Picking the best sofa for a small apartment: A 2022 Guide

What makes a beautiful home stand out is not the amount of furniture and decor in it but the choice of items that you pick. The way you meticulously use the space in your house brings the best out of it, creating an aura that you feel the moment you enter it. Even if you have ample space in your rooms, the wrong choice of furniture and other accessories can make it feel too cramped. On the other hand, mindful choice of various items in your room can make even a small space feel breathable, spacious, and full of positivity. You can deck it up with furniture, rugs, lighting, art decor, or anything that goes well with the theme of your room, that can create a wonderful feeling if placed thoughtfully. The point here is that even if you have a small space in your room, you can make it look large and feel comfortable by making the right choices.

Talking about small houses, the very first thing that comes to mind is the size of living rooms, bedrooms, and ultimately, the furniture in them. The sofa, an essential piece of furniture, plays a significant role in defining your house. Nowadays, small apartment sofas come in many styles, shapes, sizes, and budgets that might confuse you when picking the one that works best for you. It doesn’t matter how small your living room is; there are a number of options that you can pick from. But choosing the best sofa for a small space requires planning and research before you finally buy it so that it doesn’t disappoint you later on.

As you read this piece of writing, we understand that you are looking to buy the best sofa for small apartments in terms of size, style, and budget. We assure you that you are at the right place as we will help you today in understanding all about picking and buying the right sofa for your house. Let’s dig in!

How is an apartment-size sofa different from a regular sofa?

The most fundamental difference between an apartment-sized sofa and a traditional sofa lies in its size. An apartment-size sofa is the best fit for a house that has comparatively smaller spaces in its rooms than the average house. 

Gray fabric sofa with light colored legs in a small room with a white end table

A regular three-seater sofa has a standard dimension of 84 inches width and 35 inches depth. But when it comes to smaller couches, this size reduces to anywhere between 68 to 80 inches width and a smaller depth by a few inches than the standard one. Depending upon the width, you can configure it as two-seater or three-seater. A two-seater small space sofa with two seat cushions is generally called a loveseat. Also, the height of such couches for small apartments is a bit shorter in order to maintain the appropriate proportion for your room’s size.Loveseats come in standard sizes of around 60 inches width and 35 inches depth. But a small loveseat for small spaces can be 53 inches wide and 35 inches deep to fit comfortably in your small apartment.

A standard sectional sofa with a five-seat sectional comes in a dimension of 95 inches width and a depth of up to 40 inches. Whereas, an apartment couch can be just 80 inches wide and 35 inches deep.

Finally, explore getting accent chairs, which are about 35 inches wide and 35 inches deep, for additional seating in smaller rooms.

So, you can see that in all these apartment couches, the size is reduced only to the extent that they provide sufficient comfort without compromising the style. 

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Best Couches For Small Spaces – What to look for?

The best couch for a small apartment is a couch that provides maximum comfort in an optimum size proportional to the room size. One crucial factor that you would not like to miss here is the style of your sofa that goes well with the theme of your room. 

Gray clored fabric sofa with a pik throw in a small living room

When looking for the perfect piece of furniture, it is natural to feel overwhelmed considering the many options available in the market. You cannot just simply go and buy a sofa without understanding what your need is in terms of the size, design, style, comfort, and price. These factors play an essential role in defining your living room or any other room where you intend to use your sofa. We will share the basics of how to go about buying a small apartment sofa. Once you know it, you’ll be in a better position to make the right decision while purchasing the best apartment sofa that is just perfect for your home. So, here we go.

We recommend a ‘must do’ exercise of first writing down all your preferences and expectations in a list form about your dream sofa. It might take some time, but it will be worth it in the end. Take your time to understand, think, and outline what exactly you want, what your preferences are, and prioritize them. Think about how you plan to use the sofa. Is it going to be a spot where you will spend most of your time? Are you looking for something to sit on occasionally when you have company? Does it need to double up as a secondary sleeping space because you have people crashing at your home frequently? What is your budget? Does your room have a theme you want your couch to fit in with? In short, the purpose of the sofa will define how much emphasis you need to lay on size, comfort, budget and style. So, grab a pen and a paper and jot down all your thoughts. 

White traditional loveseat with a square coffee table in a small apartment

As the next step, measure the dimensions of your room and accordingly decide how much space you want to allocate to your sofa. You must keep in mind the right proportion or scale of the room. An oversized sofa in a small apartment will look overwhelming, and similarly, an apartment-sized sofa will look lost in a larger space. Also, don’t forget to measure the size of your hallways and doors so that you can quickly bring your sofa inside without it getting stuck. Remember Ross yelling “Pivot!”, nobody wants that! Now, when you have measured all these dimensions, start scouting for the ideal piece. If shopping online, use filters to aid your search and shortlist the options you need to deal with. If shopping in-store, ask your store owner for recommendations. They can provide you with a scaled-back proportion in the design aspect of your sofa like: 

  • Small yet comfortable cushions rather than overstuffed larger ones.
  • Strong metal or wooden frame rather than a decorative and bulky frame.
  • Sleek clean-line legs showing the floor underneath the sofa rather than bulky wooden legs or upholstered-to-the-floor designs. 

