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20 Best Ottoman Coffee Tables For Your Living Room

A coffee table is an essential piece of furniture for our living room these days. There are so many different options to choose from that sometimes it can get confusing. However, if you want to go for something a little different and offbeat, why not try using an ottoman coffee table instead.

An ottoman coffee table is exactly what it sounds like – an ottoman that is transformed into a coffee table. They are a great option for the modern home as they can double up as both as required. Also, these coffee tables are a sensible choice for homes with kids as they have softer edges.

Coffee Table Vs Ottoman

Now, one might wonder – Is ottoman a better option than the traditional coffee table? The answer depends on what you’re planning to do with your living room. If you’re going to have a lot of guests, then going for a coffee table might be a better option for you. Coffee tables are usually larger and require lower maintainance as they can be cleaned easily.

However, if you use the living room space for relaxing and watching television, then you can go with an ottoman as it will be more comfortable. Ottomans can be used as seating as well as footrest. Having occasional guests can also be accomodated by opting for ottomans that can double up as coffee tables.

20 Best Coffee Table Ottomans For A Modern Living Room

We have compiled a list of some of the best ottoman coffee tables available for different decor styles. These coffee tables are not only versatile but also very charming and attractive. Scroll to see the different popular coffee table styles.

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1. Loft Coffee TablE OTTOMAN

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The modern design of this square coffee table is both comforting and familiar. With it’s muted colour scheme, it goes with a variety of different decor styles. The tufted ottoman coffee table has a good linear design.

It is supported by stainless steel legs. There are non marking foot caps at the bottom so that your floor is protected. The top comes wrapped in durable faux leather upholstery. The leather coffee table ottoman has a thick cushion with button tufting detail which is really appealing to the eye.

2. Amour Fabric UPHOLSTERED Coffee Table

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Who wouldn’t like a beautiful tufted ottoman coffee table in their home? We can all agree that there is something about a plush coffee table that draws your attention like no other. The amour soft coffee table ottoman is fashionable and chic with a refreshing look.

It features a lavish button tufted round design with dense foam padding. The round coffee table has fine fabric upholstery and non marking black plastic legs. The frame is made with solid wood and plywood that ensure stability and strength.

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3. Morgan Pleated Coffee Table

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The pleasing design and colour of this square ottoman coffee table are sure to captivate you. It has a great dimensional design that makes it easy to style with different decors. Since it is a pastel colour, the modern coffee table ottoman goes great with natural and neutral modern settings.

The upholstered coffee table is made using a pine wood frame and velvet fabric. It also consists of a fibre wrapped foam padding. Although it is plush, the small table makes for a great entertaining spot for guests.

4. Ornico RecTANGULAR Coffee Table

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This modern ottoman coffee table is definitely eye-catching. Complete with a modern aesthetic, you are bound to be proud of owning such a unique yet remarkable piece of furniture. The rectangular coffee table has a contemporary design and is made to stand out.

The tufted coffee table ottoman is supported by X-shaped acrylic legs. The support bar ensures the stability of the structure. The top has an attractive button tufted seat that is wrapped in soft polyester fabric.

5. Nina Velvet Ottoman Coffee Table

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Add some sophistication to your living room with this elegant round coffee table ottoman. With its clean lines and simple design, this small coffee table is bound to stand out. The modest coffee table is bound to complement most modern and classic decors.

The soft ottoman coffee table consists of a plush foam cushion. The seat is wrapped in velvet upholstery to elevate its look. It is supported by a slender iron frame with a gold tone finish.

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6. Loft Performance Velvet Coffee Table

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Add some visual depth to your living rooms with this iconic tufted ottoman coffee table. The soft coffee table has a captivating design. It is inspired by the richness of the mid century modern style.

It features a biscuit button tufting and has a dense foam padded cushion. The frame is made with stainless steel that has a gold finish. At the bottom are non marking foot caps. The upholstered coffee table ottoman is wrapped in soft and durable velvet fabric.

7. Mingle Coffee TablE OTTOMAN

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The expansive design of this coffee table aims at washing away the hindrances that obstruct visual space. The square ottoman coffee table can easily assimilate into different living room decors. It can seamlessly be used according to the need of the moment.

It has a dense foam padding and is wrapped with a richly textured polyester. The elegant piping gives the table more depth. The plastic legs provide steady support to the structure.

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8. Kent Velvet Coffee Table

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The Kent square ottoman coffee table provides an elegant charm to your room. It has the ability to blend into different decor styles. At the same time, it can also add some colour to a neutral colour scheme. When not in use, it can be easily be placed under your console table.

The small coffee table ottoman is made with fibre wrapped foam. It is then wrapped with velvet upholstery that has a beautifully patterned exterior. The frame sits on a well complementing gold tone base.

9. Haste Stool Ottoman Coffee Table

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Sometimes, a minimalistic style is what you need for your modern ottoman coffee table. The clean lines of this table make it an appealing addition to your living room. It has a fluid design with convenient storage space.

The storage coffee table ottoman is made from polypropylene plastic which is very durable. It has a versatile solid colour. This makes it a great fit for different decor styles and colour schemes. The ribbing details also add a textural appeal to this small table.

10. Engage Fabric UPHOLSTERED Coffee Table

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With gently sloping curves and a plush cushion, this coffee table ottoman is bound to be a great lounging spot. You can add a coffee table tray to ensure that the fabric remains safe. It is a wonderful addition to your living space. The soft coffee table ottoman offers a relaxed vibe and charming aesthetic.

