Summer is a state of mind! The sunshine season is here and it’s time to update your balcony to the breezy and fun summer vibes. Upgrading furniture or redecorating a space can seem like a tenuous task – but believe us when we say we know how to make your life simpler! Choosing furniture or […]

There’s something really nice about turning an outdoor space of your home into a comfort zone that brings about a sense of function. It’s certainly a less expensive option than decorating any other space of your home. Open-air living gets you back into nature and has a ‘green’ appeal to it that will ultimately beg […]

A balcony is an oft-overlooked feature of the house or apartment. But with the right furniture, it can easily become your favorite place to be. Because there’s something so magical about snuggling up with a pet or a special someone with a view of the stars above and the city below. Or sipping tea and […]

No matter how big or small the space in your home is, styling it with appropriate furniture can be a tedious and a tricky proposition. With so many styles, colors and themes to choose from, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. Add personal preferences into the mix, and you’ll realize how home design […]

There’s some gorgeous furniture out there – furniture you definitely would love to have in your new first apartment. But they’re just so expensive. Perhaps you’ve recently graduated or landed your first job in the city, and are now getting ready to put down new roots. Either way, moving into a new apartment can make […]