You would also like to consider other factors while making the decision. do you need a kids-friendly or pets-friendly sofa, is your floor scratch-resistant, generally how many people will sit on your sofa, in which room will you use your sofa, etc. All such factors will help you decide on the right sofa for your apartment.

Now, let’s check the different types of small sofas for small spaces that can be good options for your apartment.

3 Piece Sectional Sofas

3 piece sectional sofa with a black and white ottoman and throw pillows and cushions

When you are looking for a sofa that not only goes well in terms of providing you the optimum solution for your space-crunched room but also comes with so many design possibilities, the three-piece sectional sofa is definitely your right choice. Its versatility makes it a fantastic choice for your small apartment sofa. It provides sufficient seating space in an L-shape section without overstuffing the room. Its sectional shape goes well with almost any layout for any room, providing maximum space for other accessories and furnishings like the coffee tables, lamps, and shelves.

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Reversible Sectional Sofas

reversible sectional sofa white in a white background

This sofa goes one step further in terms of providing customization options as you can reshape it because of its modular design. The design of this sofa includes one lounge section that you can rearrange on either left or right side of the sofa as per your choice and requirement. You can make all these arrangements as per your room’s layout. Such sofas genuinely give a new life to your small apartment rooms. 

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Sleeper Sectional Sofas

Pink sectional sleeper sofa

This two-in-one sofa is just perfect for an apartment where you would like to utilize the space to the best possible extent. This sleeper sectional sofa provides dual functionality of a comfortable sofa for sitting and a sleeping bed when unfolded. There cannot be a better sofa cum bed option for a place like a studio apartment where every inch of space matters. Even if you don’t have a separate room for your guests, this sleeper sofa will convert your living room into a cozy bedroom for them. 

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black futon with decorative pillows and plants in a small living area

Futons are the simplest convertible sofas that can be turned into sleeping beds in no time with no effort. Futons are a fantastic option for small apartments where you would like to save money and space by using such sofa cum beds. They are available in various designs and colors to complement your taste.

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Small Loveseats

Small gray loveseat in a small living room with blue walls

In rooms where there is hardly any space for a full-size traditional sofa, loveseats can be a great option. If you go by the dimensions, a traditional loveseat has an arm-to-arm width measuring 52 inches and a depth of 35 inches. This size is just perfect for two people to sit comfortably. Moreover, its compactness provides space for extra furniture like a coffee table or accent chair. 

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Gray settee for small apartment

Settees are bigger than a loveseat but smaller than a regular sofa. So, depending upon the space available, you can opt for a settee. They have a seating capacity of more than two people. They are offered in various styles and designs and look great in a small apartment.

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recliners for living room in multiple colors

For a small apartment where you don’t need a big sofa, recliners can be a good option if you prefer to have comfortable seating and rest your legs. You don’t need to buy an extra ottoman as recliners have footrests that you can expand manually or automatically, depending upon their model. Recliners have armrests and a very comfortable sitting material, making them cozy enough to sit and relax. 

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Accent Chairs

Gray accent chair by a window

Accent chairs, also known as side chairs, are single-seater chairs that are an excellent option for very compact spaces as they are smaller in size and provide comfortable seating. They are also a good option to complement other small-size sofas when you have some extra space for a chair. You can place them in your small apartment in various settings that help you utilize your area in an optimum way. It is effortless to move an accent chair in case you want to use it in any other rooms in your apartment or if you want to redesign the sitting area.

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Best Sofas For Small Apartments – Our Top Recommendations

Phew! After the extensive knowledge session about all the different sofas you can place in your small apartment, we are here with a meticulously curated list of some awesome sofas, chairs, recliners, etc., that are just perfect for any small apartment. If you are looking for the best sofa for a small apartment in terms of functionality and comfort, here you are with great options for you. Let’s check them out.

1. Revive Reversible Sectional Sofa Azure

Revive sectional sofa green

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Let’s start with this clean design that looks elegant and provides fantastic versatility in terms of its functionality. This Revive Reversible Sectional Sofa Azure defines thoughtfulness in its design. This sectional sofa comes in both options of the right or left side and features a built-in ottoman that serves multiple purposes in terms of comfortable lounging. This beautiful sofa adds life to your living space no matter which room you keep it in. This sofa provides excellent comfort with a tailored profile and two bolster pillows. If we talk about its design and build, it has dense foam padding and a pocket coil spring system that brings unmatched comfort and a luxurious seating experience. This three-seater sectional sofa has a distinct visual appeal because of its soft fabric upholstery with calming color, clean lines, and beautifully designed tapered wood legs. This 79-inch wide sofa is perfect for any small apartment because of its sleek design.