The base and legs of this upholstered ottoman coffee table is made of rubberwood. This ensures a solid support to the frame. The wood has a cherry stained finish. The cushions are a dense foam covered with upholstered fabric. There are foot gliders at the bottom so you can move the table around more easily.

11. Shelly Square Coffee Table with Pillows

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Who would have thought you could get pillows with your coffee table ottoman? This square ottoman coffee table is a great way to bring the decor of your room together. You can also use it to add a splash of extra colour to your living space.

The storage ottoman coffee table has a multipurpose cushion that converts into a table top. With this, you can easily ensure a smooth surface for keeping your snacks and beverages. The modern table is made with a solid wood frame. The birch legs provide support and complement the overall design of this table.

12. Square Leather Coffee TablE OTTOMAN

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Bring luxury to your home with the Minara square ottoman coffee table. Simple in design, it displays understated splendour no matter where you place it. The leather ottoman coffee table is all about laid back style. It pairs great with lakeside and farmhouse style decors.

The table is made with soft leather and is very durable. The stitch lines add a touch of texture and interest to the coffee table ottoman. This one definitely makes a great alternative to conventional coffee tables. It is the perfect spot for decorative items and living room paraphernalia.

13. Plump ROUND Coffee Table

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This small coffee table ottoman will fit right at home in your cozy living room. It has a neat line design with no fuss and a smooth top that serves well as a coffee table. The round table will be suitable for smaller spaces. This will make maneuvering around it easier too.

The leather ottoman coffee table is made with a sturdy frame. It has a chrome plated steel base that supports the table well. The minimal colour details ensure that the modern table fits in easily with different interior styles.

14. Hercules Bonded Leather Ottoman Coffee Table

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If you’re looking to cover a large space, the Hercules tufted ottoman coffee table is a great choice. It has a certain aesthetic beauty that isn’t found commonly. The leather coffee table ottoman comes complete with intelligent craftsmanship and integrity.

The round coffee table is made with a wooden frame. It is then covered with a plush tufted bonded elated upholstery. Versatile in appeal and charm, you are sure to enjoy having this one in your living room.

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15. Anticipate SQUARE Coffee Table

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The Anticipate square ottoman coffee table brings in the desired amount of style and comfort to your living room. It is resplendent with clean lines and a really comfortable design.

The modern coffee table ottoman has a polished base made of stainless steel. The legs have non marking feet to protect floor integrity. The top is made of foam padding and wrapped in velvet polyester fabric.

16. Sasha Round STORAGE Coffee Table

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The Sasha round ottoman coffee table comes really close to perfection. It has interior storage with shoe inserts that make compartmentalization easy.

The tufted coffee table is made with a solid wood frame. It has birch legs that have a black noir finish. The table has a high density foam padding all over. On the top is the attractive button tufting detail that completes the look nicely.

17. Opal Velvet Ottoman Coffee Table

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The charm of this coffee table is definitely its opulence. The clean lines of this round coffee table showcase a two toned design. This works especially well with sophisticated classic decors. However, the small ottoman coffee table also works great with a number of other decors.

The upholstered table is made with a wooden frame. It sits on a gold tone base that complements the dark colour very well. The round design is wrapped in soft velvet fabric to complete the look.

18. Modrest DaphnE Coffee Table

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Here is a modern ottoman coffee table like no other on this list. With it’s prominent colour and contemporary design, this square coffee table is a sumptuous addition to your living space. It is a great way to bring in your room’s decor to a focal point since it is such a vibrant colour.

The soft coffee table ottoman is supported by strong metal legs. These are polished with a gold tone finish that complements the blue really well. The square top of the table is wrapped with velvet blue fabric.

19. Moody Velvet Coffee Table

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A unique home deserves a offbeat and fresh looking modern ottoman coffee table. The Moody floral coffee table does just that for you. It has a striking floral pattern, brilliant shades with a soft velvet cover. With it’s smooth flat surface, it is a great round coffee table.

It will go well with most modern decor living rooms and throw a nice contrast of colours. The upholstered coffee table ottoman has a frame made of engineered wood. This ensures it’s stability and strength. It also consists of an attractive piped stitching on the edges to complete the look.

20. Plush Coffee TabLE OTTOMAN

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Using this table in your living room is a great way to tie in your contemporary modern decor. It has a firm leatherette top, with a desirable height of around 18 inches. This leather ottoman coffee table is versatile and compact, while still oozing class.

The colour of the ottoman will go easily with different decor styles and can be dressed up or down easily. It is supported by understated steel tube legs. They have a chromed effect to complete the look of this table.

FAQs about Ottoman Coffee Tables

1. How to use an ottoman as a coffee table?

An ottoman that has a firm top will easily double up as a coffee table. To make the surface more stable, you can always add a tray below any item you want to place on your coffee table ottoman. You can also check our complete guide on coffee table decor.

2. How to style an coffee table OTTOMAN?

Usually ottoman coffee tables have a plush look. They can easily be styled with elegant vases and books. Make sure that the surface is stable enough to balance the objects easily.

3. What furniture goes well with an ottoman coffee table?

A coffee table ottoman will pair well next to a sofa that has a complementing colour scheme. You can also place them around armchairs and other ottomans if they aren’t very large.

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