor lumbar support.

Keeps staff motivated

We spend a good portion of our waking hours at work. The ambience needs to be conducive to this. A well-designed office with quality furnishings and fittings can have a positive influence on mental well-being. People appreciate being in a space that lends them a sense of pride and kinship to the organisation they are working for.

It’s great for brand image

Your office space is the first thing that people will be interacting with when they enter. Good furniture layout, thoughtful decor, a vibrant but not jarring color scheme and premium furniture are factors that take your corporate branding to the next level. A great first impression on potential clients and employees can go a long way to securing deals and contracts.

It can be a conscientious choice

Given the huge strain on the environment, most individuals strive to be more ecologically aware and prudent in areas such as wastage. Show them that you mirror their sense of social responsibility by renting out furniture, an environmentally-sustainable choice over buying new. Not only is it less of a drain on your organization’s resources, each item is maintained and cleaned regularly to prolong its life. And returned to be reused when not needed by a company, as opposed to being discarded.

Increases interaction

The layout of your furniture can affect how your employees interact with each other. Office arrangements that gives each individual ample personal space and a layout that encourages interaction (facing other individuals instead of closed cubicles or sitting back to back) are more capable of nurturing a cohesive environment. At CasaOne, we can help plan an ideal layout for your workspace to coax collaboration and professional harmony.

Ergonomic tips to keep in mind:

Armrest height

Your armrest should be at such a height that your elbows, when rested on it, are aligned with your wrists that rest on the top of your desk. This is the most comfortable position for typing on a computer.

Leg position

To put the least amount of strain on your body during long periods of sitting, keep legs bent at a 90 degree angle, your feet resting flush with the floor. Office chairs that are adjustable in their seat heights do well with helping people find a good posture for their build.

Eye level

In order to avoid neck and eye strain, adjust your seat so that your eye level is in line with the top one third portion of your screen. Keep your computer screen neither too far or too close – it should be 3-4 inches from your fingertips when you stretch out your hand straight in front of you.

Take a break

Being in the same position for a long time, no matter how comfortable your furniture or how good your posture, is going to put a strain on your body. Take regular breaks to stretch and walk around. A convertible desk that can be adjusted to use while sitting and standing is extremely beneficial to keeping strain and aches away – they’re a great option for letting employees know you care about their physical well being.

Setting up a work-space is more than just putting together a bunch of tables and chairs. A few considerations and careful planning can really help improve and encourage productivity and cohesiveness, making each day and interaction a bit more pleasant and productive.

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