2. Amboise Sectional Sofa Light Gray Fabric

Gray right sectional sofa on a white background

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You would immediately fall in love with this fabulous sofa. The Amboise Sectional Sofa has a modern style with clean lines and comfortable seating options. The neutral tone with luxurious details in a light gray fabric upholstery makes it an elegant small apartment sofa that provides multi-functionality. It has full-foam seating and a buttonless tufted back, making it look fantastic in its category. It has a reversible configuration consisting of a pull-out loveseat sofa bed and a spacious storage chaise, making it a perfect choice for small spaces where the sofa can be used as a sleeper bed too.

3. Cleavon II Sectional Sofa Red Linen

Rust colored linen sectional sofa with decorative cushions in a living room

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So, if you want a chic small-size sofa for your apartment that looks vibrant and eye-catching, you must consider buying this Cleavon II Sectional Sofa. The contemporary design with a buttonless tufted backrest looks really elegant. Moreover, features like removable back and seat cushions and reversible chaise make it a wise choice for someone looking for a compact sofa for their little space. And not only this, the Cleavon sofa comes with a convertible ottoman in case you would like to stretch your legs while sitting and watching your favorite show on TV.

4. Hidalgo Futon Brown

brown colored fabric futon

Shop for it here

This one-seater brown Hidalgo Futon will definitely draw your attention when looking for an apartment couch because of its aesthetic look and clean design. With a width of just 31 inches, it’s very convenient to put it in your small apartment. It’s comfortable to sit on, and you can unfold it to convert it into a sleek yet easy-to-sleep in bed. It comes with a 4 inches thick cushion that adds extra comfort to this lovely couch.

5. Savilla Futon Yellow & Oak

yellow futon savilla

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Savilla Futon in yellow & oak is a small size sleeper sofa that can be easily converted into a bed. It is best suited for a small apartment with limited space as it provides dual functionality of sofa and bed without occupying much space. This sofa material has 5 inches thick foam filling that makes it very comfortable to sit or sleep. The vibrant yellow color gives it a unique appeal to be noticed prominently in your living room.

6. Qinven Futon Dark Gray

dark gray futon on a white background

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When looking for a small space couch that looks outstanding and provides similar functionality, this Qinven Futon is hard to ignore. This dark gray futon has an elegant design with clean vertical lines on the backrest and high armrests. It is made of composite wood and works as a couch and a comfortable bed. You simply have to unfold it to convert it into a cozy bed when you have guests at your home. Its clean geometrical design and subtle color look very aesthetic.

7. Savilla Futon Blue & Oak

Blue colored futon with oak legs - savilla

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This small apartment couch with foam-based material has a charm of its own. Savilla Futon in blue & Oak color comes with button tufting that looks just perfect on it. A 5-inch soft cushioning provides much-needed comfort. This futon has clean styling and a great color that sets it a class apart. It is effortless to be converted into a sleeping bed as and when required. The wooden legs give it a classy touch while clearly showing the floor beneath so that your couch looks perfect in a small space.

8. Bernstein Futon Green & Walnut

green and walnut-leg colored futon

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The Bernstein Futon sofa bed is an excellent choice for those looking for a small-size sofa that is compact yet provides a plush feeling. With clean vertical lines on the backrest, this futon makes it a point to look great in a small room. The green and walnut color bring out the best because it looks great and goes almost seamlessly with any type of interior. When you want to take a nap in your living room or have some unexpected guest staying overnight, you can easily convert this beautiful sofa into a sleeping bed. 

9. Hamar Futon Chocolate Flannel Fabric

chocolate colored futon

Shop for it here

If you are looking for a sleek sofa for your small apartment that gives you an option to convert into a bed within seconds, this Hamar Futon can be an option that won’t disappoint. This sofa in modern design comes in a chocolate-colored Flannel upholstery that looks classic in all types of interiors. This armless sofa with a buttonless tufted seat and back can be easily converted into a bed by simply dropping the back cushion. Its 7 inches thick seat provides excellent comfort while sitting or sleeping.

10. Arch Duke 51.2 in Black & Amber Faux Leather 2-Seater Loveseat

faux leather loveseat

Shop for it here

The Arch Duke loveseat is a mid-century modern loveseat that goes perfectly in a small apartment, enhancing its luxurious feel. Made up of black and amber faux leather with bold lines, this 51.2 inches wide loveseat is perfect for two people to sit comfortably in. This loveseat’s Amber finished solid beech wood frame provides an elegant touch to its aesthetic. The sleek center vertical stitching gives this loveseat a great look. With high-density foam-filled padding, it offers good comfort. Overall, this beautiful loveseat is a piece of furniture that will bring unmatched beauty to your small living room without occupying much space.

