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How Your Office Can Benefit From A Private Phone Booth

office phone booth

How much of your day at the office is spent on the phone? 30 minutes, two hours? In an open office layout, this is also time spent disturbing those around you. Over long periods of time, these phone calls end up being a big drain on the productivity of the entire office.

This is where private phone booths come in. Specially designed for the workspace, these sound-proof mini-spaces are much needed in today’s environment. They enable staff to handle personal or professional phone calls in a secluded area, and can even be another silent space to aid concentration and get important work done.

Here’s why every office can benefit from a phone booth.

1. Gives Staff Privacy

Modern offices with their open design may be great for collaboration and teamwork, but when it comes to having a little peace and quiet when taking phone calls, employees often find themselves having to leave the office or move to a meeting area to get some seclusion. Even then, there is no guarantee of being left in peace for those few precious minutes as it’s not really a private area you can call your own.

A phone booth gives an employee a space of their own, guaranteeing them total privacy for the duration of their call or task.

2. Eliminates Cacophony

Providing the option of a quiet space has a wide range of benefits for employees. It allows employees to conduct their phone calls without disturbing others, thereby raising the productivity levels of all those around. Even if they don’t use it daily, just knowing that they have the option to switch off from the hustle and bustle of the main workspace can have a positive impact on their stress levels.

3. Comfort & Confidence

A phone booth isn’t limited to personal conversations, it is also great when you want to conduct work calls without any intrusion. Most employees feel more confident and comfortable when they’re not being audited by their neighbouring colleagues – it’s easier to get the conversation flowing with clients when you know that no one is evaluating that conversation to their own standards.

4. Increases Autonomy

Open plan offices are great for getting in the swing of work and interacting with colleagues regularly, however, they can make employees feel that they lack a space to call their own. Giving your staff an option to escape the crowd and noise of the office with a change in the work environment will give them a greater sense of autonomy toward their work style and work day. When your staff feels more in charge of their day on an individual level, it can lead to greater morale, job satisfaction and productivity.

If you are looking to add some private spaces to your office with phone booths, you can now rent from CasaOne at affordable monthly rates. We deliver and set up as quickly as five business days, with scheduled delivery and hassle-free assembly.

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