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Play it cool with these SUMMER hacks to beat the heat

Rising temperatures can dampen that easy-going summer vibe and if you’re looking forward to spending your time off lounging indoors, you will want to keep the heat out of the picture. These cool tips will make sure the summer fun doesn’t lose its sizzle; try these clever summer hacks to amp up your interior comfort levels without spending a fortune.

Hack Your Ventilation

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All of us enjoy the calm of a gentle summer breeze and know the importance of cross ventilation in our homes. That boisterous gust of wind can be hard to come by in the blistering heat and keeping your windows open throughout the day will hardly help the cause. There is some science to regulating the airflow in your house. While you can’t fully control where the windows are placed, use box fans and table fans to your advantage. Place them smartly to propel the cool air towards you and push the warm air out of your house. Try to keep your doors open to encourage the circulation of fresh air. Also, think strategically about when you choose to open your windows, early mornings can bring an influx of fresh air while afternoons only serve to trap the heat in your house. Make sure to keep the windows open when the temperature drops so you can flush out the stagnant air.

Color Me Cool

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Color has everything to do with temperature. Common adage dictates you wear cool colors to keep your body temperature down, this could very well apply to your home. Try introducing cooler tones to your furniture, especially with your seating choices. Swap out your warm-toned sofa for a cooler-toned couch. Rent or buy a new chair or a recliner in a softer hue. Even decor accessories in fresh tones can make a world of difference. Think about what palette changes you can bring about in your home with the help of these summer hacks. Can you paint your wall a different color or reupholster some of your furniture? Evaluate your color choices for a cooler home. 

Steer Clear of the Oven

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Home appliances tend to heat up your house, so try to reduce your dependency on them.  Take the sustainable route and ditch the dishwasher, choose to wash your dishes and air dry them instead. Make sure you only switch on the washing machine when you have a full load. Try to limit the use of the stove and the oven or try to schedule your baking, washing, and other chores at night when the temperature is lower.

What can help you enjoy the season and makes for a fun summer activity is al-fresco dining. Invest in a sturdy patio dining table and stylish dining chairs and host a leisurely brunch or just an intimate luncheon for two. Dining doesn’t have to be the only thing you move to your balcony. Get a comfy bench and take your work outside on a cool evening, rest your laptop on a side table that can double up as your magazine stand. 

Think Through Your Fabrics

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Cotton and linen aren’t just the fabric of choice for your outfits this summer, these lighter fabrics are also essential for a good night’s sleep on a hot summer night. Save your silk, polyester, and woolen sheets for a different season. Choose linen or cotton bedding that is breathable, so you don’t spend your precious forty winks tossing and turning on your bed. An old mattress might also be the culprit hampering your slumber. Choose one with a breathable cover and a design that promotes increased airflow for deep sleep. Even a good pillow like the Supreme Cool Pillow comes with cooling PCM infusion on the memory foam, allowing for optimal heat transfer and improved breathability. Get rid of thick floor carpets and opt for a stylish rug to refresh the look of your space while bringing the heat down.


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Heavy furniture placed in close proximity can start creating heat pockets, take a look at the way your living room, bedroom, and home office are currently designed. Indulge in some late spring cleaning by decluttering your home. Put away things you don’t really need and try to swap out the heavy, space-consuming furniture with sleeker lighter options, especially for items like desks and dressers. Tackle the task room by room and spruce up the space with this simple technique. This also frees up space for you to place a fan or a brand new summer decor accessory in tandem with these summer hacks.


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Open windows on a particularly hot summer afternoon can leave your home reeling in the heat. While this might go against your sunshine all the time mantra, try to schedule when you open your windows to keep the heat inflow to a minimum. The simplest way to do this is to make sure you draw the blinds before midday. Consider the kind of fabric and the color you choose for your curtains, and make the choice according to your geographic requirements. When the temperature outside is hotter than it is inside, you need the room to be dark to ward off the heat. In case you need solid reinforcements, consider replacing your single-pane windows with insulated glass windows or installing heat-blocking solar film on the inside of your single-pane windows. Another simple way to keep the heat out is to introduce a spot of greenery to your window ledge. Get some stunning planters and create a little garden you can wake up to.

Here’s a Bright Idea!

The summer season makes it necessary to reconsider your lighting choices. Incandescent bulbs tend to heat up your house, try replacing them with energy-efficient CFL or LED bulbs. This simple switch not only cools your house down but also considerably brings down the power bill. Consider switching off the lights in your home office during the day, and get a stylish desk lamp or a table lamp to illuminate your work area. You can do the same in your living room with a fashionable yet functional floor lamp. 

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Don’t sweat the small things this summer, try these small summer hacks, upgrades, and changes to turn down the heat in your home!

Got Questions?

1 – How do I decorate my house this summer?

After a difficult year, we finally have an easygoing summer to look forward to. There are a number of ways you can infuse the tropical mood into your interiors. Our smart decor hacks will turn your home into your very own summer paradise. The summer hacks mentioned above will keep the temperature optimal and help you make the best of this fun season.

2 – What are the best summer decor ideas on a budget?

Who doesn’t want to change their decor according to the season, especially when it’s a season as fun as summer? Bringing home the summer vibe doesn’t have to be an expensive affair, think of small inexpensive things like plants and soft furnishings that you can introduce into your home. Consider renting or buying your summer furniture in cool tones from reliable sources like CasaOne that will effortlessly revamp the space without spending a fortune. 

3 – What materials can I use to cool down my room? 

What applies to your summer outfits is also the best choice for your summer furnishings. Think light, airy, and breathable for your bedding and furniture upholstery. Replace fabrics like silk, polyester, and wool around your home with cotton and linen for your sheets, blankets, and even flooring. With windows, you might want to go double-paned instead of single-paned and consider innovative materials for your shutters and blinds. Considering repainting the walls? Pick a color that will effectively bring the temperature down.

4 – What are some DIY summer decor ideas?

Seasonal decor revamps that don’t break the bank can use some DIY love. You can style furniture to your liking, maybe a fresh coat of paint in a funky color for your dresser. Get creative with what you can do with traditional furniture like a bar cart that can act as kitchen storage. Create a cozy window nook with a seat and throw pillows. Get the kids together and take up a decoupage project, unleash your creativity to personalize your space.  

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