11. Sorrento Loveseat Gray

gray fabric loveseat

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When looking for a small loveseat for small spaces, this stylish Sorrento loveseat upholstered in neutral gray color fabric is just picture-perfect furniture for you. Having a width of 58.11 inches and a seating capacity of 2 people, it very well serves its purpose of comfortable sitting. The frame is made of rubberwood, and the seat and backrest are filled with high-density foam. Its clean line design and button-tufted back make it look very sleek and space-saving so that it looks great in any small space room.

12. Prospect Upholstered Fabric Loveseat Azure

fabric blue tufted loveseat

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We bet you’ll fall in love at first sight when you see this Prospect Upholstered Fabric Loveseat. The intrinsic luxury in this beautiful Azure-colored loveseat will completely transform your living room. This loveseat is in a classic chesterfield design with a modern look. The deep button tufting and sweeping curves make it a perfect contemporary lounge piece. Not only this, the espresso-stained wooden legs with non-marking foot caps add to the elegance of this cozy loveseat. Talking about comfort, the foam padding and polyester fabric lining provide outstanding comfort to the sitting person.

13. Dormi Recliner Chair 40.5″ Light Gray PU

light gray PU recliner

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When you are looking for some great options among the best couches for a small apartment, buying a recliner is not something that will immediately come to your mind. But for compact spaces where you need to choose what type of sofa you can buy wisely, you can consider purchasing this Dormi recliner by LumiSource. This contemporary style recliner with dimensions of 24.5×40.5×34.5 inches in width, height, and depth makes it a fantastic option for your living room if you want to add some extra luxury and comfort to it. This recliner comes in light gray PU fabric, a faux leather upholstery filled with foam padding, a tufted seat, a very comfortable backrest, and an easy-to-operate manual reclining mechanism.

14. Picket House Furnishings 35″ North Accent Slipper Chair Blue

beautiful blue accent chair

Shop for it here

One excellent option to pick when you need a small apartment sofa can be this Picket House Furnishings North Accent Slipper Chair. Rather than having an actual sofa, a combination of these transitional style accent chairs around a low-height center table can work as a wonder. You can arrange them as per your choice and space. They come in stylish blue fabric upholstery and dark espresso legs, making them a perfect piece of design. The armless design that sits low to the ground makes it seamlessly in any small space.


How should the apartment couch be?

In simple words, the apartment couch should be compact enough to scale with the size of your room, and at the same time, it should be comfortable enough to provide a relaxing sitting experience. It should have a design that doesn’t look bulky and should look sleek to enhance its visual appeal. They should go well with the layout of your living room.

How high should apartment sofas be?

It depends upon the height of your room’s ceiling because you don’t want your sofa to look out of proportion concerning your room’s size. For an apartment with low ceilings, the optimal height of the sofa should be roughly between 30-34 inches so that you have enough space above it. And for an apartment with high ceilings, you can opt for a higher sofa height that goes approximately up to 37 inches so that it fills out the empty space and makes your sofa look great.

How to fit a sofa through a narrow apartment door?

This is one of the most important aspects to consider before buying any sofa. Any mismatch in the size of your sofa with respect to the size of your door or hallway may result in a massive disappointment if your sofa cannot go inside your apartment. So, better to measure the size of your entry door and hallway through which you’ll have to carry the sofa before buying the sofa. It will help you decide the maximum size of the sofa that you can buy for your small apartment. Also, you should clear your hallway by removing anything that can obstruct the smooth carrying of the sofa inside your room. One more idea to bring the sofa through any narrow passage is by removing its cushions, legs, etc., if that is possible. You can tilt the sofa while bringing it inside in a way that its width is minimum at that angle. You can also try to stand the sofa up on one end, take either the back or seat side inside carefully, and then tilt it a bit and bring the other side inside the room. While getting the sofa inside, it will be better to protect its edges from rubbing with the wall or door by wrapping it with plastic wrap or a thick cloth. 

How much do small couches cost?

It’s a subjective question as small couches come at varying prices depending on their size, material, design, quality, and brand. And, of course, quality comes at a cost. You can look at various couches for small apartments on our website. We have some great options at an affordable price without compromising quality and design.

What is the ideal couch size for a small living space?

Again, it depends on your personal choice and the space you have in your room. Small living space doesn’t mean you have to compromise on everything you are looking for in your dream couch. If you buy a regular couch, its width can vary from 70 inches to 87 inches. Similarly, a loveseat is generally 48 inches to 72 inches. So, anything in between these dimensions can serve your purpose very well.

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